How to Have Twins on BitLife

The mobile game simulator called BitLife gives you a lot of freedom. You are free to do almost everything and you will not get consequences. It is even possible for you to go to the jail. Another interesting thing that you can do in the game is to have twins and there are several ways to increase the chance.

Once you have managed to graduate from college and have found the dream job, you might want to consider settling down in your life. After you have found a partner to spend the rest of your life with, you might want to get married. Getting married means there is a possibility of you and your partner wanting to get a new addition. Instead of just a single addition, you might want to get two new members to your family.

Method to have twins in BitLife

How to Have Twins on BitLifeThere are two options to choose from to get twins in BitLife. Both of them are different. The first option is having the birth the normal way and wishing for it to be a twin. However, it is definitely hard since it is completely based on luck with the little chance. A lot of people have even tried this method many times but they still have not gotten the thing that they are dreaming for. There is only a chance for them to have a single child in one year or no one in the next one.

Fortunately, there is the second route and it is the most recommended one since it is easier. Once you and your partner have decided to have a child, you can have twins in the game by trying things known as Artificial Insemination or IVF. In order to do so, you will need to be a female character. For it, it is important to ask for your partner if they agree for it. If both of you agree and it ends up being successful, then as a female character, you will become pregnant. This way is what gives you a higher chance of having twins in the game. If the method ends up being unsuccessful, there is still a chance for you to try it again the next year.

The story will be different if your partner refuses to take this route. It has been known that a lot of people prefer to stick with the conventional method so it is not surprising if your partner has the same preference. In this case, you are suggested to bring him to the same page that you are on. Once you have obtained his permission for this, then it is time for you to try out any one of the two methods mentioned above. However, the second method with IVF has some important points to take note of.

As stated before, you could only try IVF once a year. It means you will need to wait for a year to try it again if it fails to give out the results that you want. Another thing worth noting is the fact that you could only try out this method until the female character has not reached the age of 50. If in the case it has reached the age of 50, then the whole process would no longer work.

If you are wondering if it is possible to try Artificial Insemination in the same sex marriage, the answer to the question is possible but then the chance of argument with your partner is low.

After all, having twins in BitLife is clearly not easy. Just like the normal method, the other two methods also have some complications involved. The hardest part is to get the options of Artificial Insemination and IV in the relationship. The next thing is to get the chance to have twins. Nevertheless, it should be your best option. The reason is because the chance of your getting blessed with two children is higher by using this method. So, please keep repeating these methods until it is successful.

It is better for you to avoid closing the prompt where your treatment has not given you the thing that you wanted. Instead of doing so, you are recommended to just close the app as a whole and then reopen it. You will be given a chance by the game to try again and get pregnant. Basically, if you keep doing it, you are able to find out if you become pregnant and get the kind of pregnancy that you want, which is twins in this case.

The reason to have twins in BitLife

There are some options to have twins regardless of the consequences of the acts because you are given the chance to make some important modifications that make it possible for you to make some interesting changes only when you are in God mode. You are allowed to join in the process of the will power of the person as well as getting the possibility of having twins and there is no longer need for you to choose the natural procreation process.

Getting triplets in BitLife

Getting triplets in BitLife
Apart from getting the twins, you might also want to get the triplets in BitLife and you can turn your wish into reality. If you are interested to have triplets in this game, the whole process is actually the same as getting twins.  You should be after the age of 40 and go to the Fertility option which is located under Activities. Then, you will get pregnant. After getting pregnant, please wait and then check if you were enough to have triplets in the game. It is the most effective way to get triplets so please keep trying the same process until you get your triplets. There is a good video uploaded on Youtube by Geo Xoro that will help you to give birth to triplets in the game. Please spare your time to watch the video until the end and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment.

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