How to Get into Trading Servers in MM2

Do you want to get into trading servers in Murder Mystery 2 (MM2)? It is easy to get into the servers. Here, you will find the way to get into the trading servers in MM2, so here is the explanation.

Getting Into Trading Servers in MM2

If you want to get into trading servers in Murder Mystery 2 (MM2), you have to access MM2 Values. You can search it on Google or you can use this link When you are on the home page of MM2 Values site, you are able to see that there are 20 trading servers. However, if you click on the View All, actually there are 45 trading servers. You are able to click on any trading server. Then, you will be brought to the server.

How to Get into Trading Servers in MM2

If you find that it is full, you are able to choose another trading server. You are able to watch the way to get into an MM2 trading server on a Youtube video of Dracryptix entitled How to Get Into a MM2 Trading Server! (Tutorial) which was uploaded on July 19th, 2020. The length of this video is 2 minutes 31 seconds and it has been watched more than 4.2k times.

Things to Know About Trading Servers in Murder Mystery 2 (MM2)

As explained on the Murder Mystery 2 Wiki, trading servers are special places for players to be able to trade items. The servers were created by and Supreme Values. On the Murder Mystery Wiki, the links to the servers can be found. It is also explained on that Murder Mystery 2 site that previously MM2 Values had 15 trading servers and now there are 45 trading servers. So, now there are more than 24 trading servers.

Do you want to know the appearance of the servers? They are the same as regular servers, but they are private servers. If you wish to access the servers, you have to click on their links on the MM2 Values website or on the Murder Mystery Wiki. Like any other regular server, these servers also have holidays and events. Some features can be found in these trading servers which are not evident in non-VIP servers such as coins which do not spawn, you do not get XP and no hardcore version or assassin version.

There are some Trivia about Trading Servers in Murder Mystery 2 as you are able to read below.

    • There were 5 more trading servers and those were added in 2020.
    • In 2019 Summer, Server #5 was made and then it was added to the list. It was done since on weekends all servers were full.
    • During the 2017 Duping glitch, the servers were shut down for a while. The reason is because dupes were falsely traded to players who did not know of the situation.
    • There were 9 more trading servers which were created by Supreme Values. These servers are gotten by using the command “-ts” on the Supreme Values Discord server.

How to Trade in MM2?

According to the Murder Mystery 2 Wiki, if you want to trade, you have to click on the wanted person to trade with on the player list which can be found on the top right. You will see a small menu where there are Profile and Trade buttons. You have to click on the Trade button, so that there will be a request to trade on the screen of the person requested. The person can decide whether to  accept or deny the trade request.

In case the person denies the trade request, the trade request will disappear. However, if the trade request is accepted, a trading menu will cover the entire screen. On the left side of the screen your inventory will be shown. After that, you need to put in an item into the trade. How to do that? You need to click on the item. Then, what the person who is being traded with puts into the trade can be seen. Every time an item is inserted into the trade, 6 seconds need to be waited for acceptance. You need to know that you are only allowed to trade 4 unique items, but you are able to do multiple of them.

What do I have to do if I do not want to trade? If you do not want to trade, you are able to use a button which can be found underneath the player list. This button will permit you to turn off your trade requests. So, you will not receive any incoming trade requests from other players. However, you are still able to trade with others if their trades are on.

Murder Mystery 2 (MM2) Roblox

In Roblox gaming platform, Murder Mystery 2 is one of horror games. The number of visitors has reached more than 6.2 billion. On January 18th, 2014, this game was made and as of September 8th, 2021, it was last updated on August 24th, 2021. MM2 has been favorited by more than 13 million people.

In Murder Mystery 2, you can be an innocent where you are required to run and hide from the Murderer. As an innocent, you must use your detective skills for exposing the Murderer. If you are a sheriff, you must work with the innocents. As a sheriff, you are the only person who owns a weapon so that you are able to take down the Murderer. Are you a murderer? Then, eliminating everyone must be done by you and you must make sure that you do not get shot by the sheriff.

In Murder Mystery 2 (MM2), there are game passes that you are able to purchase. Those are listed below.

    • Elite

Price: 499 Robux

Description:+ 1.5 XP rates

                        + Elite name tag

                        + Elite exclusive knife

                        + Coin bag limit increased to 50

                        + Elite Radio skin

                        + Elite Effect

                        + Elite Pet

    • Radio

Price: 475 Robux

Description: Play music out loud for your friends or random strangers can be done with it. To use it, you must press the Radio button which is able to be found in the bottom left corner. Note that music with copyright is not permitted on Roblox and it will be removed from the music library.

    • GODLY: Nebula

Price: 1,699 Robux

Description: It is available for a limited time. It is +Exclusive “Nebula” Godly knife. It is important for you not to delete the game pass. You are permitted to buy a second copy of the knife in the in-game shop.