How to Invite Sanrio Amiibo Villagers to Your Animal Crossing

Now, the Sanrio Amiibo Cards are compatible with Animal Crossing New Horizons. With these six cards, you are able to invite the Sanrio villagers that have been inspired by famous characters made by Sanrio, such as Hello Kitty. Also, each card will unlock a set of items inspired by the Sanrio character, offering you to increase the cuteness factor of your island drastically. Fortunately, Sanrio Amiibo Cards released for the Nintendo 3DS are compatible with the Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

How to invite Sanrio Amiibo villagers?

Apparently, there are some steps to scan Amiibo card and invite Sanrio Amiibo villagers to your Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Here are steps to do:

    • At the first step, you have to go to Resident Services.
    • After that, you have to interact with the Nook Stop Terminal in the lower right corner of the room.

interact with the Nook Stop Terminal

    • Then, you have to choose Invite amiibo camper. If a non-amiibo guest is currently visiting the campsite, you are able to select to send them home early and allow for your desired Amiibo villager to occupy it instead.

choose Invite amiibo camper

    • Now, scan in your Amiibo card. You are going to be asked to touch the Amiibo card to the NFC receptor on your controller. For Joy-Con, this is located at the top of the analog stick on the right Joy-Con. If you are using an official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, this is located at the top of the right analog stick. Please ensure that the Amiibo symbol is touching the analog stick.

scan in your Amiibo card

    • Afterwards, you have to go to the campsite. After you have scanned your Amiibo card, the villager you want to invite is going to show up and let you know that they are on their way to your campsite.
    • Please craft their desired item. Before a villager decides to move in, they are going to tell you that they want some souvenirs from your island. Just craft their desired item and bring it to them. If you do not have the DIY instructions, the villager is going to supply it for you. This need happen 3 times before they decide to move in. For the aims of this guide, the day on which this step is completed is considered Day 1.

Craft their desired item

    • You have to repeat steps 1 – 6 on Day 2. Usually, all Amiibo villagers will take three real days of convincing before they decide to move to your island. If you do not want to wait until 5 a.m. the next day, you are able to head to System Settings on the Nintendo Switch Home Menu. Then you have to scroll down on the left to System, choose Date and Time. Please move your system’s date one day forward. If your system clock is synchronized via the Internet, you have to disable this first and then you are able to change the date manually.
    • You need to ask them to move in on Day 3. Day 3 needs different courses of action depending on whether there are less than 10 villagers living on your island or not. If your island has less than 10 villagers, you have to go to Tom Nook first and request to have a plot of land prepared for someone to move in. After that, repeat steps 1 – 6 and invite the villager to the empty plot you built. If your island has 10 villagers, you have to repeat steps 1 – 6 and invite the villager to live in your town. You have to select which villager you want to move out to make space for the new villager. The villager you have chosen to evict will have their moving boxes packed immediately.

Ask them to move in on Day 3

    • Please wait for their house to be built. Also, day 4 will look different depending on how many villagers you had on your island prior to inviting the new villager. If your island have less than 10 villagers, the new villagers are going to be moved in immediately. But, if your island have 10 villagers, the plot will be empty on Day 4, and then will occupy on Day 5.

Wait for their house to be built

Finally, you have completed all of those steps above. Your new Sanrio-themed villager is going to occupy a house on your island.

List of Sanrio villagers in ACNH

List of Sanrio villagers in ACNH

There are six Sanrio villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Below, you are able to find their name, species and which Sanrio character inspired them.

    • Chai: an elephant that is inspired by Cinnamoroll
    • Chelsea: a deer that is inspired by My Melody
    • Etoile: a sheep that is inspired by Little Twin Stars
    • Marty: a cub that is inspired by Pompompurin
    • Rilla: a gorilla that is inspired by Hello Kitty
    • Toby: a rabbit that is inspired by Keroppi

The explanation of Sanrio Amiibo Cards for Animal Crossing

Originally, the Sanrio Amiibo Cards are a set of six Amiibo cards which were released in December 2016 for Animal Crossing New Leaf in a cross promotion with Sanrio. For your information, Sanrio is a Japanese company that makes a range of products based around different cute characters. If you have heard of Hello Kitty, then you have heard of Sanrio. Need to know that Sanrio Amiibo Card is focused about a specific villager who takes inspiration from one of Sanrio’s characters, including Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll and Pompompurin. With the release of Version 1.9.0 of New Horizons, the Sanrio Amiibo Cards, including the ones originally released for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, now can be used to add the Sanrio villagers and their items to your island.

Now, there is no information on when the Sanrio Amiibo Cards available in the United Kingdom and Europe. For those who really want Sanrio Amiibo cards for your collection, you will be able to import them. Also, these Sanrio Amiibo cards will be compatible with Animal Crossing New Horizons. However, Animal Crossing fans in the United States are able to buy the Sanrio Amiibo cards from Target for $5.99 since 26th March onwards.

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