How to Get the Time Stone in Lucraft

When you are playing Thanos in Minecraft, you will be familiar with the Infinity Stones. There is a total of Infinity Stones that you need to find. One of them is the Time Stone that was contained inside the Eye of Agamotto. So, how to get the Time Stone in Minecraft?

To get the Time Stone in Minecraft, you actually need to use the Minecraft mod that will work to add all Infinity Stones into Minecraft. Certainly, not all mods can work to add the Time  Stone into Minecraft. So, what mod that can add Time Stone into Minecraft?

How to Get the Time Stone in Lucraft

Getting Time Stone with Lucraft Mod

One of the worthy Minecraft mods that works to add Time Stone into Minecraft is Lucraft. In fact, there are a number of mods developed by Lucraft, they are Infinity Gauntlet mod, IronMan mod, AvengersTech mod and Heroes Expansion mod.

In this case, the mod that works to add the Time Stone into Minecraft is Infinity Gauntlet and AvengersTech mod. In this case, the mod that will give you all Infinity Stones are Infinity Gauntlet, while the AvengersTech mod will only give you the power of Time Stone, not exactly the stone.

Through AvengersTech, you can get the Time Stone power when you keep in your hand the Eye of Agamotto. You can then type /orb and /eyeofagamotto commands in order to get the stones from each one.

If you use the Infinity Gauntlet, it will give you a total of six Infinity Stones into Minecraft. The Infinity Gauntlet mod was created by KNKevin to actually help the players to have all Infinity stones in Minecraft. You can also get six new structures which are even survival compatible.

Through the Infinity Gauntlet, you can find and discover the Infinity gems. Make sure to utilize their extreme overpowered abilities in Minecraft. Then, in order to create the Infinity Gauntlet, you should collect all sis gems, some gold and also a diamond.

However, the Infinity Gauntlet will bring out the extreme powers and the true powers of the gems. In the process of creating Thanos in Minecraft, you need to kill anything that can construct your away. You can also get an easy way to set mobs to attack each other and teleport across the land quickly.

The Infinity Gauntlet mod will be able to unlock the power of the Infinity Gauntlet. It also allows you to create Marvel’s ultimate power source with just a few valuable metals, jewels, and a dash of redstone.

You can use the Infinity stone by right-clicking and they will go in your hand slot. If you cannot take half of your world out of existence, you can only use all five stones individually. For instance, Reality will turn projectiles into bats or also turn nearby hostile mobs into passive ones. You can then freeze time, mind control mobs and also build portals to teleport between locations in a blink.

To get the Infinity Gauntlet to get the Time Stone, you can download this mod HERE.

How Does the Time Stone Perform?

There’s a total of Infinity Stones including Space Stone, Reality Stone, Time Stone, Soul Stone, Power Stone and Mind Stone. You may also wonder how the Time Stone performs in the game.

Well, the Time Stone will work four main abilities, including Stop, Rewind, Loop and Accelerate. Stop will create a time stop bubble at will. It can also freeze all mobs and the players inside of it.

Rewind has an ability to rewind  your position back to how it was five seconds ago. Then, Loop is able to create a Time Loop and also set your spawn to the location of the loop. Last, the Accelerate can speed up the day night cycle.

Some Facts You Should Know about the Infinity Gauntlet

Certainly, there are some facts that you should know about the Infinity Gauntlet, a mod that works to add all Infinity Stones into Minecraft. Furthermore, there are a number of things that you have to know. Here are they:

    • In order to get the Soul Stone, you should sacrifice a pet at 0,0 coordinates. It has lived for more than 5 minutes near players. After the players meet all requirements, the pet will then glow with particles to signal sacrifice for the Soul Stone.
    • If you look at the Powerstone, you need to go inside of the Dragon Egg. To take it out, you can throw a non-damaged anvil on top of it.
    • The Tesseract and Aether Temples definitely hold the coordinates to the Deep Stronghold and Clock Tower respectively
    • At the exact same coordinates, each structure only appears after in every world,  no matter the seed. It means that there is only one of every item which makes up the Complete Infinity Gauntlet.
    • The Gauntlet and Stones are indestructible. So they cannot be destroyed, except if  you use the gauntlet to destroy the stones.
    • If you want to combine  the Gauntlet and Stones, you can then order the stones starting at the first slot with Space, Power, Soul, Reality, Mind and then Time.
    • Whenever they are lying on the ground, the Stones and Gauntlet are going to unfuse without someone to keep them intact after enough time.
    • You cannot recover the Stones after they are destroyed. It means that  your Minecraft world will lose the stones unless someone gives themselves the stones vis /function commands: give.

Here’s the structure locations:

    • Gauntlet Temple (Overworld): 132 25 117
    • Tesseract Temple (End): 0 10 0
    • Aether Temple (Nether): -187 32 -234
    • The Archway (Soulworld): 0 63 0
    • Clock Tower (Overworld): 2817 220 -2582
    • Deep Stronghold (Overworld): -2420 5 2634

Moreover, the Infinity Gauntlet mod also comes to fix a huge bug that is related to the Reality Stone’s Decoys. This mod also allows the multiple players to use Gauntlet, although they will not affect each other with the abilities.

Here are the four abilities that each Infinity stone has:

    • Power: Bolt, Fire Redirection, Ignition Blast, Pulse
    • Space: Portal, Spacial Collapse, Lift, Dimension Hop
    • Reality: Transform, Cloak, Decoys, Scramble,
    • Soul: Detect, Cure, Soulworld, Rejuvenate
    • Time: Loop, Stop, Accelerate Rewind,
    • Mind: Enrage, Erase, Ray, Enhance