How To Know That You Have The Right FTP application on Your iOS Device

FTP refers to file transfer protocols and can be used to transfer data from one place to another on the Internet. You can use your iOS device to transfer your data to your computer. Conversely, this is possible if you have a compatible FTP application installed on your iOS device. The place is called client and server. Customers will be able to access all the data through FTP. On the other hand, the server acts as a bridge between all documents that can be accessed via the URL of an FTP client application or web browser.

If you have an iOS device, you can manage your website from your smartphone on the go from your mobile phone. This method does not require any USB or Bluetooth cable. In this article, we will show you some of the best FTP clients that you can use to manage your website or transfer files from one place to another using just one iPhone.

We have already written about similar articles on Android devices. You can go here to check the invoice. With that said, let’s go straight the article to manage your website and servers from a mobile device? The best free FTP client for iPhone and iPad mobile.

1. FTP Client Lite

There are a limited number of FTP client apps for iPhone users, but FTP Client Lite is one of the best. The app interface is clean, just add server details and connect with one touch. This application allows you to search, download and upload files to our server. You can also select files from iCloud Drive. Connections in use can be saved as bookmarks, and the settings menu has many features such as auto-save open files, custom font size, media file naming, auto-capitalization, and more.

You can use FTP Server Access iOS FTP Client for iPhone and iPad Introduce this article when the application is managed exclusively for macOS or iPhone, as the gateway to another host file.

2. FTP Manager

The access all files of iOS devices and upload them to an FTP server. You can also download all files from the server to your iPhone. The app’s user interface is very neat and you can use this app to create an FTP server right on your iPhone. FTP Manager supports multiple FTP and SFTP servers and can search and sort files in subfolders.

  • FTP Manager supports free FTP, SFTP and FTPS servers.
  • You can play with programs, music, videos, PDFs and other documents. However, no file is streamed. You must download the entire document.
  • You can create a second FTP server compared to the given version.
  • You should also give up the option to download the free version.
  • The universal application is available for iPhone and iPad and adapts to the resolution of the new iPhone.

FTP Manager is a free option for clients listed above. But I have to do without some features. With FTP Manager, you can use your iPhone to access any FTP server and manage your site on the go.

3. FE File Explorer: File Manager

File Explorer is a powerful file manager for macOS, iOS, Android and TVOS. In addition to local storage, you can access your files from your computer, NAS, and cloud storage. Copy files from anywhere. Stream movies and music to your mobile device or Mac. You can view and manage your documents, photos and documents without uploading directly.

FE File Explorer: File Manager works on file manager and FTP client for iPhone users. You can access local documents and documents on your computer. Supports WebDAV Server, FTP Server, SFTP Server. Automatically detects computers, NAS, and FTP servers by establishing new connections. You can share a file between two nearby iOS devices without internet. The application has a clean and easy-to-use interface.

4. FTPManager Pro

If you are looking for a full-featured FTP client for the iPhone, you should try FTP Manager Pro. You can access the files directly from the FTP server. You can edit, modify, edit and transfer text documents between your iOS device and your FTP server. This program supports access to FTP, FTPS (FTP over TLS) and SFTP (SSH) servers. You can transfer music and videos from FTP server to your iPhone / iPad.

Editing your documents is now easy. Sort files by date, name and type Copy files and move them to folders and subfolders. It is also possible by dragging. Copy documents between FTP server and iPhone / iPad. Copy files between two FTP servers. Environmental infection is a very powerful feature. You can transfer files between iPhone and iPad without Wi-Fi or LTE connection. You’re ready to keep your two iOS devices side by side and transfer files.

5. FTP On The Go Pro

FTP on the Go Pro is not reluctant, it provides a complete desktop-level FTP client on the iPhone. You can view and view documents on the FTP server. In the color coding editor you can open HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript and other documents. However, some applications need to be purchased to activate it. If you are an FTP or FTP On Go Pro user on the go, you can get a discount.

All the features of a desktop FTP client and code editor are integrated! Local Editor lets you modify your website by viewing and editing HTML / CSS / JS / PHP / ASP or other documents on the server. You can also view photos and documents (JPG, PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, etc.).

All the features of the desktop FTP client are easy to use, but are presented in a powerful package. The Pro offers advanced iPad support to take full advantage of the iPad’s wide touch screen and work great on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Do you need to create documents outside the office? Need to check the latest documents on the server? Need to upload a new photo? Or do you work at your desk but still want to use the most intuitive and common FTP program? The Go PRO can do everything in FTP.

FTP on the Go features Apple’s business app and has been named one of the “10 Best iPhone Apps to Work” by Informationweek. Pro extends it by adding support to the iPad.

6. Conclusion

My participation in this article. If you miss your favorite FTP client on your iPhone, let us know in the comments below. This list includes free iPhone FTP clients and some payers, so you can choose the one you want. See you on the next post, and if you have any thoughts about the best FTP client for iPhone mobile, enter them in the comment box below.