How to Get Green Pumpkin ACNH Faster

In Animal Crossing, you will find a variety of Pumpkins with specific colors. Pumpkins in the game  can be used for any certain purposes such as for DIY, sold at Nook’s Cranny, as a cooking ingredient, for decoration and also eaten for increase the player’s stamina.

One of the Pumpkins that you will find in the game is Green Pumpkin. Considering the Green Pumpkin is such an important item in Animal Crossing, you may also be required to have it in your home. But, how to get the Green Pumpkin easily? Let’s find out the ways to get Green Pumpkin in our post below!

How to Get Green Pumpkin ACNH Faster

Getting Green Pumpkin, Here’s How!

There are a bunch of ways to get Green Pumpkin, here are they:

    • By picking a Ripe Green-Pumpkin Plant
    • From villagers who are either crafting a Spooky series item
    • Through exchanging ingredients during Turkey Day
    • Planting Pumpkin Starts

Okay, that’s a list of getting Green Pumpkin easily. So, make sure you perform one of the ways above in order to get the Green Pumpkin.

From the list of getting Green Pumpkin, you can find that exchanging ingredients during Turkey Day will give your Green Pumpkin. If you choose the exchanging ingredients to get Green Pumpkin with your villagers, it may also take you a while.

In the case of exchanging the ingredients, you may have to find the villagers who really have the Green Pumpkin in their homes.  After finding the villagers,  you can start trading the ingredients until they are willing to trade the Green Pumpkin with you.

During Turkey Day, you may need to give the Green Pumpkin after you get it.  Once given the Green Pumpkin, Franklin will use it as the ingredient to cook the Pumpkin Pie. If you help him gather the ingredients to cook Pumpkin Pie, he will give you a  number of Turkey Day themed-items.

Can You Plant a Green Pumpkin?

Can You Plant a Green Pumpkin

Even though you will not get the exact color of Pumpkin you want, planting the Pumpkin is a great option for you to get Pumpkin as quickly as possible.

Generally, many players will try to plant Pumpkin from the Pumpkin Starts that you can buy from Nook’s Cranny or Leif. You can buy the Pumpkin Starts for 280 at Nook’s Cranny and 140 Bells at Leif.

After you purchase the Pumpkin Starts, you can then start planting it. To plant Pumpkin Starts, you can plant them directly from your inventory or dig a hole and then place them with a shovel. It may take four days for a Pumpkin to reach its fully-grown stage.

To make your Pumpkin grow fast, you should water them every day. It is important to note, you only have to water them twice while growing them to reach the maximum there. However, it may be easier to water the first batch every day to ensure. here’s for the water frequency:

    • 0 days: 1 Pumpkin
    • 1 day: 2 Pumpkins
    • 2 days or more: 3 Pumpkins

After four days have passed, it’s a great time for you to check your pumpkin colors. If the Pumpkins you have planted grow into Green Pumpkin, you do not need to buy the Pumpkin Starts again. Otherwise, if it is not Green Pumpkin, you may have to purchase the Pumpkin Starts and plan them again.

If you want to grow more of the same color, you can use the harvested pumpkins. To start planting more, you can use a shovel to dig a hole. After that, you can plant one of your Green Pumpkins to grow more.

To harvest your Green Pumpkin again, it will reset them to the 2 day stage that gives you exactly two days to water them again. You should water all your Green Pumpkin twice and you will get three Pumpkins per Green Pumpkin plant.

Well, you successfully grow and harvest the Green Pumpkins, so you can use them for any purpose. For more information, the Green Pumpkins can also be grown and harvested all year round. So, ensure you already have your watering can and shovel available for other Pumpkins farming.

What’s the Green Pumpkin For?

What’s the Green Pumpkin For

Just like other Pumpkins, the Green Pumpkin is used as a cooking ingredient. Aside from that, it can also be used in place of Customization Kits to change the item variations in the Spooky Series to Green. To know more about what the Green Pumpkin is for, let’s see our post below!

    1. As a cooking ingredient

Generally, the Green Pumpkin will be used as an ingredient to cook some meals. In Animal Crossing, the Green Pumpkin is used as an ingredient for cooking Spooky Cookies. This is a miscellaneous furniture item that can be placed on either the ground or on top of a tabletop.

To cook Spooky Cookies, the ingredients you will need are:

    • 1× Flour
    • 1× Orange Pumpkin
    • 1× Yellow Pumpkin
    • 1× White Pumpkin
    • 1× Green Pumpkin

When you eat Spooky cookies, it will give you five energy points that can relocate trees or break the rocks.

Aside from cooking Spooky Cookies, the Green Pumpkin is also used for cooking Pumpkin Pie during Turkey Day. To cook Spooky Cookies, you will need some following ingredients:

    • 1 Orange Pumpkin
    • Green, Yellow or White Pumpkin
    • Secret Ingredients: Mean two pumpkins which are not the same colors as the ones that you have submitted for the main recipe.
    1. As DIY customization material

Green Pumpkin can also be used as DIY materials to craft items from the Spooky Series. To customize the items, you just ensure  the pumpkin you have to the color that you want to customize your item.

    1. Use as a decoration

You may already know that Green Pumpkins can also be used for decoration where you can place them around your home to love your cottagecore islands during Halloween season or even outside of the event.

    1. Sell at Nook’s Cranny

If you have a large amount of Green Pumpkins, you can make a profit by selling them at Nook’s Cranny. You can also  sell the Green Pumpkin Starts for the range cost of 140 Bells to 2,800 Bells.