How to Get Shiny Rayquaza in Pokémon Go

Shiny Rayquaza was back for Weather Week in Pokemon Go. Even though there is no way to get it anymore, you might want to know how it can be obtained. Please keep reading until you reach the end of the word.

As you can guess from its name, Weather Week focused on Pokemon that have its theme around the Weather. The exclusive Shiny Rain Castform was included as one of the biggest things offered by this event. This one is really interesting as it was the first time this form has ever been shiny in any Pokemon game. Each player of the game was eager to catch the exclusive Pokemon before the event ended. Actually, there was one more reward to be claimed by the players in the form of Rayquaza. This one showed up in the Raid Battles once more.

How to Get Shiny Rayquaza in Pokémon Go

Shiny Rayquaza has always been a part of the game named Pokemon Go for a long time. The sad news is that players have no chance to find their own since the only way to obtain it is Raid Battles. When Weather Week was ongoing, Rayquaza started appearing in raids again starting from Saturday, March 27, 2021, from 10:00 AM to Sunday, March 28, 2021, at 08:00 PM local time. At the time, players had a chance to capture the shiny form of this Pokemon. Here are a few ways used by the players when hunting for Shiny Rayquaza in Pokemon Go.

Method used to find the Shiny Rayquaza in Pokemon Go

Apparently, Shiny Rayquaza only made its appearance once in Raid Battles from Saturday, March 28 2021 from 10:00 AM to Sunday, March 28, 2021, at 08:00 PM local time. Before this only one chance came, the players had to make sure to stock up on the Remote Raid Passes, which could be only carried 3 at a time. After getting a raid, the players had to join it, and then wait until at least 4 other ones followed. Defeating with any less was hard. The trick that was used. Basically, players had no idea if it was shiny until reaching the capture period. Finding a full lobby was not easy due to the current pandemic. Players tried their best and made do with the numbers of players they had. Some of them continued to join in the Rayquaza raids until seeing the appearance of the shiny, even though they were aware that there was no guarantee for the shiny to show up.

Getting Rayquaza in Pokemon Emerald

Rayquaza is also featured in Pokemon Emerald. For those who are not only playing Pokemon Go but also Pokemon Emerald, you might want to know how to get Rayquaza in this game. Below is the guide how to do so.

There are two parts to catching Rayquaza in Pokemon Emerald. The first one is covering the prerequisites. In order to cover them, the first thing that should be done is to make sure that you can go to the Sky Pillar north of Pacifidlog Town. there is no way for you to unlock these two areas until you are in the later of the game. On the other words, you cannot get Rayquaza if you have not gone to Pacifidlog Town as part of the main quest.

Then, get a Mach Bike by purchasing it. Your chance to catch Rayquaza is zero if there is no Mach Bike as there are weak spots in the floor that will sink when you decide to go full speed on the bike. Next, carry a minimum of one Pokemon, the one that is able to use the HM move Surf. The ocean has to be hit to get Rayquaza, but it should be common when you are ready to fight the beast. In case there are no Pokemon with Surf, feel free to get one in your adventures. Please train a few Pokemon until at least level 70 in order to avoid getting crushed quickly. You will have to get at least 30 to 40 Ultra balls to be safe or make a decision to use your one Master Ball. You should make sure that there is a Pokemon with a high level move such as Freeze, Sleep, or Paralyze if you decide not to use the Master Ball. Do remember that there is no chance for you to catch Rayquaza on your first encounter.

The second one is capturing Rayquaza. To be able to capture it, you have to fly to Pacifidlog Town. When you are there, surf up to the cave just to the northeast. You are allowed to use the Mach Bike to skirt over the cracks in the floor, so that you will be able to get to the top of the Sky Pillar. For those who have no idea about Sky Pillar and want to know about it more, it is actually a small stage that has two doors on the top of the screen. Feel free to use the Mach Bike to move up to the top layer and every time there is a crack seen on the floor, please use it to quickly skate over them without having to stop. Take a note to not stop or walk because if you try to do these, you will fall through.

Before fighting, do not forget to save the game at the top stage. You will need to make the Rayquaza weak until the health bar reaches yellow or even better, red. The moment before throwing your Ultra Balls, you must put it to sleep, paralyze it, or make it frozen. Please throw one of the Status Affecting moves. Ultra Balls might not always succeed but the next one is possible to succeed. When you fail even after several attempts, there is no need for you to weaken the monster more. All that should be done is to keep it asleep or frozen and just throw the Ultra Balls until it belongs to you.

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