How to Get the Power Stone in Minecraft Lucraft

When you are playing Thanos, you may need to collect all Infinity Stones including the Power Stone. Unfortunately, not all players have an easy way to get this stone. In order to find the Infinity Stone, you will need a mod that allows you to collect all Infinity Stones.

One of the mods that will ease you collect all Infinity Stones including the Power Stone is Infinity Gauntlet developed by Lucraft. In other words, Lucraft is not mod, but the developer of the Infinity Gauntlet that allows you to find all Infinity Stones. So, how to use the Infinity Gauntlet to get the Power Stone?

How to Get the Power Stone in Minecraft Lucraft

Finding the Power Stone Through Lucraft’s Mod, Here’s How!

In fact, there are some mods that were developed by Lucraft including Infinity Gauntlet mod, IronMan mod, Heroes Expansion mod and AvengersTech mod. However, the Lucraft mod that will give you a total of Infinity Stones is Infinity Gauntlet.

In other words, if you want to get the Power Stone in Minecraft, you can use the Infinity Gauntlet by downloading and installing it first. After you download and install this mod, you will get the Power Stone easily.

With the Infinity Gauntlet, you will be able to locate and explore the Infinity gems. You can also take advantage of their extreme overpowered abilities in Minecraft. To make the Infinity Gauntlet, you may have to collect all six stones, a diamond and some gold.

To get the Power Stone in Infinity Gauntlet mod, you can download this mod at The downloading page of Infinity Gauntlet can be accessed here. After you download the Infinity Gauntlet file, you should install it by extracting the file first, as the Infinity Gauntlet file comes in the WinRAR file.

Aside from that, you also have another option to download the Lucraft Core Infinity Stone mod at here. If you click the link, you will be taken into the Infinity Stone mod page.

On the page, you will find a ‘Download’ button and click it to begin downloading this mod. Just like the Infinity Gauntlet, you also need to extract the file, as the Lucraft Core Infinity Stone mod comes in the WinRAR files.

Additionally, the Infinity Stone mod that you can download in CurseForge will be able to stop Time, shoot Power Beams and wrap the reality. Well, the Lucraft core Infinity Stone is reliable to help the players to improve this mod by being able to be the mad titan, that’s Thanos.

The point is, you will be able to get the Power Stone and other Infinity Stones through the Infinity Gauntlet mod by Lucraft. It means that if you use the Infinity Gauntlet mod, it will give you a total of Infinity Stones. You may also need to discover the Minecraft world in order to find the Power Stone and all Infinity Stones.

How Does the Power Stone Perform?

As we know, there are a total of six Infinity Stones in Minecraft when you are playing Thanos, they are Power Stone, Space Stone, Reality Stone, Soul Stone, Time Stone and Mind Stone. Then, you may be wondering how the Power Stone performs in Minecraft.

According to Minecraft Ideas Wiki, the Power Stone is a special stone that can be obtained in dungeons and mineshafts. The Power Stone can be used to fight and defend yourself in the game. There are also loads of types of powers that the Power Stone has, they are water, fire, electricity, life, plant, darkness, death, sould, magic, speed, psychic, tricks and weather.

Talking about Power Stone’s binding, you are able to find binders randomly in a cave with a 10/100 chance. After you have obtained a binder, you can then put stone in and use some levels (over 10) to bind it to you. Well, you can also use its power.

In Minecraft Lucraft’s mod, the Power Stone is one of Gauntlet abilities that include Ignition Blast, Bolt, Fire Redirection and Pulse. Here are all Power Stone’s abilities in Minecraft Lucraft mod:

  • Bolt

The ‘Bolt’ ability is used to shoot a blast of energy that can break all blocks in its path.

  • Ignition Blast

The ‘Ignition Blast’ ability can create a massive explosion  at your location. However, you are not able to take damage from this massive explosion

  • Pulse

The ‘Pulse’ ability is used to push back all nearby entities away from yourself

  • Fire Redirection

The ‘Fire Redirection’ is used to absorb nearby Fire Blocks that can also be released as a blast of flames.

How Does the Minecraft Lucraft’s Mod Work?

As the description says, the Infinity Gauntlet aims to help the players to have a total of Infinity stones in Minecraft. So, the only one way to have the Power Stone and other Infinity Stones is by using the Infinity Gauntlet mod.

Moreover, the Infinity Gauntlet mod brings out the extreme powers and the true powers of the gems. In this case, you may have to kill anything constructing your away in the process of creating Thanos in Minecraft. Aside from that, you will also obtain an easy way to set mobs to attack each other and teleport across the land as quickly as possible.

Additionally, the Infinity Gauntlet can unlock the power of the Infinity Gauntlet in the game that also allows you to make Marvel’s Ultimate power source with just a few precious jewels, metals and a dash of redstone.

In order to use the Infinity Stones including the Power Stone, you may need to right-click and all stones will be available in your hand slot. You can only use all five stones individually if you are not able to take half of your world out of existence.

Here, we take an example in case of using the Reality Stone. You should know that Reality Stone has the capability to turn nearby hostile mobs into passive one or turn  projectiles into bats. Apart from this, you can also freeze time, build portals and mind control mobs to teleport between locations in a blink.