How to Join Roblox DevForum

Roblox provides an official forum called the Developer Forum or familiar with DevForum to make every player stay-connected. This forum allows the players to talk to each other digitally to discuss anything related to Roblox. Through the DevForum Roblox, every player will be able to share and ask the questions about what they’re encountering in Roblox.

As a Roblox player, you may also want to join the DevForum in order to discuss with other players. Everyone knows that joining the DevForum is such a great way for you to get any latest information about Roblox. So, how to join the DevForum?

Joining the DevForum, Here’s the Guide!

You may be interested in joining the DevForum, as it supports new and experienced Roblox developers in everything associated with Roblox development. Within the forum, you will learn anything from their rich developer community, talking about upcoming features with Roblox staff.

Sure, you will get to know the community and staff who will help your Roblox gameplay better. Joining DevForum is not actually difficult, as long as you meet the conditions set by the Roblox developers. In other words, there will be rules that you have to understand.

To join the DevForum, what you should do is to begin using the DevForum as a development resource. It means that you have to be diligent and often access the resources in DevForum to read, browse and also explore what you can do within the ‘Resources’.

Here’s for step-by-step to join DevForum!

    • After you have been browsing and reading the resources in DevForum frequently, you will then automatically be leveled up where Roblox will show you a ‘Sign-Up’ window that you can click and it will take you into your Roblox account.
    • Then, you will be required to verify your account by email.
    • If you do not set an email on your profile yet, make sure to set it by going into your account.
    • Click  the ‘My Settings’ and select ‘Account Info’.
    • Click the ‘My Settings’ and select ‘Account Info’.
    • From Account Info, you will see a list of your personal information including your Display Name, Username, Password, Phone Number and Email Address.
    • Click the ‘Email Address’ to set your email. Then, enter your active email and you need to open your email, as verification is sent into your email.
    • Go to the email that has been sent by Roblox and click on the ‘Verify Email’ button to verify your account. If it succeeds, you will be taken into account, after clicking the button.
    • If you also have not set your phone number yet, Roblox will also allow you to set your phone number. Click the ‘Phone Number’ and enter your password when logging into your Roblox account.
    • After that, the code will be sent into short messaging text through the phone number that you have entered. If you have received the code, you can enter the code into the available bar. If successful, the email address and phone number will be changed into ‘verified’ status.
    • If your email and phone number has been verified, you can then go to the DevForum.
    • To join the DevForum, click on the ‘Sign In’ button on the top right of your screen.

Congratulations! You successfully join the DevForum if you see your profile on the top right of the forum page. So, you can get started to make a thread or reply to other players to give your opinion.

How to Level Up on the Roblox Developer Forum?

Roblox Developer Forum or DevForum has several trust levels where you can get after you participate and browse on the forum. In this case, your forum level will determine in which  you’re able to post new topics and what you can reply to.

Moreover, this topic will explain what DevForum trust levels exist and how you can unlock more posting permissions over time. After you join DevForum, you may need to know the trust levels that the DevForum provides. So, here are they:


This is a lowest trust level where you first log in on the DevForum via your Roblox account. As a visitor on DevForum, you can see almost all categories available on the forum such as development support topics, announcements, bug reports and feature requests and also all sorts of resources that have been submitted by members.

If you’re still a visitor, you cannot post, but you can still browse any topics and posts from forum members. Sure, the Roblox algorithm will track which posts you have visited and read. Moreover, you can also bookmark the topics and posts if those are interesting for you.

If you want to be a member of DevForum, you have to read many posts over a period of time. Once enough browsing, you will be moved up to the member level automatically.


After being a member, you can now post and view in almost all forum categories. It’s important to note that some posts and topics that you make will have to pass through approval before your post shows up to others.

One level higher after a Member is Regular. In order to be Regular level, make sure to use the forum suitably according to their community and guidelines. You also have to make a few posts on the forum. Aside from that, you need to visit the forum for several weeks. After you meet any rules, you will be automatically promoted to Regular.


If you’re already in Regular level, you can now create posts and also reply in all categories.


This is the second highest level for veteran community users where they’re able to edit post titles and also recognized topics. They can only use their powers to support the community. For example, when the topic title is unclear, when a topic is categorized incorrectly or also when the topic has some mistakes that could be corrected.


This is the highest level on DevForum where it consists of Roblox staff members and also highly-trusted community users. Certainly, they are able to post contents, hide and lock the  topics, and merge replies to other topics. This highest level aims to make the forum easier to improve the flow of discussion and make people browse any topics easily.

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