How to Get Modded Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

The easiest and fastest way to get modded weapons in Minecraft Dungeons is exactly by using the mod. There are a number of mods that you can use to bring tons of weapons to the game. In the case of choosing the mods, you need to choose the appropriate mods that aim to give you new weapons.

Unfortunately, you do not know what kinds of mods that will give you a number of weapons. No worries! This post will show you how to get modded weapons and what the kinds of mods that can give you a bunch of useful weapons for Minecraft Dungeons. Let’s see our post below!

How to Get Modded Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

Getting Modded Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons, Here’s How!

The only one way to get modded weapons is with mod. However, each mod may provide a different amount of weapons that will come to the game. So, make sure to decide how many weapons you want to have in Minecraft Dungeons.

Basically, Minecraft Dungeons weapons are equippable items that can be  used to attack mobs during Missions. If the players want to get the new weapons, they can perform some ways including opening cheats, defeating mobs, exchanging Emerald, and also from Gifts provided by heroes players via the Gift Wrapper Weapons.

However, using the Minecraft Dungeons mod to add new weapons to the game is exactly simple, as long as you already know which mod will be great to download.

To ease you finding the worthy weapons mods for Minecraft Dungeons, here are some Minecraft Dungeons weapons mods that you can download:

    1. CurseForge Minecraft Dungeons Weapons Mod

The first weapon mod for Minecraft Dungeons that you can download is MC Dungeon Weapons on CurseForge. You can download this mod HERE. According to CurseForge explanation, MC Dungeon Weapons mod aims to bring all of the weapons and more items from Minecraft Dungeon to Minecraft.

Here’s how to download MC Dungeons Weapons mod!

    • Go to CurseForge through the link that we’ve mentioned above.
    • Once you are at the CurseForge page, you need to find the ‘Download’ button.
    • Click on the ‘Download’ button to start downloading the MC Dungeon  Weapons mod. Here, you should wait until the downloading process is completed.
    • Once you have downloaded this mod, install this file on your computer. You have to extract the file first, as it comes in WinRAR format. For an alternative way, you’re able to download the CurseForge App for easier download.
    • Then, you can select it in the settings. Ensure to enable the experimental game mod in order to use the MC Dungeons Weapon mod.
    • Now, you can enjoy playing the Minecraft Dungeon.
    1. MCPEDL Minecraft Dungeon Weapons Mod

The second Minecraft Dungeon Weapons mod that you can use is from MCPEDL. This mod claims to bring you tons of new weapons to the game. For the Windows 10 players, this mod can now be used as the addon. Well, all the weapons that this mod carries do not have recipes.

Some weapons in MCPEDL mod may also grant you different speeds as well. For more information, this mod is only bringing the new weapons to the game. In the future, MCPEDL team promises that they will add more weapons, artifacts, bows and some armors to the game.

Here are some weapons that MCPEDL Minecraft Dungeon Weapons mod carry:


    • Attack: 6+ Attack Damage
    • Position: -2, 4, 6

Battlestaff Of Terror

    • Attack: 7+ Attack Damage
    • Position: -2, 4, 6


    • Attack: 9+ Attack Damage
    • Position: -2, 4, 6

Dark Katana

    • Attack: 23+ Attack Damage
    • Position: -2, 4, 6


    • Attack: 9+ Attack Damage
    • Position: -2, 4, 6

Eternal Knife

    • Attack: 32+ Attack Damage
    • Position: -2, 4, 6

Get the  MCPEDL Minecraft Dungeon Weapons mod HERE.

    1. Minecraft Dungeon Mod

You can also visit to locate Minecraft Dungeon mod, as this site provides Save Data Modded Service for Minecraft Dungeon. This mod aims to help the players get maximum Emeralds and Gold, obtain weapons, armors, ranged and unlock world difficulties.

Minecraft Dungeon mod available at will support all consoles including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. This mod is totally safe to modify and will keep the player’s progression well.

Here are the items that Minecraft Dungeon Mod offers:

    • 100000000 Emeralds
    • 100000000 Gems (Gold)
    • Weapon / Melee
    • Ranged
    • Armors
    • Unlock World Difficulties

So, how to get Minecraft Dungeon Mod? To get the Minecraft Dungeon mod from, you need to make an order. Once you place the order, they will get in touch with you through email and please feel free to pay attention to your mailbox. It’s important to note that the  Minecraft Dungeon Mod available on is paid. So, you need to make a purchase to get the Minecraft Dungeon mod from this site.

Get the Minecraft Dungeon Mod HERE.

    1. 9minecraft.netMinecraft Dungeon Mod

The provides MC Dungeon Weapons for the version of 1.17.1/1.16.5. This mod implements a number of unique weapons into the game. It was inspired by a tantamount game and its predecessor.

If you have played Minecraft Dungeon for a long time, you would realize that the game is filled with spectacular and powerful weapons. This mod finally brings approximately 60 disparate weapons, so it is giving the game more depth in its very core combat system.

This mod requires Fabric Modloader and Fabric API, so here’s how to download the MC Dungeon Weapons mod 1.17.1/1.16.5!

    • First, download and install Minecraft Launcher Vanilla.
    • Then, download and install Fabric Installer for Vanilla Launcher.
    • After that, run the downloaded .jar file.
    • Then, select the version you want and click on the ‘Install’ button.
    • Open Minecraft, choose the profile with Fabric installed and click on the ‘Play’ button.
    • Click the ‘Start’ on the desktop and select ‘Run’.
    • Here, you need to type%appdata% onto Run and hit the Enter.
    • Go to Roaming/.minecraft/mods.
    • Then, place the .jar files onto the mod folder and run Minecraft Dungeon.

That’s it! You successfully download and use the MC Dungeon Weapons 1.17.1/1.16.5.

Get the MC Dungeon Weapons 1.17.1/1.16.5 on HERE.

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