How to Get Kirin Mount FFXIV

Getting the Final Fantasy XIV Kirin Mount will take time and effort. Well, this page is going to help you to get Kirin Mount in Kirin Mount. Make sure you will read this page until the end.

About Kirin Mount FFXIV

Kirin is one of the oldest Mounts in the game of Final Fantasy XIV. This is a perfect memorials for the players who want to display their heroic feats against the initial set of the Primals. To unlock Kirin Mount, firstly the players will need to get all of the Nightmare Mount collection in FFXIV.

How to Get Kirin Mount FFXIV

Prerequisite Mounts Required to Get Kirin Mount FFXIV

Apparently, there are six Nightmare Mounts in FFXIV. Those six Nightmare Mounts in FFXIV are Aithon, Gullfaxi, Enbarr, Xanthos, Markab, and Boreas. Each one is obtained from a Primal that the players will face during the main story quest’s storyline. Collecting those Nightmare Mounts seems like a scary task. But, thanks to the increased level cap which every new expansion brings, the players will be able to unlock all of them with some effort and dedication. You will need to reach a high level in a combat job in the game of Final Fantasy XIV for taking on each Primal solo and farm for their Mount.

To get Kirin Mount in FFXIV, you have to complete the Extreme Trials for some major bosses in A Realm Reborn including Ifrit, Leviathan, Ramuh, Garuda, Titan, and Shiva. You need to note that Good King Moogle Mog XII is not included in this list. The players are able to access the Extreme mode of the boss fights by completing brief quests for some NPCs. The players need to Speak to Urianger in The Waking Sands for unlocking “The Bowl of Embers (Extreme),” “Lord of the Whorl (Extreme),” “The Navel (Extreme),” and “Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Extreme).” Also, the players will need to speak to Vorsaile Heuloix in New Gridania for unlocking “The Howling Eye (Extreme).” Speak to Scarlet in New Gridania for unlocking “The Striking Tree (Extreme).” In addition, it is recommended that the players complete all of the main story quests until Heavensward to make sure all the prerequisite quests for the Extreme Trials have been fulfilled.

Unlocking The Kirin Mount In Final Fantasy XIV

Unlocking The Kirin Mount In Final Fantasy XIV

Unlike the Primal Mounts in FFXIV Heavensward, the players cannot farm specific boss drops to work toward unlocking a Nightmare Mount. Instead, they have to rely on their luck and patience to get them. While it is possible to queue up in the Duty Finder or search for a Mount-farming group in the Party Finder, the best strategy is to take on the bosses solo while Unsynced.

After the players reach Levels 70 – 80 in their combat job, soloing an ARR Primal should not be too difficult. Each boss is going to take 2 – 5 minutes to fight, depending on how efficiently damage is dealt. Becoming a Paladin is one of the best choices for completing older content alone, because the job has very high sustainability and a low skill ceiling.

After the players successfully collect every Nightmare Mount, then they are able to meet with the Wandering Minstrel in Mor Dhona at X: 21, Y: 8 to accept “A Legend for a Legend” quest which allow the players for unlocking the Kirin Mount in the game of Final Fantasy XIV. The players will need to visit a specific spot in Mor Dhona at X:19.1, Y:17.9 to get their reward.

A Legend for a Legend Quest

A Legend for a Legend Quest

After the players have obtained all of the six Nightmare mounts, they are able to undertake the “A Legend for a Legend” side quest. This “A Legend for a Legend” side quest is given in Mor Dhona at (X:21, Y:8) by the Wandering Minstrel.

After speaking with him and also witnessing a brief cutscene, the Wandering Minstrel is going to give you the Magicked Dizi item. Also, the Wandering Minstrel is going to ask you to go to a certain location in Mor Dhona. So, just go to the specified location to get another cutscene and the new Kirin fife item to summon the Kirin mount and also the Ichiban achievement.

What is Mount FFXIV?

Mounts allow the players to travel around Eorzea faster. After obtaining a mount FFXIV, it is able to be called by dragging the icon on the action bar and also by clicking the icon. The players are able to obtain their own first mount called Company Chocobo after they complete the level 20 main story quest. Aside from that, as the player, you also need to complete the quest Feature QuestMy Little Chocobo. The quest given by a non player character that is located within their Grand Company Building. Other mounts are able to be obtained by meeting different requirements. Heavensward, the first expansion in FFXIV, introduced Flying Mounts. The enemies are still able to attack mounted players unless they ride a Chocobo Porter.

Mount FFXIV Speed

When the players progress, the speed of mounts on the ground is going to increase in two stages. The first is through quest lines, whereas the second is through purchasable enhancements. Keep in mind that all mounts FFXIV have the same base movement speed increase.

The speed of mounts is limited in certain areas: Enhancement I is limited in 4.0 areas or Residential Districts / Idyllshire. The speed enhancement available for all areas is able to be confirmed via the Mount Speed window under Travel in the Main Menu. The speed enhancement for Shadowbringers zones is only obtained via Riding Maps that can be bought for Bicolor Gemstones from Gemstone Traders in each area which can have a speed increase.

Need to know that the Shadowbringers Riding Map system is similar to the Enhancement II upgrades for all 2.0 to 4.0 zones, but the Shadowbringers zones only have the (1) single speed Enhancement upgrade through Riding Maps purchased with Bicolor Gemstones, instead of accepting one speed upgrade from the MSQ, and then another via Allied or Centurio seals as in all previous expansions.