How to Get the Cafe in ACNH

The big Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 update came with a pigeon barista called Brewster. He is in charge of managing a cafe named The Roost. For your information, the cafe is located in the museum of the island, which is different compared to the previous games in the series where it is a standalone location. At the cafe, you will be able to enjoy a coffee with your friends. By the way, how do you get to the cafe in ACNH? Let us read the following text to find that information.

About the Roost cafe

The Roost is a cafe in the Animal Crossing series. For your information, it made its first appearance in the Wild World. The Roost cafe is managed by Brewster. It serves different blends of coffee a day for 200 Bells. You will be able to purchase one cup per day.

From time to time, other special characters are going to visit the Roost cafe. They are going to sit at the bar with a cup of coffee, usually before or after their work hours. They are able to be approached and spoken to, sometimes offering an insight into their personal lives.

How to Get the Cafe in ACNH

Getting the cafe in ACNH

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Roost is a Museum expansion, following the art expansion. The Roost was added to the game for the big Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 update.

If the player starts a new island, the requirements required to unlock The Roost are as below:

    • A 3-Star island rating.
    • The 2nd floor art wing of the Museum by donating at least 60 items to Blathers.

When you enter the museum, you are going to see Blathers pondering. When talked to Blathers, he is going to explain that he wants to attract more visitors by opening a cafe, however he would need to enlist the help of Brewster. Then, he goes on that all traces of the barista have gone cold, however still hopes on the fact that he might be around. Later, the curator asks you to go and find him, using an old photo of Brewster to help them identify him.

After talking to Blathers, the next island you have to visit through Kapp’n, he is going to be present there. After explaining to Brewster that his old friend is looking for him, he will agree to move to the island to set up the Roost and also give you a gyroid fragment; Explaining that they are able to be planted and then watered and will be fully grown the next day. When you have convinced Brewster successfully, and talked to Blathers, the museum is going to close the following day for renovation.

There are some features you can get: You are able to talk to the patrons and enjoy a coffee from Brewster. Also, you are able to invite the villagers to the tables. One of the newer features in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the ability to invite non-player characters with Amiibo via the phone opposite the bar. Also, there are gyroids in the back room of the Roost which hint that he will provide gyroid storage.

Working in the Cafe

Working in the Cafe

As a player, when you have bought and drank seven coffees, you are going to have an option to work behind the bar as a barista between 11:00 am and 11:00 pm. Usually the player is not allowed to work if a villager or a special character is already at the bar. The player is able to serve drinks to the villagers, of course with different preferences of coffee beans and amounts of sugar and milk. At the end of their shift, Brewster will give the player payment in the form of coffee beans.

The more villagers who are served their favorite drink, then the more valuable the payment is. The payment is going to be one of the following kinds of coffee beans: good coffee beans (sellable for 1000 Bells), plain coffee beans (sellable for 500 Bells), or superb coffee beans (sellable for 2000 Bells). Besides the daily reward, the player can get an item of furniture from the Cafe Series. The player is able to place the item in their house if they have already served a certain amount of favorite drinks in total.

Special Characters found in the Cafe

During certain times of the day, you will be able to find special characters sitting on a stool by the counter.

Here are the characters and their times:

    • Pelly or Pete: Can be found at 6:00AM to 6:55AM
    • Tortimer or Dr. Shrunk: Can be found at 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM
    • Resetti or Don Resetti: Can be found at 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM (only with the Reset Center)
    • Kapp’n or Phineas: Can be found at 2:30PM to 4:00PM
    • DJ KK: Can be found at 5:30PM to 7:00PM
    • Phyllis or Digby: Can be found at 9:00PM to 9:55PM
    • Gracie, Kicks or Tom Nook: Can be found at 12:00AM to 1:30AM

Also, while you are working as a barista, those special characters can appear as the customers. Of course, they have their own coffee preferences.

In Animal Crossing: The Movie

The Roost is shown in the movie in which several scenes take place. In Animal Crossing: The Movie, Ai comes to The Roost to find Apollo. When she arrives, she meets Cesar and Cyrano. When Apollo arrives, she delivers the package which he had ordered from Tom Nook. Then she apologizes for the destruction of his flowers that she had crushed accidentally during the delivery. Next, Apollo will compliment Brewster on his coffee, take his package, and go.

Also, Ai is seen at the Roost after Margie moves away. She asks Brewster for a cup of coffee sadly. After that, she hears K.K. Bossa, Margie’s favorite song. Ai starts crying for her friend. Whitney who is sitting across from her, then amuse her. When Ai leaves, Whitney compares two women’s bonds to a bond between a man and a woman.