How to Get Items from Market Board FFXIV

The game named Final Fantasy XIV or FFVIX has a system that has been used in A Realm Reborn as the successor of Market Ward. This one is known as Market Board. This kind of place is able to be accessed in the market wards of the main city-states. Besides, it is also available in the residential district.

The thing called the Market Board looks like the Actuation House system owned by Final Fantasy XI or FFXI, where you are able to sell your items based on the board after you assigned the retainers to the market.

How to Get Items from Market Board FFXIV

Each player of Final Fantasy XIV or FFXIV is able to buy items from the Market Board by using the search window. Apparently, every item that is posted on the Market Board is from the real life players who are using their retainers. All the items that are usually purchased from the merchants and the ones that are obtained through loot are able to be listed on the Market Board.

Once you have activated the Market Board, the search window will be shown. Feel free to type in part or the entire names of the certain item that you want in the top, or pick a category that can look for multiple items. After confirming you search, the screen will display the Search Result window. For those who have no idea, it is where you are able to choose the one item or items that you want to buy based on those posted by the other players of the game through their retailer(s).

Locations of Market Board:

  • Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks: East Hawkers’ Alley (8-11) & (7-11); West Hawkers’ Alley (5-12) & (6-12); Mist (,)
  • Ul’dah – The Steps of Thal: Sapphire Avenue Exchange (13-9), (14-10) & (14-11); The Goblet (,)
  • Old Gridania: Ebony Stalls (14-8); Shaded Bower (14-9); Rosewood Stalls (14-10); Lavender Beds (,)
  • Ishgard – The Pillars: The Jeweled Crozier (8-10)

Each item is different and to differentiate them, there is a yellow, red, black, or purple symbol next to them. The yellow color represents Gridania, the red color represents Limsa Lominsa, the black color represents Ul’dah, and the purple color represents Ishgard.

Keep in mind that there is a rule when buying the items. Those who are using the Market Board that is not located in the same city as the symbol shown beside the item will be charged the tax of that specific city when buying the item shown. You are able to view the current tax rates at a Retailer Vocate in all three of the main city states mentioned above and Ishgard.

From the Search Result window, there are also History and Advanced Search options that you may also want to choose. History is the one that will show the items that have been successfully sold. The information is complete, including the date, the time, the one who purchased, and the quantity, and the price. You are able to use it when listing items to sell on the market through your retailers. As for the Advanced Search, it is the one that makes it possible for you to toggle Display only HQ items to on or off. Aside from that, you can also switch on or off the Materia Filter, with specifics to one – five materia affixed.

When buying the items from Market board, there are some tips and tricks that you will have to know. Here is the list of some of the tips and tricks:

    • Double check everything about an item

Double check everything about an item

A lot of players know that some materials or items can be bought or obtained easily. The thing is, these kinds of items will be sold by the market board for much higher compared to their normal price. In fact, it is like a trap that has been caught a lot of players and it can end up costing them a big amount of Gil over time. In this case, it is advised for the players to know everything there is to know about the item they are interested in the most and the correct price of the item.

    • Install the Final Fantasy XIV app

Install the Final Fantasy XIV app

Since the Final Fantasy XIV is constantly going through updates and events, the items will vary, especially from server to server. If there is an item that is being monopolized, then there is a chance for the players to take it upon themselves with the intension to drop the price if it is possible. It has been known that square gives out rare items randomly.

As a player, you will have to understand that not everything is going to be easy to be turned into money. In some cases, demand will just stop for particular items. That’s why it is needed a closer check and to do so, installing the app named the Final Fantasy XIV is a good idea to track the market board.

    • Check every seller more than once

Check every seller more than once

When you are shopping for items, checking the board regularly is important. It is an open secret that sellers will usually try to underprice each other, especially during the busy times of the day. It is your best chance to take the advantage of the situation to get the items with low price. However, do remember that it will not apply to the rare items such as the special sloths as will always be high in price while toadskin leather will fluctuate.

    • Beware of unsellable items

In fact, there are a dozen of items in the Market board that cannot be sold by the players for some different reasons. Some of the examples include the ones from a special questline or event that will not be able to be traded. Another example are the items that have been used in a house or have spirit bonded. These types of item will also be stuck with their respective owners or players. If you find an item that cannot be purchased, these are most likely the reasons.

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