How to Earn Robux without Money

Robux is the main premium currency in Roblox. With Robux, you can do anything including to purchase clothes, pay for playing a paid Roblox game and many more. Unfortunately, earning Robux is pretty hard, unless you have a lot of money to buy it.

As most Roblox players realize that buying Robux will cost a lot of money, so they attempt to earn Robux without money. So, is it possible to get Robux without buying it? If it can, what should you do to earn Robux without spending your money?

How to Earn Robux without Money

Earning Robux without Buying it, Here’s the Guide!

Roblox seems to provide an easy way for the players who do not have much money to buy Robux. In other words, earning Robux does not always have to spend money to purchase it. At least, there are two ways that you can do in order to earn Robux without buying it. What are they?

Way 1: Develop a Game

Developing a game in Roblox can be an alternative way that you can do to earn Robux, without spending money. Many players also know that creating and monetizing your own game will give you Robux. After you have developed your game, you can then monetize your own game. So anyone who wants to play your own game should pay for it.

There is no doubt that monetizing your own game is one of the most simple and popular efforts to get Robux. A developer of games who is already expert in developing any game genre, certainly Roblox is a great platform to earn money.

As a developer of a game, you don’t have to always tag your game with a certain amount of Robux. In fact, a lot of players prefer to play free games without paying. So, it may be possible that people will not play your game if you set a certain price for people to play your own game.

Alternatively, you can develop your game that allows the players to buy any precious item within the game. If your own game is attractive, players will likely buy these items in your game. Indirectly, you invite people to play your game without paying for them, but they are encouraged to buy your in-game items, so you can later exchange them for Robux.

If you already have a lot of Robux, you may want to change Robux into real money. Is it possible? Yeah… you can convert your Robux to real cash by joining Roblox Devex and be a member of the outrageous builder club. Well, the expense will be worth it if you make a serious effort of being a Roblox game developer.

Way 2: Selling the Roblox Items

The second option that you can take in order to earn Robux without buying it is by selling the items you own. You can try to sell any items including pants, t-shirt, shirt, etc. Then, other players will buy your item, so you can earn Robux.

In the case of selling your Roblox items, you do not have to show your artistic talent so much. All you have to do is to be a member of the builder clubs first, at least a tier-1 Premium member. You should also visit the main website to collect the profit generated.

To begin selling your Roblox items, go to the Roblox site and login by entering your password and username. Once you are at the homepage of Roblox, you need to click the ‘Create’ tab that is located at the top of the page. The ‘Create’ button will take you to the ‘My Creations’ page.

In this page, you should select an item category. For instance, you can click item type such as pants or shirt below the ‘My Creations’ heading. Then, create or upload the Roblox item that you want to sell.

After that, you need to put the item on sale by going to the product page. Here, click the three dots icon located at the top right. Then,  click on the ‘Continue’ button and click the ‘Sales’ button. Here’s a very important step where you should type the amount of Robux to tag your item cost.

To note, Roblox will take a 30% cut of any items or others you sell in Roblox. The amount of Robux that you will receive per sale will be found under. Last step, you need to click the ‘Save’ button in order to save your changes and make your item available for sale.

Aside from selling your custom-made clothes, you can also try to sell gears and hats. You can get more Robux by selling the items that you have bought a while ago from general sale. So, it is also possible for you to sell those items.

How to Use Robux?

All paid-things in Roblox can be done by Robux. It means that you can buy anything with Robux. Certainly, Robux has a lot of benefits for players in the game. Anyone who has no Robux surely cannot play any Roblox games.

Here are benefits that you can get with Robux:

    • You will get 10% more Robux when buying Robux.
    • You have a chance to sell items including limited items.
    • It can decrease prices for Premium UGC items.
    • You can purchase Roblox Premium exclusive UGC items.
    • You get access to the Trade System.
    • Robux has benefits in some games added by developers.

With Robux, you can buy hundreds of premium clothing and also accessories to make your avatar look more gorgeous. To stay around your character, you can try to buy hoodies, swirls, hats and more.

As we know, the customization in Roblox does not seem to stop at what your avatar looks like. In other words, you also need to buy emotes to allow your avatar to dance or perform motions with a game.

If you are a developer of a game, you can also promote your group or game within Roblox itself. In this way, you need to use your Robux to place banner advertisements on the site. Aside from that, you can also add more badges to your game and add any videos to the game’s page.