How to Get Rune Essence Pouch OSRS

Run Essence refers to a raw material that is usually used in the Runecrafting skill. This one is able to be crafted into low level runes, namely air, mind, water, earth, fire, and body runes. If you compare to the runes, this one is a bit different as it does not stack. As a player, you will need pure essence if you want to craft any other kind of rune, which is only possible to be mined in the members worlds.

Way to Get Rune Essence Pouch in Old School Run Escape

Other than by trading with the other players of Old School Run Escape, there are several options to get rune essence. There is a possibility of free players to mine rune essence in the run essence mine. Keep in mind that it is unlocked once the Rune Mysteries quest is completed.  In order to reach these mines, you will have to be teleported by one of a few non playable characters or NPCs. Aside from that, you will also mine rune essence until you reach level 30 mining when you will automatically mine pure essence. It is in members’ worlds. You will be rewarded with 5 mining experience per essence if you mine from one of the rocks that have an unlimited supply of the essence. Just like any other mining activity, pickaxes are important.

Details of Rune Essence:

Details of Rune Essence

  • Released Date: March 29, 2004
  • Members Only: No
  • High Alchemy: 2 poins
  • Low Alchemy: 1 coin
  • Destroy: Drop
  • Store Price: 60 reward points (Nightmare Zone)
  • Exchange Price: 11 coins
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Drop Rate: Unknown
  • Drops From: Unknown
  • Examine: An uncharged Rune Stone

Rune Essence Trivia

  • You will be able to see some stars floating around when you look at the rune essence rock from the top.
  • Rune essence is the thing that can be quickly mined, even at low levels of mining.
  • The maximum amount of rune essence that you are able to mine before you automatically mine the pure essence in a member world is 2673.
  • You will be able to see something that says This rock contains unbound Rune Stone essence when you prospect the run essence rock.

About Rune Essence Mine

Rune Essence Mine

In the game named Old School Run Escape, the Run Essence Mine is known as a mine that can only be accessed by being teleported there by some different kinds of NPCs. This one is the only mine where both rune and pure essence are possible to be mined from the Lunar Isle Mine. It can be accessed only after Rune Mysteries, along with Runecrafting. Different compared to the one that is placed on the Lunar Isle, you cannot reach it manually due to it being sealed from all access except a certain spell.

As mentioned earlier, in order to get there, you will need to be teleported by one of a few NPCs who screams the words Seventior disthine molenko. There might be a case where the teleportation goes wrong, taking you to a small red room, but it is such a rare case. In this case, please operate the odd appendix out. Doing so will teleport you to the normal mine. Along with that, you will also be given a few noted pure or rune essence as a reward. There are a few NPCs placed that can be found around RuneScape that will teleport you to the mine. Feel free to talk to them and ask to go to the mine. You have another option which is to right click the NPC and click the Teleport option so that you will be able to go directly to the mine.

Free to play:

  • Aubury: Aubury is named as the most well-known and the most well-loved way of teleporting to the mine, especially for free players. This one is in Varrock. You are able to find him in his store just south of Varrock East Bank.
  • Wizard Sedridor: Another way is Wizard Sedridor. For your information, Sedridor from the Rune Mysteries quest is placed in the basement of Wizards Tower, which is unfortunately far from a bank.


  • Wizard Distentor: Even though entering the Magic Guild, which is in Yanille, requires level 66 or higher Magic, Wizard Distentor is the most favorite because it is near a bank. It is even better than Aubury.
  • Wizard Cromperty: Wizard Cromperty is located in East Ardougne, north east of the marketplace. There is a medium distance of this one from a bank. It is after Distentor of the Magic Guild and Aubury.
  • Brimstail: Brimstail is located in save in the south western corner of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. It is not recommended as the distance from it to a bank is far.
  • Lunar Isle: Lunar Isle is totally separate from the magical ice mountain fields. This one is found inside the Lunar Isle Mine. Just like Brimstail, it is also not recommended due to its distance from the bank. Another reason is because of the Suqahs on the way to the mine. If you want to use the bank of Lunar Isle, you will have to complete part of the Lunar Diplomacy quest. Once you have completed the Lunar Diplomacy, you will be able to use Home Teleport to Lunar Isle or change to Lunar spells and use Moonclan Teleport. It is possible if you have 69 Magic, for the price of three inventory slots (2 astral, 1 law, and 2 earth runes).

Apparently, there are four large essence outcrops that can be mined from features on the mine. Keep in mind that unlike the other kinds of mining rocks in the game, more than one player is allowed to mine from the same essence rock at the same time, and a single click will fill the inventory of the player with essence. In addition, there is also a teleport placed around each of the rocks. The use of this item is to teleport you out of the mine. In this area, there are three kinds of resources to be earned: rune essence, pure essence, and dead trees.