How to Fix Error Message Halo Infinite User is Banned

As Halo Infinite is still in beta, it’s such common when the players encounter some issues that occur within the game. You may already know that Halo Infinite will be officially released in December in the better version, not in the beta. Just like most games in beta, Halo Infinite is currently in the early test stage, causing a lot of issues to occur.

One of the issues that you may face when launching Halo Infinite is to receive an error message that says ‘User Is Banned’. Of course, it is really annoying, especially since it’s the first time you load this first-person shooter. So, how to solve this issue to allow you to play the game?

How to Fix Error Message Halo Infinite User is Banned

What Causes ‘User Is Banned’ Error Message Appears?

An error message of ‘User Is Banned’ will  prevent the players from playing further matches. This error message actually suspends them and does not ban them. Fortunately, this error message does not actually ban the player for playing the game, so you can play the game again.

Halo Infinite will ban the players after matchmaking failed for them three times in a row and got the message. After a half-hour, you may be able to search for the matches again. However, you should be patient and wait for the time.

Need to know, those kinds of issues will be fixed by 343 Industries to launch and repair the issue. However, a lot of players think that when they are banned from the game, they are totally kicked out of a search for a match multiple times. Whereas, it relates to your continuous effort to always get into the game several times. But, that’s really forbidden at all.

Can You Fix ‘User Is Banned’ Error Message?

When you are getting the same error message three to four times in a row, causing you to not progress in the game, it means that you should wait for some time and try again. However, the error message ‘User Is Banned’ will appear on the player’s screen when they attempt to get into the matches multiple times.

The only one way to fix an error message of ‘User Is Banned’ is to take a break, wait for other players’ matches and come back later. It means that you should be patient and wait for your chance to get into the matches again. Afterwards, you can keep trying to play the game later.

If you are patient to wait for some time, the issue will automatically be resolved. Alternatively, you can also wait for sometimes around 1 to 3 hours and then go back to the game again. If you do what we mention, we guarantee that you can play and get into the Halo Infinite match again without any issues occurring. Hopefully!

In the case of fixing the issues performed by 343 Industries, the Halo Infinite developer, we think that they are not aware that this issue happened. Whereas, they have to know and identify any issues that occur in the game. By identifying the issues, they may be able to find the great solution as early as possible, so the players will enjoy playing the game smoothly without any issues.

If you still get the ‘User Is Banned’ error message, though it has passed for a very long time, you may need to try contacting the Customer Support of Halo Infinite or also re-login into Halo Infinite after you logged out of the game.

Other Issues That You May Encounter in Halo Infinite

In addition to getting an error message that says ‘User Is Banned’, you may also get other issues when launching the game, since Halo Infinite is in a very early test stage in beta. So, it does not wonder if every player will encounter some issues within the game.

We will show you two other issues that commonly occur in Halo Infinite. In fact, many Halo Infinite players have reported those issues when they are launching the game. The common issues that commonly occur in Halo Infinite are:

    1.  Authorization Issue of Your Halo Infinite Account

Anytime, you get an error message that says ‘‘Your account is not authorized to play Halo Infinite’, it means that there’s something wrong on your account. No worries! It will not last a very long time, as Halo Infinite is still in beta.

If you accidentally get this message, you may need to do some ways to solve your problem. The simple and easy way to fix this issue is to quit and close the game completely before you reopen the game later. However, this way will allow you to reboot the game and retry a full login process.

Alternatively, you can also restart your console if you are playing the game on Xbox One. To restart your console, go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Power mode & Start-Up’. Then, click on the ‘Restart Now’ button. To full reset, you can click the ‘Full shut-down’ (not Restart Now option). Last, turn on your Xbox again manually.

    1. Stuck on the Loading Screen

The issue of stuk on the loading screen will occur at startup when you first time launch Halo Infinite. Generally, this issue is caused by a few factors, not only because the game is still in the test stage. In fact, this issue will happen because of one of Halo Infinite’s imperfect optimizations.

Aside from that, this issue will happen if your device does not meet the requirements. Certainly, it will be necessary for you to check your system requirements. If you find your computer configuration is not compatible, you may need to upgrade your computer’s operating system and also increase the virtual RAM to be higher.

Otherwise, if you find your computer has the minimum requirements, to fix this issue, you may need to try relaunching the game a few times. Sometimes, the game server does not directly respond, so it’s recommended for you to try relaunching the game a few times.

So, whatever the issues you encounter when launching Halo Infinite, it would be better for you to keep looking for the solutions to fix your problems. Good Luck!!!

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