How to Fix Xbox 0x803f9006 Error Code

Are you facing Xbox 0x803f9006 on your Xbox? If you are facing this error, you may want to fix it, but you do not know how to be able to fix this issue. Here, I have some methods that you can try to do for fixing this error code on Xbox.

Some Methods for Fixing 0x803f9006 Error Code According to Xbox Support

According to Xbox Support site which can be accessed at link here, error 0x803f9006 or 0x87de2729a or error message which says ‘The person who bought this needs to sign in’ which appears when you open an Xbox One game or app has the meaning that several things might be keeping you from checking usage rights for an app or game. So, the solutions offered by Xbox are here.

    • The first method that you can try is to insert the game disc into the Xbox. It can be done if you are trying to play a disc-based game.
    • Another method, if a game or app was bought and installed from the Microsoft Store on Xbox One, you have to sign in to Xbox Live.
    • Let’s say that the game or app was installed from the Microsoft Store on Xbox One by another person in your house. If so, you must have that person sign in to Xbox Live. It is important for you to note that if the owner of the game or app makes this console their home Xbox, anyone who uses this Xbox can use their games and apps, even when the person who installed them is not signed in.

How to Fix Xbox 0x803f9006 Error Code

Some Methods for Fixing 0x803f9006 Error Code According to Appuals

According to Appuals, there are some methods for fixing 0x803f9006 error code. You can check the methods including the steps of each method below and you may find that some of the methods are as explained by Xbox Support above.

1.The Status of the Xbox Live Services Must Be Checked

You can try to ensure that the issue is not beyond your control by verifying the status of the Xbox Live Services. According to some users, this issue can also occur if the Xbox Live Core Services are currently down. It can happen because they are in the middle of a scheduled maintenance period or the service probably is experiencing an unexpected outage period.

Previously, this error has occurred and usually it can be fixed automatically in several hours. If you think that the problem is caused by a non-functional service, you are able to check the status of all Xbox Services.

If you see that the Xbox Live Core Services are down, then you cannot fix anything. The thing that you can do is to wait for Microsoft to fix this issue. If you find that the Xbox Live Core Services work normally, but you are still experiencing the issue, you can try the next method

2. Set the Console as ‘Home’ From License-Holding Account

Let’s say that you are not the owner of the gaming license where there is an account which is differeny which is now signed into your console and this account holds the right to it, it is able to be the reason why this error can happen. If so, you must set your Xbox as the Home Xbox from the license-holding account.

To make your Xbox One console as the Home Xbox for the license-holding account, you can follow the steps bellow.

    • The first step that you must take is to sign in with the account that is holding the license to the game giving you this error.
    • And then, you must hit the Xbox button so that you are able to open the guide menu.
    • In this step, from the guide menu, you must access System > Settings > Personalization and then you must choose My Home Xbox.
    • Here, from the next menu, you must choose Make This My Home Xbox. After you choose this option, it will make the console as the home Xbox for the account which is now signed in.
    • If you have set the console to the Home Xbox for this account, now you are required to sign in with your account and the error should be gone.

3. Log in Again to Your Account

A network issue can be the reason of this error. Some users who have been facing this error from time to time said that when they sign out and then sign in again, it is able to solve the issue. However, even though this method is able to fix the issue, this solution is only temporary which means that  this error may be able to happen again sometimes in the future. Here are the steps to log in again to your account.

    •  First, you must open the guide menu on Xbox One by hitting the Xbox button. After that, Sign in  must be chosen and then you must choose Switch profile.
    • Here, you must sign in with a different profile or log out of your current profile.
    • In this step, you must open the guide menu by pressing the Xbox button and then you must choose Sign In. Now, your account must be chosen to log in back.
    • At last, you are able to launch the game which previously made “The person who bought this needs to sign in’ error appear.

4. Power Cycle Console & Restarting the Router

Another method that you can try to fix the 0x803f9006 error is to power cycle the console. After that, you have to restart the router. How to power cycle console and restart the router?

    • First, you must press and hold the Xbox button on your console for 10 seconds or more. You are able to keep pressing the button until you find that the LED stops flashing.
    • After you power off the console completely, now you must turn your attention to your router. You are able to press the restart button or the Power On button twice. An alternative way is to physically disconnect the power cable which is connected to the router and then you must wait for several seconds. You have to make sure you do not confuse the Reset button with the Restart button. Let’s say that you press the Reset button. If so, your current network credentials will be destroyed and it will return any user preferences to the default.
    • After you restart the router, the next thing that you have to do is to turn your console back On and you are able to do that by hitting once again the Xbox button on the console.
    • After the startup sequence is complete, you must open the game which previously showed the error.

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