How to Get to Blue Dragons OSRS

In the Old School RuneScape game, blue dragons are the third strongest of the chromatic dragons after red dragons and black dragons. Now, you may want to know how to get to blue dragons. Here, we will give you information about it including the other information about blue dragons.

How to Get to Blue Dragons

To be able to get to blue dragons, you need to know their locations. There are several places where you are able to find blue dragons. Those places are listed below.

    • Taverley Dungeon

You will need a Dusty key or level 70 Agility (65 with summer pie).

      • You are able to find 12 more in the upper level, but you are only able to kill them if they have a blue dragon slayer assignment. You can find the entrance near the north safespot where the dragons reside.
    • Ogre Enclave

You are required to complete Watchtower.

    • Heroes’ Guild

You are required to complete Heroes’ Quest.

    • Corsair Cove Dungeon

You are required to complete Dragon Slayer II.

If you want to find blue dragons in Taverley dungeon, from Falador West Bank, you have to use the Agility shortcut. With it, you will be brought to the south of Taverley Dungeon. Then, you have to run your way towards it and when you arrive there, you have to climb down the ladder.

Do you have 70 Agility? If so, you are able to use the obstacle pipe to your right. However, if you do not have 70 Agility, you can drink a dose of your stamina potion and begin running north. On the east side of the wall, you will see some armor pieces. The thing that you have to do is to spam click the prison door. It is done to prevent the guards from attacking you. When you arrive inside, then you have to go to the south and then open the next door. You have to keep running through the passageway heading east.

When you reach a break on the path, you have to run south. You will see another break on the path so now you have to head west. When you come closer to the blue dragons room, you will see some lava and scorpions. You have to cross the bridge, run north and then after you pass the lesser demons, you have to use your dusty key on the gate to your left. Now, you will be able to access the Blue Dragons.

Knowing More About The Locations of Blue Dragons

As you are able to see from the explanation above, blue dragons can be found in several places including Taverley Dungeon, Ogre Enclave, Heroes’ Guild, and Corsair Cove Dungeon. Now, let’s get to know more about these places.

    • Taverley Dungeon

Taverley Dungeon

This is one of the biggest dungeons in RuneScape. A lot of monsters can be found here ranging from low to high combat levels and with the stronger ones which are located deeper in the dungeon. Those include poisonous monsters so that it is recommended for you to bring antipoison potions. You are able to find the entrance to the dungeon south of Taverley and west of Falador. There are some ways to get there including Falador or Taverley teletabs, Games Room minigame teleport or Explorer’s Ring 2 or better.

    • Ogre Enclave

Ogre Enclave

This place is located southwest of Yanille and you are able to access it through the cave in the market of Gu’Tanoth. Ogre Enclave is one of the few locations which has blue dragons and this place is visited during the Watchtower Quest. The monsters which can be found in this cave are Blue Dragons (6), Greater Demons (5 total, 4 are trapped in a cage), Ogre Chieftain, Ogre Shamans (only during the Watchtower Quest), Giant Bats, Skeletons (level 22) and Spiders (level 1). If you go back to this cave after you complete the Watchtower Quest, you will not need an extra cave nightside because you are able to sneak past the Enclave guard without it. In addition, you do not need a light source when you enter the cave unlike the other Skavid caves nearby. If you want to leave the cave, the exit is in the centre of the north wall. Through it, you will be taken to the north cave near the pathway to Gu’Tanoth.

    • Heroes’ Guild

Heroes' Guild

This place is located just south of Burthorpe. The guild can only be accessed by members who have completed the Heroes’ Quest. Here, you are able to purchase the dragon mace and dragon battleaxe and also recharge your amulets of glory on the fountain. To get to Heroes’ Guild, the fastest way is using the Teleport to House spell, if your house is in Taverley, or you can use a redirected Taverley teleport tablet. Alternatively, you are able to use games necklace or the Minigame Group Finder teleport to the Burthorpe Games Room. You are also able to get here by teleporting to the Warriors’ Guild by using a combat bracelet.

    • Corsair Cove Dungeon

This is a large cave system underneath the southern part of Feldip Hills. Mainly, this place is inhabited by ogresses, even though the western caves are part of the Myths’ Guild. The eastern side of this dungeon can be accessed by all players. In this area, there are Ogress Warriors, Ogress Shamans and a few spiders. The western side of this dungeon can only be accessed by members who have completed Dragon Slayer II. This area is the basement of Myths’ Guild. You are able to access it either through the Mythic Statue in the centre of the Myths’ Guild or by passing the barriers which are guarded by Ponts the Bridgemaster west of the ogresses. In this western side area, you are able to find the Fountain of Uhld which you can use to recharge skills necklaces, amulets of glory and combat bracelets, and a small mine which contains 4 adamantite rocks and 2 reunite rocks. Here, you can also find all chromatic dragons in addition to 6 blue dragon scale spawns. Those are 2 Green dragons ( and 1 baby), 5 Blue dragons (and 3 babies), 3 Red dragons (and 2 babies), and 2 Black dragons (and 1 baby).

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