How to Fix Discovery Plus Error 500 Roku

Discovery Plus is a subscription-based content service which enjoys a unique space with the infotainment field. Whether it be science-related documentaries or interesting topics about Universe, you are going to find them in Discovery Plus. For your information, Discovery Plus is available for Apple TV, Xbox, Roku, and Fire TV stick. However, like any other streaming service, Discovery Plus also faces errors from time to time. Well, in this page, we are going to share how to fix Discovery Plus Error 500 on Roku TV.

How to Fix Discovery Plus Error 500 on Roku TV?

We get information that many people in the United States are getting issues when they are trying to access Discovery Plus on Roku TV. All Discovery Plus services are not working. The homepage is showing error code 500.

Here are some ways to fix Discovery Plus Error 500 on Roku TV:

  • Way 1: Check internet connectivity

If you are getting any trouble on Discovery Plus, then you have to check whether your internet is connected properly or not. Or you are able to try clearing your history or cache and try it again.

  • Way 2: Execute a power cycle

You have to know that a complete power cycle can increase the streaming conditions by re-establishing the network connection and the functionality of the app. Therefore, if you get Discovery Plus Error 500 on Roku TV, you are able to switch off your device. Then, you have to wait for several minutes. After that, you are able to restart and check whether it helped.

  • Way 3: Check HDMI Cable

For those who are using an HDMI cable, then you have to try unplugging it from your Roku TV. After that, you are able to re-plug it. The next step that you must do is to open the Discovery+ app to check whether it is working properly or not.

  • Way 4: Update the Discovery Plus app

If the above-mentioned solutions did not assist to fix Discovery Plus Error 500 on Roku TV, please follow this method. Now, you are able to update the app to make sure that it performs better. Aside from that, you are also able to uninstall and reinstall Discovery Plus on your Roku TV.

How to Fix Discovery Plus Crashing on Roku and Fire TV Stick

In addition, we will also share some ways to fix Discovery Plus crashing on Roku and Fire TV Stick.

Here are some ways fix Discovery Plus crashing on Roku and Fire TV Stick:

  • Way 1: Relaunch Discovery Plus App

Discovery Plus application is still in the beta stage and developed to ensure the app is compatible with majoring of devices out there. Due to this, there might be several internet problems or glitches where the Discovery Plus app might crash. In such a case, simply you are able to close the app and relaunch it to see if it works.

  • Way 2: Restart devices

When it comes to technical glitches, a lot of them can be solved by a simple device restart. So, you are able to turn off your Roku and Fire TV stick and start them again. Please do the same with your WiFi router as well.

  • Way 3: Clear Cache Data

The Discovery Plus app keeps cache data for all the shows or saved documentaries you watch. Due to several internal issues, the cache might get corrupt or not usable. It is resulting in Discovery Plus app crashing problems on Roku and Fire TV stick. To clear cache and data, you have to open the Settings app and navigate to App seeing. After clearing data, ensure to clear the cache as well.

  • Way 4: Sign into Discovery Plus

As we know that Discovery Plus is a subscription-based service which has several plans. If your plan is expired and you are trying to watch any paid video, it will make an error or will stop working altogether. So, you need to sign into your Discovery Plus account and then check whether your subscription plan is active or not.

  • Way 5: Update Discovery Plus App

In Roku or FireStick TV, you are going to get some app updates which get installed automatically, giving you the best and latest experience. However sometimes, the apps do not get updated, which leads to outdated app performance. This might cause problems such as Discovery Plus crashing, freezing or not working, etc. To enjoy the best services, ensure to update all the apps. If you want to update Discovery Plus App on Roku, simply you are able to open Roku menu and navigate to streaming channels. Here, please scroll down and click on “Check for update.” After the Discovery Plus app is updated, just log in to your account and check if the issue is fixed. For those who want to update Discovery Plus App on Firestick TV, you are able to open Fire TV dashboard or app window and then click on Discovery Plus app. Here, just click on the “Download” button to check for the updates.

  • Way 6: Check Router distance

According to research, most WiFi routers work well within the range of 5-8 meters. Anything more than that, the network will start causing laughing problems, or WiFi will slow down. Therefore, you have to check the location of your Roku or Firestick device and the WiFi router. If it is more than 5-8 meters, then you have to purchase a new router with a much larger connection range. Also, concrete walls will be able to decrease the signal strength of WiFi, so ensure you keep check it as well.

About Discovery Plus

Discovery Plus is an OTT streaming platform. It allows the viewers to stream the programs offered by Discovery includes Animal Planet, TLC, HGTV, and more. Since 2007, this OTT streaming platform has been managed by David M. Zaslav. Also, they tracked down the launch dates in many countries and dates as per an original source. This platform is compatible with many browsers like Windows, various apps and media platforms.