How to Get Shiny Rayquaza Sword and Shield in Easy Ways

Both Pokemon Sword and Shield version, you totally can find and capture Shiny Rayquaza. Because Shiny is locked on certain Pokemon versions, sure, many Pokemon fans really wonder which of their favorites Legendary Pokemon can be found as a Shiny in Sword and Shield version.

We think in the way of finding and catching Shiny Rayquaza can be an easy way for you as there’s a new way to find Shiny Pokemon in The Crown Tundra. However, this feature introduces Dynamax Adventures to players where they can explore Pokemons dens by exploring deep into the tunnels underground.

How to Get Shiny Rayquaza Sword and Shield in Easy Ways

However, by using a Pokemon provided to the players at the start of the adventure, you should battle your way through three encounters without being kicked from the dens once too numerous knockouts.

Well, after this, you will have a chance to confront the Legendary which resides at the end of the challenge. The battles will give you a hard challenge in order to capture the Legendary they are hunting. To ease you finding and getting the Shiny Rayquaza in Pokemon Sword/ Shield, we’ll here give you the ways how to catch Shiny Rayquaza both Pokemon Sword/Shield.

Here’s How to Get Shiny Rayquaza!

This post will also guide you how to find and catch Shiny Rayquaza in Pokemon Sword/ Shield. Moreover, Shiny Rayquaza can unlock both the Sword and Shield version. Here’s how to catch Shiny Rayquaza in the Pokemon Sword/Shield series.

To get Legendary Rayquaza, you should progress the new Dynamax Adventures story missions which are added to the DLC until you have completed the missions.

Afterwards, you should talk to Peonia at the Max Raid Dungeon. However, she will often offer clues either for free or a price about where each new Legendary Pokemon are located. Now, it seems you will have to wait in order to get the clues about the location of Rayquaza until after you have located and catch Palkia and Giratina.

For a great clue of Rayquaza where it will typically be listed as a Flying-Type even though it’s often cross-listed as both Dragon and Flying-Type in the max Raid Dungeon. In this way, you will want to bring Dragon, Rock, Fairy and Ice Type Pokemon along to catch Rayquaza.

Well, the great option to include is Hitmontop where it knows Triple Axel, Hydreigon, Tyranitar and Goodra. Sure, to catch Rayquaza is not easy as you think at all. That’s because Rayquaza actually has some exceptional moves, particularly Brutal Swing which can hurt the team if you’re not careful with it.

As the players take turns playing to weaken it, this game will require the players to try and catch it when its health runs low. Just like all Legendaries in the DLC, any Pokeball will do and you will be able to add Rayquaza to their Pokedex and also party.

After you successfully found and captured Rayquaza, you will have to choose Rayquaza as the one Pokemon to keep. After that, you can return to Peonia for a new clue. However, the clue here will lead you to the location where the next Legendary Pokemon in the Max Raid Dungeons spawn. The Legendary Pokemon here can be any from Mewtwo to Celesteela.

How If You Don’t Find Shiny Rayquaza?

You may ever face the problem of why you cannot find a Legendary Pokemon which is not Shiny even though you have reached the end of a Dynamax Adventure. However, it doesn’t matter as thanks to a new feature which is added for hunting a specific Legendary Pokemon, you will get it easily.

The new feature here is Crown Tundra DLC which brings numerous features including a new Wild Area map and Dynamax Adventures and a superb list of returning Pokemon for fans to capture. In this new feature, there will be a new way to hunt for Shiny Pokemon.

As long as you do not take that Pokemon with them at the end of the adventure, you are able to save its location and locate it again until you can find the Shiny version. In this case, the Crown Tundra will also add a 100% catch rate in Dynamax Adventures, helping greatly with wasted balls when trying to capture a Shiny Legendary.

To note: If you don’t get the Shiny after defeating Rayquaza, you should chase them again until you can receive the very rare option that you have hunted.

What is Shiny Rayquaza?

What Is Shiny Rayquaza

Rayquaza is one of the Legendary Pokémon creatures that fans love to face during their Dynamax Adventure. However, Max Raid Dungeon as new Dynamax adventure mode is an addition to Pokémon Sword & Shield in the Crown Tundra DLC.

In this new story mission in the Max Raid Dungeon, the players can capture all Legendary Pokemon, that’s Shiny Rayquaza. Through this mode, the players will experience new story missions which will take them to numerous dungeons.

In the way of capturing the Legendary Pokemon, they have a right to choose their path to decide the Pokemon creature type they will confront until they reach the last one which is frequent a Legendary Pokemon. In addition, in the new Max Raid Dungeons, all Legendary Pokemon really have 100% catch rate regardless of the type of Pokeball used.

The Shiny Rayquaza was first introduced in Generation 3 which is known as  a dragon and flying type Pokemon creature which is only available in Max Raid Dungeons.

Rayquaza can be a gorgeous addition to parties going against some of the strongest Fire and Water Type Pokemon though it’s weak to Dragon, Rock, Fairy and Ice Type moves. Somehow, the players who want to catch Rayquaza should follow the story mission and prepare for a long fight.

Well, here’s a list of Legendary Pokemon which appears in Dynamax Raids as Shiny Legendary Pokemon:

Articuno (Kanto) Tapu Koko Kyogre
Zapdos (Kanto) Tapu Lele Latias
Moltres (Kanto) Tapu Bulu Lugia
Mewtwo Tapu Fini Cobalion
Raikou Ho-Oh Virizion
Entei Latios Terrakion
Suicune Groudon Regigigas
Rayquaza Solgaleo Nihilego
Uxie Xerneas Buzzwole
Mesprit Reshiram Pheromosa
Azelf Tornadus Xurkitree
Heatran Dialga Celesteela
Giratina Palkia Kartana
Cresselia Thundurus Guzzlord
Landorus Zekrom Necrozma
Kyurem Yvetal Stakataka
Zygarde Lunala Blacephalon

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