How to Eliminate IO (10) Guards Fortnite

This guide is everything you need to know about IO Guards for the Fortnite week 5 challenge including the spawn locations and how to eliminate  IO (10) Guards Fortnite. So, if you want to complete the challenge, you have to read this entire article.

There are no more Operation Snowdown challenges releasing this year, however the players have the time until January 5th, 2021 to complete the Fortnite challenges before the challenges are gone. For your information, each challenge gives the players a free cosmetic reward along with 10,000 season 5 XP. You do not worry because all of the challenges are straightforward and should not take long to complete.

How to Eliminate IO (10) Guards Fortnite

The rewards include the Snowmando and Frost Squad skins along with the gliders, wraps, pickaxes, back blings, loading screens, and more. Even though there is no new challenges for the Christmas day to help you level up faster, you still have the weekly Epic and Legendary challenges. Some of the Fortnite week 5 challenges are going to ask the players to know where to collect, bury, and also dig up Gnomes around the map along with the location of where to discover the buried blue XP coin in Retail Row. The legendary challenge asks the players to eliminate 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 IO Guards.

Where To Find IO Guards In Fortnite?

Based on the research, IO Guards were added into Fortnite at the start of season 5. They are part of the Imagined Order. They are going to spawn from cube-shaped buildings and will chase and also attack nearby players.

Once knocked, you are able to shakedown IO Guards for a scanner which will show the players where the remaining IO Guards are. To complete the eliminate IO Guards Fortnite week 5 legendary challenge, it will be best to knock an IO Guard and shake him down to discover where the rest of them are because it will let you to complete the challenge as fast as possible.

To eliminate 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 IO Guards, of course you have to know the location of IO Guards.

  • Holly Hedges

It is a Location added in Chapter 2: Season 1. It has a total amount of 18 chests and the town is surrounded by hedges. Holly Hedges is an upper-class styled town. It contains seven Residential houses and a Gardening Store in the middle of town.

  • Lazy Lake

It’s location is on the southeast corner of the map. Lazy Lake borders Slurpy Swamp to the west, Retail Row is across the river and Misty Meadows to the south. It consits of the landmark Lazy Lake Island, located in the eastern portion of the lake itself.

  • Weeping Woods

It is located on the west-midlands of the map. It is close to Holly Hedges, Slurpy Swamp, and Salty Springs and more distantly to The Authority.

  • Steamy Stacks

It is a named Point Of Interest in Battle Royale, located inside the coordinates G2 and H2, north of Dirty Docks and east of Craggy Cliffs.

  • Risky Reels

It is a location in Fortnite: Battle Royale which was located in the top right corner of the map. Risky Reels had 14 chests in Chapter 1 and 10 in Chapter 2.

  • Pleasant Park

This was a large suburban area with a park, eight houses, a soccer field and there was a Gas Station.

  • Coral Castle

It is located North of Sweaty Sands and West of Doom’s Domain.

  • Logjam Woodworks

It is a landmark in Fortnite: Battle Royale which is located near Weeping Woods, Holly Hedges and Slurpy Swamp.

  • Lake Canoe

This is a small lake with a lodge on the shore and two docks. There is a swimming dock and an island in the lake.

  • Rapid’s Rest

Its location is inside the coordinate G6, east of Lazy Lake. This is a rocky river which has lot of boats, canoes and a small shack.

  • Camp Cod

This is a landmark in Fortnite which is located at F8 and G8.

  • Misty Meadows

It is a location on the south part of the Fortnite map. This is close to Slurpy Swamp and Lazy Lake. It is a European town across the lake from the city of Lazy Lake.

  • Hunter’s Haven

Its location is inside the coordinates E6, east of Weeping Woods, west of Lazy Lake and north of Misty Meadows.

  • Gorgeous Gorge

It is a waterfall and landmark northwest of Lazy Lake, at coordinates E5. There are three Chests at the landmark. One at the bottom of the waterfall, and two others on the bridge near the waterfall.

  • Salty Towers

Salty Towers is located West of The Zero Point, and South of Pleasant Park.

  • Spaceship Crash Site

It was a POI in Fortnite: Battle Royale, which resembles the Visitor’s Pod in Season 4.

Other Information About IO Guards

Other Information About IO Guards

IO Guards are aggressive NPCs which were introduced in Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 5. Their aim is unknown, though they are hostile to the players and will attack on sight, similarly to Marauders in Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 3. They cannot spawn in Creative, Team Rumble, or any other Limited Time Modes. IO Guards spawn in groups of 3, through elevators which rise up from underground in specific spots when a player is nearby.

During a match, the Guard Boxes may come up from the ground. The equipment which appears in the Guard Boxes can change occasionally. Most of the time once those boxes appear, they are accompanied by 3 IO Guards that are always carrying Rare Tactical Assault Rifles. For your information, all IO Guards spawn with 250 shield and 100 health. Similarly to a squad, once a full group of 3 IO Guards are knocked they are going to be defeated, dropping their Tactical Assault Rifle and several Small Shield Potions. They are going to try to revive any of their knocked down squadmates if there is no threat present.

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