How to Level Up Fast in Fortnite All Seasons

A lot of Fortnite players are totally persisting to make their Fortnite level up. In fact, in each Fortnite season, your level will be reset and then you need to start polishing for Experience Points to get back to level 100. That means in order to increase your level up, you should recognize with any clues in each season.

Even though the level up in Fortnite is reset in each season, but you do not  forget some general skills that you will need to level up fast in all seasons of Fortnite. The general skills here are the prevalent ways that you can do in all seasons in Fortnite. Let’s see how to level up fast in the next section!

How to Level Up Fast in All Seasons?

Generally, to level up fast in Fortnite, the players will recognize any clues in each season as your level is totally reset in each season. When the new season comes, your level is back to 1 even though in the previous season, you already reach the level 100. Of course, to increase your level up, you will need some ways that will lead you to reach it as fast as possible.

There are several basic ways that you can do to increase your level faster. Moreover, the ways here will work for all Fortnite seasons. Make sure that you take the ways below.

Here they are:

  • Obtain for Maximum Experience Points

The first way that you can take is to get the maximum EXP. In this case, the killing or eliminating other players is the first way to get EXP faster. You only need to eliminate as many other players as possible in one game in order to get a lot of EXP at the end of the game.

Aside from eliminating your opponents, you also need to survive as well as possible. You can do it by hiding or continuously running away from your enemies’  targets. It’s good to play with a little caution to aim for as many kills as possible. This caution is needed because if you can survive to the top 10 then the EXP you will get will be more.

Additionally, by surviving until the end of the game, there will be additional times in which you can win the match and get a Victory Royale. If you get Victory Royale, the amount of EXP from the winnings is also quite large, so it is highly recommended for you to always win battles, isn’t it?

  • Make Sure to Buy Battle Pass of Each Season

Another thing that can give your more Experience Points is Battle Pass. If you buy and use a Battle Pass in the season you’re in, you surely will get Boost EXP based on the Battle Pass tier you have. If your tier is already the highest, the boost you get is 120%. One of the uses of having another squad is, if they have a Battle Pass  then you will get a boost from them too.

Moreover, the maximum boost from your friends is 40 % per person depending on their tier. If there are three of your friends who have a high tier Battle Pass, then you will get 120% of your friends. Then, when it’s  combined with your own boost, you will get 240 percent EXP Boost.

  • Playing with Squad

Playing with Squad

Playing with a Squad is another way that you can win the game quite frequently. With a squad, you no longer have to be afraid to die too quickly because if you are killed, you will not die immediately. So please try to play with better players so you can level up quickly.

Furthermore, if you’re playing a squad, it’s so important for you to remember that all players have a backup from their team, especially at the beginning of the game. Then, when you manage to kill or overthrow an enemy, ensure to check around to see where their teammates are.

  • Knowing more your weapons

Knowing any kind of weapons rarity in Fortnite, at least you can memorize the types of weapons which are really reliable to use in battle. As you know, Fortnite has various types of weapons which have their own advantages and disadvantages. By learning for all weapons, we guarantee that you will really use the suitable weapons in any Fortnite battles.

Those are all ways that you can do to level up fast in Fortnite all seasons.

How to Level Up Faster in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5

How to Level Up Faster in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5?

As the latest season in Fortnite is Season 5, in this post, we’ll also give you any guides to level up fast in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. As we’ve mentioned, each season will have any clues that you should follow to make your level up. So here are the ways that you can take to level up fast in Season 5:

  • Complete all season 5 challenges

Each season in Fortnite will allow you to complete the challenges. Of course, there will be some challenges that you should complete in Fortnite Season 5. There are a few challenges that you can do per week. Well, the hardest challenges in Fortnite will give you a ton of Experience Points. So to increase your level, you should complete all challenges in this season.

  • Work on Milestones

Because the Punch Cards have been removed in Season 5, instead, you can still the Milestones which are the hidden challenges. You surely will get it just by playing Fortnite but some of them may be hard to find.  In order to get it, make sure to go out of your way to do some things including swimming, consuming specific food and destroying certain objects. Those tasks really will grant you some Experience Points easily.

  • Get the Bounties

In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5, Bounties are the big new mechanic that you should get to level up fast. At least, there are40 NPC vendors which are scattered throughout the Fortnite map. To get the Bounties, you can also accept the tasks to eliminate the certain players

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