How to Get and Use the Donation Box in ACNH

In the Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) 2.0 update, you are able to find a lot of new feature items. You can craft them and use them as well. Donation Box is one of the items. Do you want to get and use this item? If so, you can read the explanation below about how to get and use the Donation Box in ACNH and also the other things about it.

Getting The Donation Box in ACNH

The DIY recipe for the donation box is able to be obtained  from the Nook Stop ATM in the resident center where you can find it under the Redeem Nook Miles section. You are able to find it after you download and install the 2.0 update. You can buy the Donation box recipe for 800 Nook Miles and it will be sent to the player immediately.

How to Get and Use the Donation Box in ACNH

After you have learnt the recipe, you will see that crafting the donation box needs four woods and four softwoods to make it. You are also able to customize the donation box. It can be done with three finishes and three adorning stickers together with a custom design.

Using the Donation Box in ACNH

The presence of a donation box in ACNH is useful. You are able to put this item anywhere on your island and if you interact with the donation box, it will ask you whether you want to make a 1.000 Bell donation. However, if there is money in the donation box, the player whose island it is can also get the Bells inside.

Using the Donation Box in ACNH

On the Polygon website, you are able to read the explanation that the donation box is a solution for players who want to thank others for permitting them to visit and they worry their gift may not be seen by its intended receiver. On the Polygon website, you are able to read the explanation that after they tested it, they experienced that a visiting player who came through a Dodo Code is able to give donations 1,000 Bells at a time. And then, after doing it, the visiting player would say that they deposited some bells.

On the Game 8 site, it is explained that the donation box is also able to be used for online trading. It is able to be used as an alternative to the Barter System. The meaning is that you are permitted to exchange an item for another item that may or may not be the same in value. A visitor is just able to pay you by inserting bells into the donation box.

About the Donation Box in ACNH

What is the Donation Box? This item is a new feature item that you are able to find in the Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 update. You are able to put the donation box outside on your island. If you have the donation box, visitors are able to give you Bells. However, it is important for you to know that it only allows you to put in 1,000 Bells at a time. So, we can say that it is a good way to say thank you to a host because they allow you to visit them. The owner of the island has the ability to get the Bells from it anytime.

Customizing the Donation Box

Do you want to customize the donation box? If you want, you can do that. As explained on the IGN website, the Donation Box that you craft is light brown by default. However, if you want to customize it, you can do that at a Workbench. If you want to customize it, you need three Customization Kits. If you want to customize it, you can also do that at Reese & Cyrus shop and here the price that you have to buy for customizing the donation box is 2,400 Bells if you have unlocked them at Harv’s Island Plaza.

How to Customize the Donation Box

If you want your donation box to be brown or white, you are able to do that. Even you can change it back to light brown again after you have changed it. Can we add a label to it? You are able to do that because there are four pre-set labels. As an alternative, you are also able to use your own custom design.

Knowing More About Animal Crossing New Horizons Update 2.0

Have you downloaded Animal Crossing New Horizons version 2.0? Now, this version has been available. If you have not downloaded it yet, the copy should update for you automatically. However, if you find that it does not update automatically, you need to manually update it. It is able to be done by pressing the plus button on the Animal Crossing New Horizonns home screen icon. After that, you must choose Software Update and then hit Via the Internet.

What can we enjoy in the 2.0 update? There are many new things that you are able to enjoy in the Animal Crossing New Horizons.  Some of those new things can be seen below.

    • Now, Brewster has permission to open a cafe in the museum.
    • Now, Kapp’n has permission to offer boat tours.
    • Now, Gyroids have permission to be unearthed.
    • Harv’s Island has permission to be upgraded with an open-air market.
    • Cooking can be found in the game.
    • In the plaza, starting group-stretching sessions can be done.
    • The Resident Representative has permission to build ordinances to further customize the island.
    • Every year, seasonal events are able to happen. Also, the seasonal items from Nook Shopping in limited time will also be still available every year.
    • The software bolsters Animal Crossing amiibo cards Series.
    • All of the Animal Crossing series amiibo are permitted to be used by you to invite characters to Photopia.
    • You can upload designs and the maximum number that you can upload to the Custom Designs Portal has been escalated to 200.
    • When dreaming, you have permission to search for a destination by island name.
    • You have permission to store recipe cards in your home storage.
    • When the catalog is utilized by you at Photopia, you have permission to choose different variations of an item. You can do that by using the X button if you have gained different variations of the similar item.
    • and many more.

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