How to Get the Butterfly Pet in Roblox Adopt Me

Are you looking for the way to get butterfly pet in Roblox Adopt Me? If you want to know its way, you have to read this entire article. Here we are going to reveal that information and also other information related Roblox Adopt Me.


Roblox Adopt Me has received an all-new update, adding an exciting new pet for the players to have. Roblox Adopt Me is one of the many games that the players can play in Roblox. The game has grown immensely in popularity over the years. With more than 20 billion visits, Roblox Adopt Me leads the chart in terms of most played Roblox games. One of the reasons why Roblox Adopt Me has managed to maintain its player count over the years is because of the frequent updates it receives from the time to time. Whether it is the yearly easter update or the introduction of a new egg. The developers always have something new in the store for the players there.

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Update – Roblox Adopt Me

To celebrate the 4th anniversary of the popular game, a new update of Roblox Adopt Me is finally here. Now, Roblox Adopt Me owns an all-new pet once again. The game of Roblox Adopt Me has dropped a surprise announcement on their YouTube channel. On July 14, 2021, they have celebrated the fourth year of Adopt Me by releasing a new pet. This pet is the Butterfly. By the way, how to get this new pet?

For note: Senior Media Producer for Uplift Games, JesseRaen, explained a video that was released on July 13 using the YouTube premiere feature which announced Adopt Me would be giving the players the chance to have a new pet for the fourth birthday celebration. This announcement was a surprise to the players, and it was not publically known until then. During his narration, JesseRaen also informed the players that the update would upload on July 14, 2021 at 8am PT / 11am PT / 4pm BST.

Getting the Butterfly Pet in Roblox Adopt Me

As we know that the latest Adopt Me Update went live on July 14, 2021, at 8 am PT / 11am PT / 4pm BST. When the update was released, the butterfly became one of the most famous pets in Roblox Adopt Me. Lots of players are wondering how they are able to get the Butterfly in the game.

How to Get the Butterfly Pet in Roblox Adopt Me

Need to know that the Uplift Butterfly is able to be purchased in the game only for a limited time. It is available between July 14 and July 22. While it might disappoint Roblox fans, there is several good news as well. The new pet will not be costing any Robux. You are able to buy it using the regular in-game currency, for merely 1500 bucks. You will be able to find the Uplift butterfly for sale near the entrance. When it comes to the neon version, you are able to follow the same steps to get it. Please Combine four fully grown Uplift Butterflies to create a Neon Uplift Butterfly. Next, combine four fully grown Neon Uplift Butterflies to get a Mega Neon one.

Once again, the butterfly only be in the game for a limited time. You are able to purchase the Butterfly between July 14 and July 22. After that, the Butterfly will no longer be available for purchase. Fortunately, the new pet Butterfly will not cost Robux. It means that many Roblox players will be able to have the funds to purchase the Butterfly, making it an accessible event for the players. Roblox players are able to find the Butterfly at the entrance to Adoption Island. You are able to see the Butterfly there in the open. From there, you will be able to buy the butterfly for 1500 Bucks.

Gameplay of Roblox Adopt Me

Teams baby and parent spawn in their house. They are able to customize it to whatever they want. Babies and parents can ask nearby players to be a part of their family by tapping (depending on the device they play on). Or, they are able to make their own family by going to the family GUI. Next, click ‘Create Family’.

When a baby or a parent receives a player invite to be their family, a baby and a parent will have a GUI. If there are some babies in the family, the baby that was held their first’s GUI’s will show up for the parent. That GUI is for the baby’s needs.

The nine needs are:

    • Bored: How excited the baby is. This can be increased by going to the park or playing the piano in your house.
    • Camping: When the baby or pet wants to go camping. This is able to be increased by bringing them to the campsite.
    • Cleanliness: How clean the baby is. This is able to be increased by giving them a shower, or putting them in a bathtub.
    • Hungry : How hungry the baby is. This is able to be increased by feeding them food.
    • Hot Spring: How hot the baby is. This is able to be increased by bringing them to the Hot Springs.
    • School: Bring the baby to school to learn.
    • Sick: If the baby is sick or not. To cure them, bring the baby to the hospital, where they are able to eat a healing apple, lay on a medical bed or be healed by Doctor Heart.
    • Sleepy: How tired the baby is. This is able to be increased by placing the baby in the bed.
    • Thirsty: How thirsty the baby is. This is able to be increased by giving them a drink.

After a baby update, the players were able to adopt pets likes dog and cats. Pets have the same moods as babies and they are able to be taught tricks by the pet trainer at the school. The babies will not be able to hold pets or put pets in the strollers, but the parents can.

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