How to Escape Prison During a Riot in BitLife

In BitLife, you are able to go to Prison. This will occur if you commit a crime. You are going to be fired from your job and your new title will be “Prisoner”. By the way, how to escape Prison during a Riot in BitLife? You have to read this entire article to get information about how to escape Prison during a Riot in BitLife.

How to Escape Prison During a Riot in BitLife?

If you want to escape prison during a riot in BitLife, first you have to start a riot. This will be able to be done in the Prison menu, under the Riot option. Then, you are going to play a game of Snake. It tasks you to move around the room to avoid the obstacles and picking up the inmates. When you gather them, then the cops are going to start to appear. You have to avoid them.

How to Escape Prison During a Riot in BitLife

Your first riot will need you to collect a smaller number of the prisoners. After you have gathered them all, then the riot will start. And you are going to get the results of the aftermath. Typically, many will be injured and several will die. Remember that you are only able to riot once per year. Therefore, if you fail in your riot, you have to restart the application.

Escaping during a riot in BitLife is completely random. Also, it appears that you might not be able to escape at the lower number totals of the inmates that you gather. In this case, we tried 10 inmates many times and never escaped. Finally, we were successful once the amount reached 20 inmates.

For those who have not done this before, you are going to get yourself the Aftermath achievement. It is possible that you will not escape 20 inmates, however we have confirmed that at that amount you are able to escape. Probably, you want to restart if you do not escape, as gathering more than 20 inmates becomes difficult to do.

Riots in BitLife

As a player, you are able to start a riot in prison. A successful riot will cause several people to be injured and dead. If you fail at starting a riot in BitLife, then you are going to be assaulted by the other prisoners. Also, you are going to get punished if you bumped into a guard but still gain respect. Depending on the severity of the assault, you lose health. If you get caught starting a riot, then your sentence is increased. You may only riot once per year.

Riots in BitLife

Rioting in BitLife needs you to go through a minigame like the classic Snake. Using directional arrows, gather different prisoners (the required number is indicated at the top and will increase each time you riot) while you avoid bumping into the police officers, walls, or even your chain of the prisoners. After a set number of the prisoners are recruited, then the police officers are going to start appearing one by one on the screen. When you finish recruiting all the prisoners required, they are going to split up and attack the police officers. Usually, the aftermath of a riot results in several injuries and deaths, but your character might also have their sentence extended. Apparently, there is a very rare opportunity that your character will escape during a riot in BitLife. If that occurs, you are going to earn an achievement.

Appeals in BitLife

You are able to try to send an appeal to one of three law firms. As a player, you have to pay for the appeals to make this possible. If you fail, then you can no longer send appeals that year. But, if you succeed, you are going to be discovered not guilty of your crimes and get released from prison. In several cases, you are going to remain in prison but will have a considerable number of years taken off of your sentence. For your information, the most expensive law firm is the best to pick because the chances of being found not guilty are high if you do so, despite the fact that there is an opportunity that you are still going to lose the appeal.

Paroles in BitLife

Since August 8, 2019 update, for those who have a long sentence and serve a considerable number of years in it without escaping, then you are able to be sent on parole board. And you have to answer a question. If you answer the question correctly, then you are going to be released early. Need to know that the players whose characters are in prison and their notifications active will be able to receive a notification where their character is being offered parole, like the other events that work on notifications, if they open the application within an hour, they also will be asked with a chance to be released early.

Interacting with Relationships

In nations which allow this, a character will be able to set up a conjugal visit with their lover, however to do so, the guards and the lover have to agree before visiting. The visit is like a hook-up. And the lover will not assist in escaping from the prison. Aside from that, the guards will not allow your character to ask for too many conjugal visits and will tell you to stop if you continue doing so too many times in a year.

Also, characters may send and receive mail from family and lovers, however could risk having it confiscated by the guards. The family members will be able to send care packages and your character can accept and use the item, ignore, or even return to the sender. If the package is returned to the sender, then the relationship will lower. There is an opportunity the guards can confiscate your package and beat you, decreasing your health and happiness, no matter which option you select.

Well, that is everything you need to know about escaping from prison during a riot in BitLife.  If you want to learn more about the game, simply you are able to check out other articles on our site.