How to Export Characters from Roll20

Exporting characters means exporting a character sheet from your Character Vault to a game. When you think it is the best time to use a character from your Vault in a game, you can start to click a link named Export to Game that is able to be found on the right side of the Character. It is when you are on the main Vault page. A list of eligible games to export the character to will be displayed.

Requirements to export the characters

There are some requirements to export the characters to the game, here are those:

  1. It is possible to export the characters to the games if you are the GM of the game.
  • You are able to export to any game if you are Pro or Plus subscriber.
  • For those who are free users, the game is made with a marketplace module that has Full Access.
  1. It is possible to export the characters to the games if you are a player of the game and the GM has expressly turned on the settings option named Allow Players to Import Characters on the Game Settings page.
  • You can export the characters if you are one of the Plus or Pro subscribers or the GM Game Creator.
  • In case both you and the Game Creators are considered free users, but the game is made with a marketplace module that has Full Access.
How to Export Characters from Roll20

For every free user, the game should also get the All Access Vault enabled. Apparently, every game will have one of two access levels. All of them determine the ones that can export characters into the game.

The first one is Limited Vault. This one is the default one. With this one, the ones that are allowed to import the characters into the game are the Plus or Pro subscribers and therefore, they have All Access Vault enabled for their entire account.

The second one is called All Access Vault. This one is the premium level of vault access. Everybody, including the players in the game who do not have a subscription, has the ability to import characters into the game. Apart from them, GMs of the game are also allowed to import characters into the game.

The subscription level of the game that the creator of the account has determines the level of the game. Basically, the game will have the Limited Vault level if the creator of the game does not have a subscription and if they have one, the game will have an All Access Vault level.

In addition, chosen Marketplace modules feature the All Access Vault level for every game based on that module. For instance, if you buy Lost Mine of Phandelver, each game that you make with that module will have the All Access Vault unlocked, even though the creator of the game does not have a subscription.

Character Vault

Character Vault-

The Character Vault, which was used to be called My Vault, allows you to place your own characters so that they are able to be used in more than one game without having to re-make them from scratch each line. For instance, in society style play, there is a single character that you play a lot of different game sessions with, across different Game Masters, and so on.

In the past, you would have to keep track of that character yourself and then recreate it in each new game that you will make. Thanks to the Vault feature, you are now able to import the character out of a game and into your vault and then re-export it out of your vault and into a new game. The whole concept is about recycling and reuse. In the end, you will have a character that travels with you between games.

Game Masters also can take advantage of the Vault to store pre-generated Player Characters that they might want to share in more than a game, or a few interesting NPCs, monsters, spaceships, and so on.

Importing characters

You are allowed to import a character sheet to the Vault from any game that you are a player or GM in. However, the players in the game need to ask for permission in order to edit the character so that it can be imported to your Vault.

The process of importing character is simple and easy. The first thing that should be done is to click the Import Character button on your Character Vault page. Clicking it will show a list of games that you can select.

After selecting a game, a list of characters that you have permission to edit will be displayed. When you see it, all that you need to do is to choose the character that you want to import and press the Import Character button. Please wait until the whole process is done. It might take some time, so please be patient.

You need to remember that once the character is in your vault, it is placed as a snapshot. On the other words, it will no longer update or get changes from the game it was originally from. For those who are planning to import an updated version of a character, you can do so by deleting the character that has been there from your vault. Once it is deleted, it is time for you to re-import it from the game.

Vault Location: Home (out of game) > Tools > Character Vault

Importing characters

These are everything that you need to know about how to export characters from Roll20 and some other things. If it is not clear for you, you can try to visit the communities or forums of Roll20 and find the better explanation or ask someone to explain everything to you. You might also want to try to reach out the representative of Roll20 to get the answer to your question. Do not hesitate to seek help as it is normal and fine. They would be glad to help you if they know what you are asking.

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