How to Get Armored Mewtwo Pokemon Go

For those who want to get Armored Mewtwo in Pokemon Go. You have to read this entire article. Here we are going to explain the way to get Armored Mewtwo as well other information related to Armored Mewtwo.


Pokemon Go is releasing Armored Mewtwo, a more threatening version of the legendary Pokemon into the game of Pokemon Go. Apparently, this new raid boss presents as a promotion for its remake of Pokemon: The First Movie once it comes to the United States as Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution. Even though there is no specific English release date for the film, the movie is out in Japan on July 12th. You will be able to get the Armored Mewtwo no matter where you live throughout the month of July.

How to Get Armored Mewtwo Pokemon Go

Getting Armored Mewtwo in Pokemon Go

    • Ensure it is between July 10 at 1 pm PT in your local time and July 31 at 1 pm PT.
    • Please open Pokemon Go, and then look for nearby Raid Battles.
    • Armored Mewtwo is going to be in a 5-star raid, so you are going to be looking for a grey or silver egg if a raid has not started yet.
    • If you are having trouble finding the raids, you have to try looking in more urban areas with lots of Pokémon Gyms.
    • After you find an Armored Mewtwo raid, just gather a group of friends or find a group of strangers, and prepare to fight.
    • You have to use a Raid Pass to join the raid. You are able to get one free pass at a time, per day from spinning a PokeStop.
    • In the lobby, please assemble a team of six of your strongest Pokemon.
    • Next, battle Armored Mewtwo.
    • If all your Pokemon faint, do not panic. You are able to rejoin the raid with a fresh team as long as it is still going on.
    • After you defeat Armored Mewtwo, you are able to use Golden Razz Berries to make it easier to capture.
    • Please throw Premier Balls to capture Armored Mewtwo.

Probably, Armored Mewtwo be the toughest raid challenge we have seen yet. Please bring along your toughest Dark-type Pokemon to handle this Psychic powerhouse, and ensure to stock up on Golden Razz Berries before headed in. Also, it is recommended that you go with a big enough group to make sure you are able to take him down and not waste your Raid Pass.

About Armored Mewtwo

Armored Mewtwo is Mewtwo’s second form released in the game of Pokemon Go. This Armored Mewtwo version is a promotion for the upcoming movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution. It is based off of the original armor which we see on it in the first Pokemon movie.

Probably, you think that it is only a costume for Mewtwo and basically the Armored version is the same as the original. In fact, Armored Mewtwo has way more defense. Also, Armored Mewtwo has way less attack than standard Mewtwo, making it a little less valuable for raid teams. When fighting Armored Mewtwo, its weaknesses are the same as the original Mewtwo.

Based on the research, there has been no mention of a shiny version of Armored Mewtwo being available. However, the files for the green variant do exist. Maybe this time it will not attract attention

To take on Armored Mewtwo, a psychic-type, utilize on bug, ghost and dark-type moves. We suggest the following:

    • The origin Forme Giratina with Shadow Ball and Shadow Claw.
    • Tyranitar with Bite and Crunch.
    • Scizor with Bug Bite/Fury Cutter and X-Scissor.
    • Gengar with Shadow Claw/Lick and Shadow Ball.
    • Gyrados with Bite and Crunch.
    • Houndoom with Snarl and Foul Play/Crunch.

Maybe Armored Mewtwo have Dynamic Punch as a charge move. Therefore, Tyranitar and Houndoom will not last as long against it. However, the other counters listed is going to work fine. Remember that the Armored Mewtwo is a nice Legendary. It is a good pick if you are attempting to fill the 150th slot in your Gen 1 Pokedex. While it is not as useful as the original Mewtwo that has not been seen since last year, there are still some that are still active over the next few weeks.

Is Armored Mewtwo better than Mewtwo?

Some payers of Pokemon GO are curious about whether Armored Mewtwo better than Mewtwo. Armored Mewtwo and Mewtwo appeared during the Pokemon GO community event, where the Pokemon knew the charged attack Psystrike. Pokemon was all set to come back again in February 2021, as a section of the Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto event. We get information that Armored Mewtwo and Mewtwo perform differently in battle. Regular Mewtwo is nearly peerless at dishing out damage but takes more in return, while Armored Mewtwo is much sturdier however at the cost of attack strength.

Catch Mewtwo in Pokemon GO

Talking about getting Armored Mewtwo, now you also want to know how to catch Mewtwo in Pokemon GO.

Apparently, Mewtwo has been the desire of almost every trainer in Pokemon GO all over the world. Catching it was only possible via raids previously. However, as of now, Mewtwo is not available for the players to catch in the game. As we know that Mewtwo appeared during the Pokemon GO community event, and the Pokemon is all set to return again in February 2021, as a part of the Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto event. But, there is a small catch to it and this will be a paid event. The trainers from all over the world have to buy a ticket to enter this event, and will have 12 hours to capture all 150 Pokemon from the Kanto region.

The event was scheduled to start on the 20th of February 2021 and last for only 12 hours. Those who have not been able to catch Mewtwo till now will not have an opportunity to get their hands on this Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

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