How to Get Riolu in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

If you have played Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you may already know that this Pokemon series actually gives you the opportunity to add the dual Fighting/ Steel-type Pokemon to your roster. Well, you need to find Riolu and then evolve it to Lucario

Then, where to find Riolu? If you do not know where Riolu can be found, no worries, as this post will show you how to find Riolu and evolve it to Lucario. So, let’s see our post below!

How to Get Riolu in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

Finding Riolu and Evolving It To Lucario, Here’s How!

Riolu can be obtained either during the main game or waiting for the post-game. If you want to get Riolu during the main game, you may be able to add Lucario to your party before you face the Elite Four. While if you want to get Riolu by waiting for the post-game, you just simply unlock access to the Grand Underground caverns.

Need to know, the post-game exclusive location is such a home to many rare Pokemon including three Sinnoh starters. In this case, you may have to beat Cynthia and also complete the Sinnoh Pokedex to expand it to the National Dex. You can then use the Explorer Kit to go to the Grand Underground and try your luck at encountering Riolu there.

Here’s how to get Riolu!

In order to obtain Riolu in the main game, you may have to complete the story until Gym 5. Aside from that, you can also complete the story until Pastoria Gym by taking down the water-type Gym Leader Crasher Wake. To do so, you will need Surf, so ensure you have taught the HM to one of your capable Pokemon.

After you get the Riolu eggs, you will still need to work to hatch it by following the steps below!

    • First, you need to get HM surf from Cynthia’s grandmother at Celestic Town. Here, you can also teach the move to one of your Pokemon who can learn it. In this case, if you obtained Piplup as your starter, you will be able to teach it to your Prinplup or Empoleon.
    • Then, you need to break down Gym Leader Crasher Wake at Pastoria City. You also have to defeat Wake before you can use Surf.
    • You need to go to Jubilife City and head west to Route 2018. To travel across the water to Canalave City, you can use the Surf.
    • After you reach Canalave, you can go to the bottom left side of the city. In this place, you can also find Sailor NPC that you can speak with. He will then take you on his boot to Iron Island.
    • After you arrive at Iron Island, head into the cave and go toi level 2 in which you will run into another NPC called Riley. Then, Riley will require you to combat him to defeat Team Galactic.
    • If you successfully defeat Team Galactic, Riley will thank you for your help by giving you a Riolu egg.
    • To get Riolu, you may have to hatch the egg first. In this case, you have to accumulate a certain number of steps when having the egg that is equipped in your party.
    • As the fastest way to do it, you just simply hop onto your bike and just ride around any area in the game until the Riolu egg cracks open.

Okay, that’s how to get Riolu in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. As you think, getting Riolu is pretty easy, isn’t it? So, if you also want to get this Pokemon, you can try to do what we explained to you above. Good Luck!!!

How to Evolve Riolu to Lucario?

As we’ve mentioned, after getting Riolu, you will need to evolve it to Lucario. Well, after Riolu has hatched from the egg, you can then evolve it to Lucario to level it up. The evolving way here is to accumulate enough friendship points, so it will evolve into Lucario.

To evolve Riolu to Lucario, you have to raise its Friendship level. After that, you are able to increase your friendship level either by giving it Berries to make it happier or having Riolu walk outside of its Poke ball.

After you have a one-heart friendship level, you should level up Riolu during the daytime. If it is not daytime, you may have to head into your Nintendo Switch Settings and set your system’s clock between 10:00 A.M. to 1:59 P.M.

Congratulations! You successfully evolve Riolu into Lucario. Now, it’s your turn to try to hatch Riolu’s egg and start hatching it and evolving it into Lucario.

Learn More about Riolu

Learn More about Riolu

As you know, Riolu will be able to evolve to Lucario, who is known as a versatile Pokemon with great physical and special movepool. This Pokemon can perform well as either a special or physical attacker. The best nature for Riolu is either a Jolly or Timid.

Talking about the appearance of Riolu, you can see that this is a small, blue, canine Pokemon that has a black legs and a torso. It also has a yellow collar with a blue tail. On the backs of its forepaws, this pokemon has rounded bumps.

Riolu also has a black mask and red eyes. Instead of standing on its entire foot, Riolu prefers to stand on its toes. It is known that Riolu will be sensitive to a special type of energy called Auro. But, its energy does not have any ability to fully use those powers, though it can still emanate waves to communicate and sense them.

Here’s the base stats of Riolu:

    • Hp: 40
    • Attack: 70
    • Defense: 40
    • Speed Attack: 35
    • Speed Defense: 40
    • Speed: 60

So, the total of its base stats is 285 and here’s for the range stats of Riolu:

At Level 50

    • 100 – 147
    • 67 – 134
    • 40 – 101
    • 36 – 95
    • 40 – 101
    • 58 – 123

At Level 100

    • 190 – 284
    • 130 – 262
    • 76 – 196
    • 67 – 185
    • 76 – 196
    • 112 – 240

Well, those are some information that we can share with you about Riolu. Make sure to always keep reading more sources to find out the real information about Riolu.