How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft without Getting Attacked / Stung

Do you want to get honeycomb in the game called Minecraft? Unluckily, the way to get it is not that easy as you expect. It is kind of hard to find a bee nest in the game and grab the honeycombs as quickly as you want. Collecting honeycombs from a bee nest means destroying their home and you know what is going to happen to you if you destroy their home.

As honeycombs are really useful to make a bee hive for yourself, getting honeycombs is a must. Then, what should you do if you want to get it but at the same time you are afraid of getting attacked or stung by the bees?

Honeycomb in Minecraft

If you want to get the honeycomb in Minecraft without getting attacked or stung by bees, you will need to get a specific tool to collect the precious reward inside the home of the bee. Sheers are really helpful to remove it. By taking the advantage of the sheers, you will be able to prevent the materials of the bee nest from being destroyed, meaning you will be allowed to take the honeycombs. In the end, you can use them in the other recipes or make a series of bee hives to make them a new place in your garden or near your backyard.

Another way of getting the honeycomb without being attacked or stung is by placing a campfire right under the nest of the bee. All that should be done is to place the campfire under it and you will not be able to see the red creepy eyes of the bee anymore.

Then, how do you craft a campfire? Making a campfire in the game is really easy, especially when it comes to the ingredients or materials needed. As you probably know, there are two types of campfire, the soul campfire and the campfire. Both of them share most of the same materials, which include 3 sticks and 3 blocks of wood of any kind such as stripped logs, wood, hyphae, and so on.

The only difference that set these two kinds of campfire apart is the middle material. For the standard one, the main material is either coal of charcoal. As for the soul campfire, soul sand or soul soil is the main center material.

The way the campfire works remains the same whether you are using soul sand or soul soil to make the soul campfire. However, the normal color of the fire is changed to a cyan blue. Apparently, the light from the fire is not as bright as the standard fire in the game. Another thing that can come off of the campfire flames are embers, but they are not seen on a blue soul one.

Once again, you can craft a Campfire on Crafting Table. It usually uses 7 out of the available 9 slots. 3 any kinds of Logs are also needed, 3 Sticks, and a piece of Coal or Charcoal. Please arrange all the items in the same pattern as it should. The right pattern should be 3 Logs on the bottom row of the Crafting Table, the Coal in the middle slot and wrap 3 Sticks around this in a triangular shape. In the end, you are able to take your Campfire.

A campfire is a perfect tool to prevent you from being attacked by bees. Apart from getting honeycomb, you can also use it for collecting honey by hand. Everyone is allowed to harvest honey from the nest of the bee by walking up to it with an empty bottle and picking it out, using the item. The bottle that used to be empty before is going to be full with honey for you to consume or use for anything you want. Just like getting honeycomb, collecting honey is also not easy. Bees are going to be immediately grumpy when their honey is stolen. In this case, you might want to run away to save yourself and if you are stung, these creatures will die immediately afterward because these kinds of bees do not live long without their stinger inside them.

In order to prevent the bees from drying and attacking you, placing a campfire under the nest is recommended. Doing so will make them passive, so you will not be attacked and you will get to make sure that you are able to collect more honey in the future.

Talking about how to get honeycomb and honey in Minecraft, there is a video by Random Steve Guy on the popular sharing video named Youtube. This one was shared on December 12, 2019. It currently has 16,5465 views and 231 likes.

According to the video, getting both honey and honeycomb is pretty simple. For honey, you will need to get a Glass Bottle, which is crafted with 3 glasses. There is an optional item, campfire, to get the bees out of the bee hive and not attack or sting you when you are trying to steal their honey. In addition, a simple flower will also do the trick. The bee hive is ready to be collected when you see the honey dripping.

Firstly, place the campfire under the bee hive and bees will disappear. There might be the case where the bees are not inside the bee hive so they will not come out. When they are no longer around, you can collect the honey freely. Another way to not get attacked is by having a flower in your hand. After a while, they will run away.

As for the honeycomb, shears are needed instead of glass bottles. Please right click with them on the bee hive and the flower in hand to make the bees go. Just like that, they will not attack you and you will be safe. If you want to get the better explanation, please go to Youtube and watch the video by the channel named Random Steve Guy.

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