How to Join the East Brickton Police Department

Are you one of the East Brickton players in Roblox? If so, you may want to join the Police Department in the East Brickton, but you do not know how to do that. Here, you will find the ways to join the East Brickton Police Department.

How to Join Police Department in the East Brickton?

As explained in the Youtube channel named East Brickton Media in a video entitled How To Join The East Brickton Police Department, to be able to join East Brickton Police Department, first, you have to be in the official East Brickton Police Department discord. This East Brickton Police Department discord has more than 3.9k members. Here is the link.

After you joined the Discord, then you have to pay attention to the announcements. A high-rank will announce when the next Academy class is open. You will need to pass a test based on basic East Brickton rules and information from the East Brickton Police Department handbook that you can read in Trello and here is the link.

If you pass your entrance exam, you will be put in a class where you will be trained and tested on your knowledge to see if you are fit for the force.

How to Join the East Brickton Police Department

About Police Academy in East Brickton

According to the East Brickton Police Department Handbook in Trello, in the Academy of the East Brickton Police Department, there are 4 phases. It may be testing you to know how much you know about the police department. Every police academy instructor is trained strickly and will not take it easy on cadets. They are looking for people who have experience and who are willing to serve the city of East Brickton and the citizens of it. The overseer of the academy is the recruitment captain of the East Brickton Police Department. He or she will choose a head instructor who will lead the police academy. It is recommended that every person who want to take on the challenge to be a police officer of East Brickton to study the East Brickton Police Department handbook because it will help a lot. The first class of the East Brickton Police Department will be led by the high command.

If you are a Police Officer, you need to make all efforts to contact a Corporal to answer your question. If they do not know or they are not sure then you have to report to a Sergeant or next rank in the Chain of Command. To ask a simple question, you have to make sure that you do not go straight to the Chief of Police.

In the first phase of the academy, there will be an instructor who will teach the cadets basic information of being a police officer such as reasonable suspicion, radio codes and more. The cadets need to note what the instructor says to them. If not, they will not be able to pass the test in Phase 2.

In the second phase, the cadets will take a test on what they have learned in the last phase. They need to remember the information that they receive from the instructor. If they do not remember it, they will not be able to pass the East Brickton Police Department Academy. You will be shown more discipline by the instructor to make sure that they are fully ready for the East Brickton Police Department.

How about in the third phase? Here, the instructor will teach the cadets about how to use firearms and the use of force  in ever a situation where the officer would have to pull out a firearm. The instructor will  also teach them how to breach a house properly.

In the fourth phase which is the last phase, there will be formations. The cadets will be ready to graduate from the East Brickton Police Department Academy and be officers.

Chain of Command

In the East Brickton Police Department, here are the Chain of Command from the lowest rank to highest rank.

    • Officer
    • Sergeant
    • Lieutenant
    • Captain
    • Deputy Chief of Police
    • Chief of Police
    • Commissioner

About Police Cadet

In this police department, cadet is the lowest ranking officer in the department. They have just graduated the academy and they have different rules than what a regular police officer have. Cadets need a lot of training so that they will be ready to be police officers. Supervisors have the ability to issue a cadet at any time to sign off. If you feel this was unfair or there is a discrimination, you are able to contact a deputy chief. If you disrespect a supervisor, it will make you in suspension. Cadets also have to try their best to listen to what experienced officers say.

In the list below, here are the rules for cadet.

    • Vehicle

It is not allowed for cadets to patrol in any vehicles. But, they can do that if a supervisor grants them.

    • Patrolling

If there is no active supervisor with them, cadets cannot patrol unless granted by a deputy chief+. Let’s say that cadets have a permission from DCoP+ to patrol alone and there are too many reports fly in. Then,  that permission will be degranted.

    • Divisions

Cadets cannot join any sort of Divisions in the East Brickton Police Department until they are a fulltime police officer.

    • Promotions

Cadets have no permission to go from cadet to sergeant. They need to get past cadet before they are promoted to any other rank above officer.

    • Respect

Cadets need to respect everybody including their supervisor, fellow officers, citizens and high ranking officials.

The Difference Between Lethal Force and Non Lethal Force

What is a Lethal Force? It is usually known as Deadly force. It is known as the last resort and it should only be used when non-lethal has failed and when a threat has become harmful.

Now, how about Non-Lethal Force? It is the lowest force in them all where it is usually used for takedowns on suspects using methods like tackling. Tasing suspects are not dangerous at all in this force.

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