How to Get Xur in Destiny 2

Xur is an exotic gear merchant in the game of Destiny 2. By the way, how to get Xur in the game of Destiny 2? If you really want to know that information, make sure you will read this article until the end. Here we are going to inform you how to get Xur in Destiny 2.

How to Get Xur in Destiny 2?

Xur is a strange being who sometimes appears from time to time, selling strange weapons and armor to the Guardians. Xur serves the ancient beings known as The Nine. Xur, an Agent of The Nine likes to switch his location every week. Now, his locations for this patch are Social-Hangar on Tower, Tree on Watcher’s Grave at Nessus and Winding Cove on European Dead Zone (EDZ) EDZ. So, if you want to get Xur, go to those locations.

How to Get Xur in Destiny 2

Below you are going to find the details on how to reach those locations easily.

    • Social-Hangar on Tower
      At this time, almost everyone knows about this location. To find Xur, you will be able to spawn directly on Tower and go towards the left to the Hangar. After that, you have to take a left from the Hangar. There you are going to find a stairway. This is where you are going to find Xur.
    • Winding Cove on EDZ
      Actually, this is a tricky location to reach. You need to spawn right into Winding Cove on the European Dead Zone (EDZ). After that, you have to go straight towards the location. You will be able to find Xur standing above you on the edge of a cliff. Apparently, this location will be easier to find because there will be the players around him most of the time.
    • Tree on Watchers Grave at Nessus
      Need to know that Watcher’s Grave is a spawn point located at Nessus. We think that this is another location which is hard to explain in the words. Usually, Xur is going to stand beside the tree.


As we explained, you will be able to find Xur at Social-Hangar on Tower. For your information, the location of the Tower Hanger is at the far east side of the Tower. When a player arrives in the Tower, their Jumpship will be able to be seen landing in this area. At the lowest part of this area is a jukebox which can play music if the player interacts with it. Also, there are some kiosks in this location for the players to retrieve jumpships, emotes, and Sparrows they have previously unlocked.

Tower is a social activity and a place within the walls of The City. In the Tower, the Guardians are able to interact with each other, visit the vendors, or turn in the quest items.

The Tower is divided into five areas:

    • The Tower Plaza
    • Tower North
    • The Hall of Guardians
    • Traveler’s Walk
    • The Tower Hanger

The new arrivals appear in the Tower Plaza, the central hub from which all other areas are accessible.

The Tower Plaza is the first area entered by the Guardians when arriving in the Tower. It is the central area. It branches off into the other four sections. Usually, this area serves as a meeting place for the Guardians coming and going from the Tower. Also, there are kiosks for the Guardians to access their Vault and the Silver Dust store. Tower North is an area which encompasses some other vendors and kiosks. The area includes an observation tower with a perfect view of the Traveler. Also, the Speaker resides here.

Going to the direction the Guardian faces when spawning in the Tower brings them to the Hall of the Guardians, a location where the Guardians are able to buy Crucible and Vanguard weapons and armor. This is a central hub connecting the main weapons and arms distributors of the Vanguard and the Crucible. Also, it encompasses two kiosks for the Guardians to reclaim exotic weapons and armor.

EDZ (European Dead Zone)

Also, you will be able to find Xur at Winding Cove on the European Dead Zone (EDZ). For your information, the European Dead Zone (EDZ) is a region on Earth and also a destination in the game of Destiny 2. Also, it has served as a location for two Crucible maps in the game of Destiny. Lots of the man-made signs in this region contain German writing, showing that it is located in some region where the dominant language is German, such as Germany, Switzerland or Austria.

Besides Winding Cove, here are other locations on European Dead Zone (EDZ):

    • Echion Vae
    • Firebase Hades
    • Legion’s Anchor
    • Legion’s Hold
    • Legion’s Watch
    • Maevic Square
    • Outskirts
    • Quarantine Sector 236 Blackened Forest
    • Salt Mines
    • Sojourner’s Camp
    • Sunken Isles
    • The Dark Forest
    • The Gulch
    • The Reservoir
    • The Sludge
    • The Tunnels
    • Trostland

Lost Sectors

    • Atrium
    • Excavation Site XII
    • Cavern of Souls
    • Flooded Chasm
    • Hallowed Grove
    • Pathfinder’s Crash
    • Scavenger’s Den
    • Shaft 13
    • Skydock IV
    • Terminus East
    • The Drain
    • The Pit
    • The Quarry
    • The Weep
    • Whispered Falls
    • Widow’s Walk

Social Spaces

    • The Farm

Crucible Maps in Destiny

    • Memento
    • Widow’s Court


Lastly, you will be able to find Xur on Watchers Grave at Nessus. For your information, Nessus is a Planetoid with an irregular orbit. Nessus is closer to the Sun at perihelion. Nessus moves into the Kuiper belt. Also, it is inhabited by Vex, who have transformed it almost entirely into a machine world.

Based on the research, during the Collapse, the Colony ship Exodus Black crashed on Nessus on its way to Kepler-186. They were surprised by Nessus being where it is as it should not be there. In fact, the ship’s crash was due to the result of the Orbiting Centaur’s added 6 dimensions to its four-dimensional space. Later, all its colonists and crew were captured and experimented on (such as stealing the memories of the captain) or killed by the Vex. Unable to contact help, then the ship’s AI, Failsafe, became dormant until she was awoken by the arrival of Cayde-6.