How to Get Rageblade in Bedwars Roblox Lobby

In one of the Roblox games entitled the Bedwars, there is a thing called Rageblade. What is the Rageblade? If it is your first time hearing this and you have no idea of what it is, you are on the right page as a lot of things about it will be revealed here, including the way to get it in the game.

Before talking how to get the Rageblade in Bedwars, it is better for you to know about it first. Knowing about it is important especially if you have zero knowledge about it.

The Rageblade in the game called Bedwars is known as a kit exclusive weapon. This one is the replacement of the Emerald Sword for the Barbarian. It is named as the one that has the third highest attack damage of all weapons.

How to Get Rageblade in Bedwars Roblox Lobby


    • Type of Item: Melee weapon
    • Attack Damage: 65
    • Cooldown: 0.3 second
    • Kit Required: Barbarian
    • Dropped by: Lucky Block
    • Technical Name: Regeblade
    • Can be Dropped: No

After knowing the brief information about the Rageblade, it is time for you to know how to get it in Bedwars. So, how to get the Rageblade in the game? Find out the way to do it below.

Rageblade in Bedwars Roblox Lobby

There are a total of two ways to find Rageblade in Roblox Bedwars. The first on is Rage and the second one is lucky blocks. Here are the explanations of these two methods:

Method 1: Rage

If you are a player with the Barbarian kit are good at using the rage meter to the fullest, your sword will be upgraded to the rageblade. If you are wondering how long does it take to upgrade from a Wooden Sword to the Rageable, it usually takes about 14 to 15 kills. A half of their rage will be lost if you die.

Method 2: Lucky blocks

The things known as the Rageblade is able to be dropped by Lucky Blocks and Lucky Block Airdrops.

Lucky drops refer to the kinds of blocks that are exclusive to the Lucky Block gamemode. The Lucky Block will drop random items or the other perks if it is broken.


    • Type of block: Solid block
    • Technical name: lucky_block
    • Blast resistant: Yes
    • Best tool: Pickaxe

If you want to know how to get the Lucky Blocks, apparently, they spawn randomly around the map in the Lucky Block gamemode. Aside from that, they are also able to be generated by a Team Generator that is upgraded to tier every 15 to 20 seconds.

In addition to Rageblade, they are also able to drop a lot of other things, including a Tactical Crossbow (Rare), a Cannon (Common), a Jade Hammer, a Speed Pie (Uncommon), a Guitar (Common), a Shield (Common), 1-2 Ravens (Uncommon), 1-2 Spirits (Uncommon), 1-2 Health Apples (Common), 2-3 Balloons (Rare), 4 Diamonds (Rare), 30 Iron (Rare), 2 Emeralds (Rare), a Wizard Staff (Uncommon), a Kickback Baguette (Common), a Rocket Launcher and 6 Rockets (Super Rare), a Portable Bridge (Uncommon), a Rock (Uncommon), 3 Swap Balls (Rare), 8 Smoke Grenades (Common), a Charge Shield (Rare), 1-3 Spears (Super Rare), an Oil Blob (Uncommon), a Fishing Rod (Super Rare) 2 Snap Traps (Uncommon), a random enchant (Super Rare), a Dao Sword or any variant (Rare – Super Rare), a Mini Shield (Uncommon), a Big Shield (Rare), 4-6 Coral Blocks (Super Rare), a Taser (Super Rare), a Hoverboard (Super Rare), a Black Hole (rare), a Pop Up Box (Uncommon), a Knockback Fish (Uncommon), a Big Wooden Sword (Uncommon), a Steal Ball (Rare), a Zipline (Rare), a Smoke Bomb (Rare), a Golden Bow (Super Rare), 8 Snowballs (Uncommon), a Giant Potion (Uncommon), a Shrink Potion (Uncommon), a Fake Bed (Super Rare), a Dodo Bird (Rare), a Twirblade (Super Rare), Banana Peels (Rare), a Battle Axe (Super Rare), 4-8 Bees (Common), a neutral Tesla Coil (Common), an active TNT that only can effect players (Common), an Ice Sword (Super Rare), Double Jump Boots (Rare) a Golden Scythe (Super Rate), 4-9 TNT around the block (Uncommon), 1-6 Enemy Spirits (Common), an assassin duck named Scaryduck (Rare), 1-3 Team Spirits (common) a clone of the player (Super Rare), an Item Shop NPC (Super Rare), Impulse Grenades (Rare), a nuke of a random team’s base 30 seconds after the block was broken (Rare), a Forcefield, a Forcefield Potion (Rare), a Heat Seeking Rock (Rare), and so on.

Lucky Block Airdrop is the kind of block that is considered as exclusive to the Lucky Block gamemode. They have rare drops than normal lucky blocks.


    • Type of block: Solid block
    • Technical name: purple_lucky_block
    • Blast resistant: Yes
    • Best tool: Pickaxe

Lucky Block Airdrops will usually happen during the match with the announcement. About 1 to 10 purple lucky blocks will fall in a random area on the map. Not only that, it is also able to be spawned in custom matches with /luckyairdrop.

Just like the normal Lucky Blocks, the Lucky Block Airdrops will also drop a random item after breaking. Unlike the normal Lucky Blocks, it has rarer effects. Apart from the Rageblade, some other items that are dropped by the Lucky Block Airdrops upon breaking include a Fake Bed, 3 Black Holes, 4 Coral Blocks, a Taser, a Rocket Launcher and 6 Rockets, a Golden Bow, am Emerald Dao, a Battle Axe, a Twirlblade, a Forcefield Potion, a nuke on a random team’s base, 3 Balloons, a Golden Scythe, Amir, a Hoverboard, and so on.

As mentioned before, the Rageblade in the game called Bedwards is known as a weapon. Apparently, this one is not the only weapon that the game has. Aside from this, there are also some other weapons that you might want to know, such as Sword, Golden Scythe, Ice Sword, Jade Hammer, Void Axe, Crossbow, and Golden Bow. If you want to know how to get these weapons in the game, you are suggested to visit their official pages on Wiki. If you have something to ask, you can try to seek help from the community or forum.

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