How to Get Water Out of Your Charging Port

Sometimes, there is water on our charging port accidentally. If it happens, you have to get the water out of it so that it does not damage your charging port. However, how to get water out of our charging port since you may be afraid that you do the wrong things that can damage it?

The Way to Get Water Out of Charging Port

According to the Tech News Today site, there are some ways that you are able to do to get water out of the charging port as you can read below. But first, it is important for you to note that you have to wear gloves when you deal with issues around the charging ports, plugs, and cables. Make sure that you do not use any sharp objects to apply pressure into the port to ensure that you do not get any electric shocks or accidentally damage the charging port.

How to Get Water Out of Your Charging Port

Firstly, you have to shut down your phone before you get the water out of it and give it a gentle tap to get the excess water out. Then, you can go to the further ways below.

    • Removing Moisture
      You have to remove the moisture and it can be done by taking a small piece of soft cotton cloth. Then, you have to try to clean the charging port gently by rubbing the cloth inwards. After that, you are able to let your phone dry by itself for around half an hour or more. You also have to make sure that you do not apply a lot of pressure because it can push the water inside the port.
    • Leaving It for Evaporation
      You can get water out of the charging port by letting it dry naturally. Usually, in a few hours, the water inside the port will evaporate. When you are doing this, you have to make sure that you are keeping the phone upright. Besides, it is better if you put your phone in an area with good ventilation.
    • Using a Wireless Charger
      Let’s say that your phone is not charging with a cable because of using the methods above. If so, you can try using a wireless charger. However, you have to make sure that the phone and the wireless charger are dry before you charge it.
    • Contacting Customer Service
      If there is no method above which works and it seems that your charging port is damaged, you are able to contact the customer service. Alternatively, you are able to go to a local repair center to repair your phone where it can be done if your phone is not turning on after you apply the methods above.

The Things That You Have to Avoid When Your Charging Port is Wet

If you find that your charging port is wet, of course you want to get rid of the water. However, when you do it, you have to make sure that you do not do a method which can make it worse. Here are several actions that you have to avoid when your charging port is wet according to the Make Use Of site.

    • You have to make sure that you do not charge your phone. When there is moisture in the USB charging port, usually most smartphones will warn you through a message not to charge your phone. You have to listen to the suggestion because if you connect your phone to an electrical power source, it is very dangerous. So, before you use it for charging, you have to make sure that the warning has stopped. If you bring your charger into contact with water, it can break the charger itself. So, if the battery is low, you have to let it sit and dry before you charge it.
    • Make sure that you do not blow into your charging port. If there is water in your charging port, some people may tend to blow into it with the aim to dry it out. However, this kind of action is not recommended because it is not effective. Besides, the concentrated force of your breath may push the water further into the port.
    • You have to make sure that you never shake your phone when there is water in your charging port. If you shake your phone, it will not remove the moisture from the charging port. This action may be done when people find water in their charging port and because they are panicked, then they shake their phone to remove the moisture. However, it is not effective. It is better for you to follow the methods which have been explained above.

Protecting Your Phone from Water

According to The Tech Wire site, here are some ways for protecting your smartphone from water.

    • You can practice water distancing. This method may be hard for people who like bringing smartphones anywhere. However, if you want to do this method, you can do that by keeping your smartphone at least six feet away from water sources to provide good protection.
    • You can buy a water-resistant or waterproof device. It can protect the integral components of the device from water damage. It is important for you to note that it will not keep water out of openings such as the charging port. However, it will ensure that if water enters the charging port, it should not be able to go beyond the charging port into other components of the device.
    • You can use a waterproof case. The design of waterproof cases is created to seal all exposed openings of your smartphone, such as the charging port, to keep water out. Usually, waterproof cases have a rubber stopper which can be opened and closed to give access to ports. You have to make sure that the rubber stoppers are closed completely when it is not used.
    • You can use a dry bag. This bag is designed to seal the device inside to keep water from entering the device. There are some dry bags which are designed to fit small things like smartphones. However, there are also larger bags for bigger capacity.

Well, that’s the explanation about getting water out from your charging port. Hopefully, it is useful for you.

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