How to Keep Turnips from Rotting Animal Crossing

Since turnips will easily rot, you may wonder what effective way to store them for a long-term. As you know, the turnips’ appearance and color will change after they rot. Certainly, you cannot sell them through Stalk Market and you get nothing, after spending a lot of bells to buy the turnips.

However, keeping your turnips from rotting is the most sought after way by every player. If you’re also looking for the best method to keep your turnips, no worries, this post will show you some effective methods that you can take to avoid your turnips getting rot.

Keeping Your Turnips from Rotting, Here’s How!

If your diligently read a lot of blogs and forums about how to keep your turnips safely, you definitely will get a bunch of best methods to store your turnips, especially when you have a large amount of turnips in your home.

However, keeping your turnips safe is the most important part when working with Stalk Market. In Animal Crossing, turnips can be used as an investment, where you can buy them low and sell high. With the profit you can get from your turnips, you definitely can get your cash, create your Bellions and also build a million bridges on your own island.

According to some blogs, forums, and videos, there are two options that you can take to keep your turnips from rooting; indoor and outdoor.

Indoor Method


There’s only one method that you can do when putting turnips inside your home. Please forget to store your turnips in your home storage, until whenever you cannot keep your turnips within, just like you do with the fruits.

Instead, you can toss your turnips on the floor in one of your house rooms. With this method, you can keep your turnips for a week and will not rot. Just like you put any vegetables in real life, your vegetables will get good at room temperature, without the need to wrap them in plastic. When you wrap the vegetables in plastic, it will easily rot.

To store your turnips indoors, you can dedicate a room or three to keep them. To be more interesting, you can design your room with a fun turnip-themed room to keep your turnips inside your house. We all know when placing turnips on your house floor, it’s not aesthetic as your turnis will appear ugly with color changes. Keep in mind, you should not eat your supply when tossing them on the floor.

Outdoor Method

Unlike indoor methods where you can only do one way, for outdoor methods, you can do some ways to keep your turnips from rooting. You should know that turnips can be placed in the great outdoors, as long as you can keep them safely from other players. Here’s how to keep your turnips outdoor!

    1. Burying your turnips in the ground

Burying your turnips in the ground

The first way when you take the outdoor method is to bury your turnips in the ground. A lot of Animal Crossing players are trying to bury their turnips in the ground to keep them from rotting. By doing this method, they finally find their turnips do not rot, as long as you don’t leave them more than a week in the ground.

When you take this method, ensure you remember at which spot you bury your turnips. However, your turnips will rot and become bad if you leave them for a long time. If your turnips rot, you definitely cannot sell them through Stalk Market and you cannot get profit, after you spend a lot of bells to buy them before. So, make sure to always remember the spot where you bury your turnips.

    1. Create storage pens on your island

Create storage pens on your island

Creating storage pens on your island can be one of the most effective ways to keep your turnips from rotting. To do this, you just simply create a turnip pen by fencing. Fence can be obtained either by purchasing it from The Nook Stop in Resident Services or making it as well.

After you already have  your fencing, you will need to find a clear spot on your island or you can also create a clear spot on your island by using an axe or shovel to prune any grass and trees. After you create a clear space in your island, you can then arrange your turnips as you want. For an idea,  many players will use a grid layout. After you arrange your turnips, you can then enclose your turnips with fencing.

Moreover, this way is to design a part of your island with your turnips. In this  way, you can also make turnip shrines where you’re able to praise the fickle god of the stalk market. What you can do with your turnips is to deliver the creative thing on your side. However, it will be a fun way to prevent your mind from any frustrating items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The point is, the only one way to keep your turning from rotting is to not let them more than a week (7 days) after you purchase them. If you have not sold your turnips from the week and Daisy Mae comes again, your turnips will totally rot. On the contrary, you can take advantage of rotted turnips, as you can get some bugs like the fly and the ant to spawn and eat the rotten turnips. So, you can catch them easily.

In the case of keeping your turnips from rotting, you should also know that you can only place around 60 turnips and it will take up a considerable amount of space. If it’s possible, you can also set a whole room to keep your turnips, as what the dedicated stalk market traders want.

When you want to sell your turnips through Stalk Market, make sure you keep them safely to avoid rotting. However, you should sell the turnips before the following Sunday. But, you do not leave your turnips more than a week after purchasing them, as they will rot after a week.

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