How to Login JPay for Inmates

As one of the leading correctional services providers in the United States, JPay seems to provide an easy way to let inmates and people outside stay-connected. JPay lets the inmates’ family and friends send messages and money to loved ones inside of a correctional facility.

In order to use the JPay, both inmates and people outside have to create a JPay account first for free. Without creating a JPay account, they will not get access to connect with inmates. For inmates, after registering, they also should login first to start connection with their family.

Logging Into JPay for Inmates, Here’s How!

If you are an inmate and  have created a JPay account, you can complete the JPay login in order to start connecting with your families. However, logging into your JPay account is pretty easy, as long as you remember your email and password that you use in the way of creating your JPay account.

In fact, JPay provides a very simple and easy login. As an inmate, you can log into your JPay account by following these steps below!

    • First, go to the JPay login page HERE. How to Login JPay for Inmates
    • By clicking the link, you will be taken into the login page. It requires you to enter your email address that you used to register for the JPay services into the ‘Email Address’ field.
    • Once you enter your email address, you need to enter your JPay password in the ‘Password’ field that is located to the right of the email box.
    • If you want to store your login information, you can then tick the ‘Remember my email’ option located to the left of the phrase. You can only do this when logging into your JPay from a private computer.
    • After that, click the green ‘Login’ button to login. This button will have a white padlock icon on it to assist you identify it.

That’s it! You successfully log into JPay. You can now connect with your family, your friends and other people out there.

How to log into JPay through Mobile Access? If you want to access JPay from your smartphone or tablet, you can also easily log into JPay using a mobile web browser. Here’s how!

    • First, open a browser app on your mobile.
    • Type this JPay Login URL
    • After that, enter your JPay login credentials in the login form.
    • Then, click on the green ‘Login’ button to continue login.

Alternatively, if you want to get quick access to JPay, you can download and install the JPay mobile app. The JPay app is already available on Google Play and Apple Store.

For iOS users, you can download and install the JPay app on iTunes Store here.

For Android users, you can download and install the JPay app on Google Play Store.

How to Create a JPay account?

Just like logging into JPay, signing up on JPay is also simple. Before you create a JPay account, make sure you already know your inmate ID and facility. The inmate’s ID is the most important requirement that you should meet.

Here’s how to create a JPay account!

    • Go to the JPay website HERE.
    • By accessing the site, you will see the Inmate Search option. Here, you need to search for your facility and  enter your inmate ID.
    • On the Search Results page, you should choose the correct incarcerated individual from the list that you will be provided.
    • After you find it, you can click on your inmate ID.
    • Then, you will be taken into the Registration Page. create a JPay account.
    • On the Registration Page, you have to provide your personal information including your email address, your password and your agreement.
    • After you fill in the information, you can then click on the green ‘Register’ button.
    • Last, verify your email address may be needed to continue your registration.

Congratulations! You successfully create a JPay account and you can now log into JPay and connect with your family and friends.

How If You Forgot Your JPay Password?

Just calm down if you accidentally forgot your email and password, as you can recover your JPay account as easily as possible. You can recover your JPay password by clicking on the ‘Forgot Password’ link on your login page and then follow the instructions.

As an alternative way, you can contact customer service directly by using the Customer Contact Form here. Make sure to provide your username, email address and also phone number in your message.

If you also encounter the login issues, you can retrieve the information by clicking the relevant link on the login page and then enter the requested information. Generally, most login issues are caused by an incorrect email and password.

You should also know that certain services may be inaccessible depending on which facility your inmate is currently in. So, if you get any login errors, you can try to make a call to the JPay support team at (800) 574-5729.

If you want to send email, you can fill an online contact form here. To send a mail, you can reach the JPay, Inc, 12864 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 243, Miami, FL 33181.

What Can You Do After Logging Into JPay?

As we know, JPay provides a bunch of features that can be used by inmates or people outside, so they will do anything easily. Well, once you log into your JPay account, you can do some activities within, including:

    • Able to connect with your loved one in prison or aslo family at home.
    • Sending emails and can also attach some files that can be opened by your inmate.
    • Attaching the photos in the email.
    • Sharing the videograms at least 30-seconds with your inmate  along with email.
    • Sending money through the JPay Money Transfer feature.
    • When sending emails, stamps are already available and can be purchased easily.
    • JPay’s email will be faster than any other email services.
    • Your inmates will receive your email within 48 hours.
    • To share any pictures, you can use JPay’s  Snap n Send app.

Sure, there are some activities that you can do after you have logged into your JPay account.