How to Get Chilled Meat Genshin Impact and the Effects

Finding the Chilled Meat around Dragonspine is one of the objectives quest in Genshin Impact game. However, the Chilled Meat is a cooking material which you can use as a main ingredient in making another food. To get the Chilled Meat, you might have to follow some a bit complicated ways ahead.

Even though it’s a bit tricky but getting the Chilled Meat is such a must for you. That’s because once you successfully get the Chilled Meat, you already have the main ingredients in order to make other recipes from it.

So, how to get the Chilled Meat and how its effect? Find the guides below!

Chilled Meat Location, How to Find?

As a main cooking ingredient, the Chilled Meat should be obtained  at all. Well, you can get the Chilled Meat by killing Snowboars around Dragonspine. Once you kill one Showbar, you automatically will obtain two Chilled Meat there.

get the Chilled Meat by killing Snowboars around Dragonspine

Furthermore, a cluster of frozen Snowboars can be found at the south east corner of Dragonspine which is well-known in the “Ah, Fresh Meat!” quest. For more information, the rare Chilled Meat as a new material for Goulash recipe is a new Genshin Impact version 1.2 which introduces plenty of features to the game.

Considering the Chilled Meat can be found all over the mountain, it means that you will need a character with a fire element to break the Snowbars. The Chilled Meat are farmed effectively along the southeastern coast of Dragonspine. Well, the frozen bars  are found here, but you need to be careful of Frostarm Lawachurls and Fatui Cryo Cicin Mages.

Here’s how to get the Chilled Meat!

  • In Dragonspine, you will see the snowboars encased in the ice.
  • Once you find the freeze snowboars, you need to break it out with Pyro attack to melt the ice and free the boars to come out.
  • After you free the boars out, you should attack them as soon as possible because they will attack you and attempt to escape.
  • If you successfully killed one snowboars, you will get the 2 Chilled Meat.
  • If there is a giant boar spawning and you bring it down, you automatically will obtain about eight more chilled meat from it.

Even though killing the boars is not hard at all but you still have to do some things to help you in applying swirl to increase your elemental damage. The point is, you should break out the big boar and you can then grab the meat and also the king meat. Then, you can return to the cook.

Afterwards, he is going to ask you to create a recipe for him. Please accept the job and then wait until 1800 return. If you receive it, it means you successfully complete the quest of finding the Chilled Meat in Dragonspine. Then, you will obtain the rewards and also a new recipe from the cook for about 10 minutes of work, it’s not bad, isn’t it?

How to Use The Chilled Meat After Getting It?

As we’ve mentioned, the Chilled Meat is a main material that you can use for making another recipe. The Chilled Meat is a rare and fresh meat that you can get from the species of snowboars. Of course, in order to get this kind of meat, you should kill the snowboars first encased by the ice.

You may wonder how to use the Chilled Meat after you already get it, may not you? However, you actually can use this material to make a new recipe named Goulash as  a new recipe added in the version 1.2 Genshin Impact.

Goulash is a Food item that you can cook in Genshin Impact. The Goulash food has three levels of delicacy, they are normal, delicious and suspicious.

Goulash’s Recipe
  • Goulash’s Effect

Just like many foods in Genshin Impact, the Goulash has an effect to decrease the rate of Sheer Cold accumulation for all party members for 900s. But, it has no effect for the players in Co-Op Mode. The Goulash is a type of Adventurer’s Dish with the 2-stars rarity and 10 proficiency.

  • Goulash’s Recipe

We guess that you are really curious to know the recipe of the Goulash. However, making the Goulash is quite easy to do as long as you recognize with the materials and the steps. If you currently do not know how to make it, here’s the recipe to make the Goulash food:

Material you’ll need:

  • 2 x Chilled Meat
  • 2 x Carrot
  • 1 x Tomato

Generally, to cook a food in Genshin Impact, you should combine multiple ingredients to make a dish. Upon starting for the cooking process, you will be allowed to set the time when the slider reaches the marked area. To note, if you fail to do cooking, it automatically will cause the dish to burn and be an inedible mess. So please be careful!

So as in cooking the Goulash, even though there is no specific information how to cook this food, the general way to cook any foods in Genshin Impact that we explain will help you a lot. Once you know the materials to cook Goulash, the next way you should combine them to create a new food.

Additionally, there are two options that you can choose when you want to cook food. They are cooking from stoves and campfires. Of course, the option to cook will show when you approach a campfire on the fields or at stoves in the cities. For campfires, there is no option to cook if the fire is not available. You just simply use a fire ability to start a fire and start cooking.

For more information, the specific dishes in Genshin Impact will have any effects based on the characters that take the cooking process. Of course, the effect here is so important to increase all party members, restore the maximum HP, revive the selected characters and many more. The recipe in Genshin Impact can also be obtained by completing any missions and also talking  to NPCs. So choose your way right now!

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