How to Get Marshal in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Since Marshal is so popular in the Animal Crossing series, many players really want him to come and live on their island. Reportedly, getting Marshal will be quite complicated to do, as you may need to pass a bunch of obstacles ahead.

If you really want to get Marshal in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, no worries, we’ll show a guide of getting Marshal in an easy way. So, let’s follow our guide of getting Marshal in New Horizons below!

Getting Marshal in ACNH, Here’s How!

How to Get Marshal in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Why is  getting Marshal something difficult? Since he is so cute and adorable, a lot of players really want him. Certainly, getting Marshal is completely independent on luck, as there are a total of 393 villagers in ACNH. So, you only have a 1/393 chance of getting Marshal each time you have an available plot of land on your island.

Reportedly, the fastest and easiest way to get Marshal is by spending more than 800,000 Bells to secure him on Nookazon. This way should be performed when you do not want to wait for him to randomly appear on a Mystery Island.

Getting Marshal costs you a lot, but this is a fast way to bring him to stay on your island. You can also make sure that the town will enjoy his existence for a while.

Even though getting Marshal is something complicated, but you do not stop here. As he is one of the most sought after villagers in ACNH, getting him is such a treasure. So, you can try to make a serious effort of getting Marshal. So, here are step-by-step that you can try to get Marshal:

Step 1: Find another villager

After you have kicked out a villager, a house will be empty and  become an open plot the following day. To find another villager to take your open plot, you will have until 5 a.m. of the next day or a house will be filled automatically. If you let the house fill automatically, it means that you will have a roughly 1/393 chance of getting Marshal that way, that sucks.

Step 2: Improve the chances

You can also increase a chance of getting Marshal by going on mystery island tours with Nook Miles tickets. It will cost you around 2,000 Miles each at the Nook Stop Terminal. BY doing this, you will have a 1/393 chance of getting Marshal with each mystery island. However, you can also improve your chances if you have enough Tickets to spare.

Step 3: Convince villager to stay on your island

You will also have a chance that Marshal can appear at your campsite. Every now and again, a random villager will show up at the campsite. If a villager appears, you can try to convince them to stay on your island. If you have an open plot on your island, they will move in, no questions asked.

Otherwise, if your island is full, you can keep speaking with them and attempt to win their card mini-games to convince them to stay. You can also continue to speak with them until they finally relent, even if you keep losing the games.

It’s important to note, if you use this way,  they will pick a random villager to speak with about moving out.

Step 4: Invite Marshal with his amiibo card

Another way to get Marshal is by inviting him with his amiibo card, as he is not a completely new villager in ACNH. To invite Marshal to your campsite, you can select the invite a Camper option at the Nook Stop Terminal.

For the following three days, you can speak with him and craft him items to get him to live on your island. Aside from that, you can also speak with him all three days to get him to move in.

Step 5: Request Marshal to other villagers

The last step, you can also see other players who have Marshal on their island. If they are willing to kick him off their island, you can try to ask Marshal to them. Whenever Marshal decides to leave, he will start packing up in his home. You can then go over to the players’ island to speak with and also ask him to join you. Certainly, you will also need an open plot for this to work.

Okay, those are some ways that you can do to get Marshal in Animal Crossing; New Horizons. It’s your turn to start getting Marshal and see a cute and adorable squirrel villager stay on your island.

How to Obtain Marshal’s Photo in ACNH?

How to Obtain Marshal’s Photo in ACNH

In addition to getting Marshal to stay on your island, you may also want to get his photo, because of his cute appearance. However, getting a villager’s photo is very common in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, so as with Marshal’s photo.

In ACNH, Marshal’s photo is a photo item that you can get from Marshal if you have a high friendship with him. Either by using 1 Customization Kit or by Cyrus at Harv’s Island, the item’s frame can be customized for 1,000 Bells. Need to know, this item does not appear in the catalog.

Keep in mind, no villagers really have this item in their home. In Happy Home Paradise, Marshal’s photo is unlocked for usage in the house designing when doing a vacation home request for Marshal.

The friendship system in ACNH is an invisible system which determines how close your friendship is with each villager. As a clue, the more you interact with Animal Crossing’s villagers, the higher your friendship will be and the more things you can do together with them overall.

You have to know that improving your friendship with Marshal and receiving a photo from him will have different requirements. For more information, a photo can only be granted in three situation including:

    • As a reward for a daily gift which sells for 750 Bells or more at Nook’s Cranny.
    • As the birthday gifts
    • Completing quests in which you have performed extra ways such as giving medicine to a sick villager, finishing a three minute Treasure hunt and many more.

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