How to Get Weapon Patterns Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, you are allowed to craft any weapons through the weapon crafting feature. The weapon crafting was introduced by Bungie in the Witch Queen Update. This feature lets you craft a unique weapon with rolls that you curate.

In order to craft a weapon, you will need the weapon patterns that should be unlocked first. The patterns here are nothing but blueprints for weapons that you can craft. Since the weapon patterns should be unlocked first, you may need to look for a way to unlock these patterns. No worries! This post will show you a guide to get the weapon patterns in Destiny 2.

How to Get Weapon Patterns Destiny 2

Unlocking the Weapon Patterns in Destiny 2, Here’s How!

Since weapon crafting was released with The Witch Queen Update, the weapon patterns can also be unlocked through various ways throughout the Witch Queen. The weapon patterns are mainly unlocked by Attuning red-border weapons.

A few weapon patterns can also be obtained through the completion of specific quests. In the case of looking for the weapon patterns, you will find The Relic. This is a generic term that is used to explain weapons and objects which can be picked up from the ground and used. However, it cannot be equipped in any weapon or armor slot.

The Relic here does not come equipped with a hundred weapons to craft and modifications to put on your guns. To unlock weapon patterns, you will have to find guns with Resonance perks instead.

The first quest that will give you a chance to find the weapon patterns is The Investigation quest, one of the Witch Queen quests. You will get a quest from The Relic that will tell you to find a Deepsight Resonance weapon. After you own one, what you should do is to use it in battle to upgrade it to the point where you can use it for crafting.

No matter what level you select for the campaign missions, you will get the same bonuses from the Resonance weapons. That’s one of the ways that you can unlock more weapon patterns to craft new weapons and modify the ones that you love.

How to Get Deepsight Resonance Weapons to Unlock Weapon Patterns?

To get some necessary resources that are known as Resonant Materials and unlock additional weapon patterns, you may have to get and create use of weapons with Deepsight Resonance. Need to know, Deepsight Resonance is a trait which appears on randomly dropped weapons following the conclusion of the Witch Queen prologue.

During the Witch Queen quests, you can take advantage of Deepsight abilities and establish your first Glave. After it is done, Deepsight Resonance weapons will start to drop from enemies and chests. That’s how to obtain Deepsight Resonance weapons in Destiny 2.

After having Deepsight Resonance weapons, you can use it to defeat the enemies and also complete activities while you have it equipped. After you fill the attunement bar, you can extract a trove of Neutral Element and a small amount of either Mutable or Adroit Elements. It can also unlock the Pattern of the certain weapon.

It’s important to note, extracting the elements from your Deepsight Resonance weapon does not destroy your weapon, but you can only perform the extracting process once per weapon.

What Are the Witch Queen Quest to Get Weapon Patterns?

The Witch Queen update offers a bunch of quests that you should complete to get more and more weapon patterns, here they are:

    • The Arrival
    • The Investigation
    • The Ghosts
    • The Communion
    • The Mirror
    • The Lightblade (Strike)
    • The Cunning

One of the Witch Queen quests that give you a bigger chance to unlock the weapon patterns is The Investigation. This is a starting quest that you can take to unlock the weapon patterns.

To start the Investigation quest, what you should do is go to Mars. Once talking with Ikora and crafting your first Glaive, the banner that signals the start of The Investigation will appear.

Here’s the step-by-step that you can follow to get your halfway through The Investigation in Destiny 2:

    1. You can go to the waypoint Ghost once making a call with Fynch.
    2. Since the way is blocked with a green mist, instead you can go to the new waypoint and reveal the platforms. It is called Deepsight and will only last for about half a minute.
    3. You can travel further into the building.
    4. Here, you need to stay above the ground jumping from platform to platform to not awaken the Hive beneath.
    5. You can reveal the next spot by following the statues pointing up and then travel out through the door.
    6. From here, you need to go to the right down the corridor and defeat the enemies and reveal.
    7. In this step, you can quickly travel down the left corridor and use the revealed platforms to get to the door.
    8. In this place, you have to kill the Revenant Knight and Cursed Thralls and then continue onward.

Once you have crossed the corridors into the following next open space, you will encounter some tough enemies. Here, you need to place the banner for maximum ammo and recharged abilities.

Here are what you should do to complete the Investigation quest in Destiny 2:

    • First, build your way across the open garden gate and start opening the gate. Make sure to stay in the circle.
    • Then, you need to travel through it after the gate is open and get to the following open area.
    • After that, you need to defeat three Barrier Guards. Here, you shouldn’t defeat the Scorn immediately, as they will help you to kill the Hive.
    • You may also need to defeat two more Barrier Guards and one Lightbearing Wizard.
    • Afterwards, you can continue through the gate and through the swamp.
    • Last, you need to talk to Fynch to complete the quest.

Congratulations! You successfully complete The Investigation Quest, one of The Witch Queen quests to unlock the weapon patterns. Aside from getting the weapon patterns, you can now have full access to the Throne World after completing the Investigation Quest.

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