How to Get the Deadly Ribbon in BitLife

There are about 40 ribbons in BitLife and one of them is Deadly ribbon. Do you want to get this ribbon? If you want to get this ribbon, then you need to know the requirements of getting this ribbon. Here, we will give you a guide about how to get this Deadly ribbon in BitLife.

The Steps to Get the Deadly Ribbon

The difficulty of getting this ribbon is hard. This ribbon has purple and black stripes and there is a knife emoji on it. How to get this Deadly ribbon? You are able to follow the steps below.

How to Get the Deadly Ribbon in BitLife

  • To be able to get Deadly ribbon, the thing that you have to do is to kill a lot of people. At least, you have to kill 5 people so that this ribbon can be yours.
  • If then you are in jail, but you have not killed enough people, escaping is the thing that you can do. Escaping can be done by doing the maze puzzle. The difficulties may be various through time. So, it is better for you to try an escape once per year.
  • If it seems that murder is too risky for you, hiring hitmen to kill people can be your option. However, when you decide to hire hitmen, you have to make sure that the hitmen must kill them and not scam you.

Things to Know About Murder To Get Deadly Ribbon in BitLife

About Murder To Get Deadly Ribbon in BitLife

Do you want to know the easiest way to commit multiple murders? It is to kill a random person in a Drive-By. It can work only if you have a driving license and a car. After the Prison Update, now it is more difficult to achieve because there are death sentences now.

You may wonder who you must kill in this game. You are able to kill anyone. They can be your family or strangers, it does not matter. The important thing is not who you kill, but the number of people that you kill.

If you go to prison or get caught after escaping from prison, it can affect some ribbons in this game. However, for Deadly prison, it will not give any effect to the chance of getting this ribbon. Let’s say that you are caught after one or two murders. It will not stop you to get this ribbon. You are able to escape from prison and then do another murder. If you fail, you can repeat the process.

There is another good method that you can do to achieve this ribbon. You are able to club a random person. It has a higher success rate. However, as we have explained earlier that if you have a driver license and also a car, you are able to use the drive-by method. This is the best method even though it still is not a 100% success rate. Nevertheless, this method is more reliable than strangulation or electrocution because both of these methods rarely work.

If you want to get a car and your license, you have to choose Activities and choose License. You can do that when you are old enough. You have to be able to answer a single question correctly so that you will be awarded the driver’s license. After you can start working, you can do that. You can aim for having a decent owned car.

How to Get Some Other Ribbons

After knowing how to get the Deadly ribbon, you may want to know how to get the other ribbons. Here, we have the guide of how to get  some other ribbons in BitLife.

Getting Influencer Ribbon

Getting Influencer Ribbon
If you want to get this ribbon, you must have high health, looks and smarts. You must sign up for social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Youtube. You can do that when you reach 13 years old. After you create an account, you have to post a lot often on social media every year. You have to choose your correct posts such as Dance, Blog, Challenge, Gaming, Haul, Selfie, How To, Skit, Story, and many more to help you get more likes and followers.

Then you have to get more million likes and a thousands of followers and then try to go viral. You are able to buy followers to increase the number of your followers, but this is optional. Promoting your products is also important to increase your chances of followers. Then, you can monetize your account on Youtube if you have more than a thousand subscribers. If there are more than a hundred-thousands of followers on your social media, you can get verified and then be the social media star. You have to be verified on all social media accounts and also have a million followers.

There is another way that you can do to get this ribbon. What is it? You are able to have a fame-related career such as singer, actor, writer or politician. Then, you can verify on all social media accounts and then repeat these steps.

Getting Lazy Ribbon

Getting Lazy Ribbon
This ribbon can be obtained by keeping to click on the Age button and then keep aging up. Make sure that you do not get a job, do not go to the doctor, do not date, do not help, and do not do a thing. Just be lazy as the ribbon imply. You have to live at least to 50 years old without getting a job or joining the military. If there are Job Referrals that a friend offers to you to get a job, you can tap the “That’s not for me” button. Also, make sure that your smarts are higher than 10%.

Getting Rich Ribbon
Getting Rich Ribbon

You have to get a net worth of at least 2.5 million, but it must be less than 20 million. If you have a good job, it will help you to achieve this ribbon. There are alternative ways to get this ribbon. You can steal money or gamble. If you choose these ways, make sure that you do not do it too much.