How to Get the Batwing in MM2

Batwing is an ancient knife that is used by murderers to kill the innocents and sheriff. The knife in Murder Mystery 2 is only for murderer. If you play the role of a murderer, you should have at least a knife that you can use to kill innocents and the sheriff.

There are various types of knifes available in Murder Mystery 2. Each knife can be obtained in a different way. To kill innocents and sheriffs easily, it’s better for you to learn more about at least one knife to make it understood more when you use it.

Well, Batwing is one of the knives that you must have in Murder Mystery 2, as it is so worthy to kill the innocents and sheriff. You may wonder how to get the Batwing, due to each weapon being obtained in a different way.

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Getting the Batwing in Murder Mystery 2?

Getting the Batwing in MM2 is pretty easy to do. Categorized as an ancient knife, the Batwing can be obtained through trading for today. Previously, you could only get the Batwing by purchasing the limited Batwing Gamepass that costs 2499 Robux.

The Batwing Game Pass was introduced during the Halloween Event 2018 by Nikilis in October of 2018. However, the event was out for a week. Now, you can get the Batwing knife through trading as the gamepass is being removed from this game. Well, this was the only item in the pack.

How to get Batwing through trading? In Murder Mystery 2, trading is a main mechanic that aims to exchange your items for another player’s items. Then, the value of an item is measured in Seers, Demand or Rarity.

To trade the Batwing, you need to click the desired person to trade with on your list on the top right. This is a small menu that appears with the ‘Profile’ and ‘Trade’ button. After you click the ‘Trade’ button, a request to trade will appear on the screen of the person that is requested.

The person will then either accept or deny your trade request. If they deny your request, the trade request will automatically disappear.

If one accepts, a trading menu will appear covering the whole screen. Then, your inventory will show on the left side on the screen. If you want to put the item into the trade, you can only click on an item.

After that, the item that the  person put into the trade will appear. Every time the item is placed into the trade, six seconds should be waited in order to accept. In this case, you can only trade four unique items and you can perform multiple of them.

If you do want to trade, there will be a button underneath your list that allows you to disable your trade requests. It means that you will not receive any incoming trade requests from other players, however, you can still trade with other players if their trades are on.

Some issues in trading weapons can occur:

    • Trading weapons or any items in MM2 is vulnerable to scamming, value loss, data loss and also duping. But, that’s an overall risk for traders.
    • There may be a mistake where both persons on the tarde menu cannot add items while trading.
    • Trading can also break that seems to force you to rejoin the server.
    • There may be a mistake where neither of the players accepted the trade. When the trade is auto accepted, the item that you put in may be gone from your inventory.

After you notice what issues that will happen when trading the weapon in MM2, it’s highly recommended for you to be careful when you do a trade of weapons or other items.

What Does the Batwing Knife Look Like?

What Does the Batwing Knife Look Like

Batwing is a MM2 weapon that looks like a scythe with a thin grip. Its thin grip/handle has a bat and a shape like a spearhead in the top part. As the name implies, the Batwing means bat’s wing from the handle. Well, there’s no guard in the weapon  with a deep red and solid black color palette.

The Batwing knife has a real reskin that is called Nik’s Scythe, but it can only be obtained as a gift from Nikilis. This ancient knife was initially a Nikillis exclusive item. Moreover, the Batwing is based on a Roblox gear named Bay Scythe.

Batwing Weapon Tier

In fact, each weapon has a different tier. In this case, a weapon commonly becomes more valuable depending on how high a weapon tier is. Batwing comes in Tier 3 or Ancient weapons, along with other knives. So far, all ancient knives do not correspond to the actual knives, however they resemble axes or scythes instead.

Aside from Batwing, there are still 6 more knives that are included in Tier Ancient, here are they:

    1. Nik’s Scythe

The Nik’s Scythe seems to be a gift from Nikilis, as released since Batwing was no longer an exclusive knife. In other words, this is a blue version of Batwing that can be obtained if you report any bugs or glitches.

    1. Icewing

The Icewing knife is exactly similar to the Batwing, but it comes in an icy design. This knife is a part of the Christmas 2018 Event for 2499 Robux.

    1. Elderwood Scythe

The Elderwood Scythe can be obtained by completing Halloween 2019. After that, you need to buy the Elderwood Scythe for 80,000 candies from The Traveller’s challenge. Now, you can only get this knife through trading.

    1. Logchopper

Initially, you can get Logchopper by completing the Christmas Event 2019. Today, the only one way to get this knife is by trading.

    1. Hallowscythe

Initially, you could the Hallowscythe by spending 80,000 candies once completing the Halloween Event 2020 Main Event. Now, the only one way to get this knife is by trading.

    1. Icebreaker

The Icebreaker is the second ancient axe that was introduced during the Christmas Event 2020. Sure, you need to complete the last tier of this event after paying 70,000 Tokens to get it. Right now, you can only get the knife by trading.

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