How to Get a Higher Power Ranking in Fortnite

In order to be labeled as the best Fortnite player, you surely have to get the higher Power Rankings at least in top 20 players’ placements in any events/ tournaments.  Of course, getting the Power Rankings in any Fortnite events is such a hard way which every player may experience.

In other words, to get the higher points in any Fortnite events, it’s also associated with your gameplay skill in Fortnite. That means you should increase your skill if you decide on participating in any Fortnite events. How about you? Do you want to get a higher Power Ranking in Fortnite? See the ways below that will guide you to get it!

How to Get a Higher Power Ranking in Fortnite

Getting a Higher Power Ranking. Here’s How!

Today, the Power Ranking format actually combines all of your results across all formats which displays your score as one. When it comes to increasing your power ranking in Fortnite, you absolutely have to participate in competitive events held by Epic Games.

Moreover, some of the Fortnite events that lead you to obtain some Power Rankings include Cash Cups, FNCS and daily cups. The other competitive tournament of Epic Games will also count, excluding LAN’s  or Finals.

If you really want to get the higher power rankings in Fortnite, it’s better for you to place in a particular tournament. Well, the more power rankings points you will add to your profile. Then, if you place in the top 10, you automatically will get the highest amount of Power Rankings points compared to those placing in the tons on the leaderboard.

We guess that you wonder how to check your Power Ranking points once you participate in any Fortnite events, don’t you? Of course, that’s an easy way at all, you just simply visit some Fortnite tracker and then type your name in their search bar.

How to Increase Your Skill in Fortnite?

As we have talked above, to get the higher power rankings, it means that you should participate in any Fortnite events. The more events you participate, the more Power Rankings points you will get. Of course, to get the higher power rankings points, you should place at least in the top 20 event top 10. Of course, to reach it, it’s not easy to do.

To win the Fortnite events, you definitely have to recognize with any clues which you should follow in any events. Generally, any Fortnite events allows you to defeat your opponents or complete any missions within the event. Well, in order to win the tournament or event, increasing your skill in Fortnite is totally a must for you.

Then, how to increase your skill in Fortnite? Here’s how!

  • Know more for the playing styles in any modes

In Fortnite, you can play alone, together with your friends, and also play a team of four. Therefore it is very important to adjust your tactics in each game. If you are playing solo, as already explained, you can play aggressively or defensively depending on your playing style.

Then, if you’re playing squad, it’s so important to remember that all players have a backup from their team, especially at the beginning of the game. Then, when you manage to kill or overthrow an enemy, make sure to check around to see where his teammates are.

While, if you’re playing in duos or together with your friends, you also need to be careful as  most players will play using communication like Discord to find out where enemies are.

  • Use the replay feature to learn from mistakes

One way to improve your skills at Fortnite is to use the replay feature. Fortnite automatically records every game you play from start to finish, which you can use as an evaluation. In addition, this feature can also be the answer why you suddenly died or what weapon did you die. As you can see the whole thing in this replay feature, you can use this feature a lot when you’re playing Fortnite.

  • Recognize the different types of weapons

Additionally, to know the rarity of an item or weapon, you also need to memorize the types of weapons. Just like any battle royale games, Fortnite has various types of weapons that have their own advantages and disadvantages. So please learn a lot of weapons in Fortnite.

  • Choose a suitable landing spot

If you are still trying to understand and adapt the Fortnite game, make sure you land away from other players. The safest places, anyway, at the ends of the island or in unknown locations.

You see, even though a well-known location definitely contains good loot, unfortunately many players have landed there. Your chance to survive before getting a good weapon is very small. Now, when you get used to it and understand, then you can choose places that have better loot and kill a few people.

Well, those are some ways that you can take to increase your skill in Fortnite. Make sure to practice a lot before you participate in any Fortnite events.

How Does the Power Ranking Work?

Generally, the Power Rankings are the combination of your result in all formats and also tournaments which you have ever participated in. Moreover, in 2020, the Power Ranking of every Fortnite event will place the best players in the competitive field of Battle Royale.

Then, the power ranking here is automatically updated every 24 hours. Here, the players will have a chance to move their ranking up depending on their results in tournaments in 2020. Here’s a list of scoring system in Power Rankings:

Tournament Placement Power Ranking Points
1st 1000
2nd 900
3rd 850
4th 825
5th 800
6th 775
7th 750
8th 725
9th 700
10th 625

Because the Power Ranking is such a scoring system which  has been introduced by Epic Games to monitor the individual performance, we surely can conclude that Power Ranking is really important in Fortnite of tracking a player in every Fortnite event/ tournament.

Through Power Rankings, we can notice the players’ ability and also skills either when they’re playing solo, duos, trios or squad. You definitely can check your power rankings by accessing any Fortnite Trackers.

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