How to Donate to Charity in BitLife

In BitLife, you can make a donation to charity, Heirlooms are a variety of items that you can donate to charity. The advantage of donating heirlooms to charity is to increase Karma. The higher Karma you have, the longer you will live and will get through tough situations easier.

If you have not donated heirlooms to charity, you may not know how to do it, right? However, donating heirlooms is pretty easy to use, as long as you know the guide. No worries! You can get the guide to donate heirlooms through our post below. Let’s check it out!

Donating Heirlooms to Charity, Here’s How!

Before you donate heirlooms to charity, make sure you already have enough heirlooms on your Assets. After checking your heirlooms and finding you have enough heirlooms, you can then donate them to charity.

Here’s how to donate Heirloom to charity!

    • First, you can go to the ‘Assets’.
      How to Donate to Charity in BitLife
    • Under the Assets section, you will see the ‘Heirlooms’ section and click on it. Heirlooms section
    • In the Heirlooms section, there are a number of items you can donate. Make sure to choose one of them for charity by clicking on the item.
    • After choosing an item, under the item you’ve chosen, you will see a number of options including Discard, Donate, Play, Refurbish and Sell.
      options including Discard, Donate, Play, Refurbish and Sell
    • Since you want to make a donation, you can tap the ‘Donate’ option.
    • After that, there will be a pop-up window for confirmation. Choose ‘Yes’ to start donating heirlooms to charity.
      an tap the ‘Donate’ option
    • Then, you will see a confirmation window informing you that you donated your heirlooms to charity.
      donated your heirlooms to charity

Congratulations! You successfully donate heirlooms to charity. Well, making a donation with heirlooms to charity is pretty straightforward in BitLife, isn’t it? So, if you really want to increase your Karma to live longer, it’s a great time for you to start donating your heirlooms to charity. Good Luck!!!

How to Find Heirlooms in BitLife?

Heirlooms can be found in an attic minigame at the beginning of the game that you can search with a flashlight. After detected with the flashlight, the heirlooms will be added into your Assets with a brief description and price value forecast.

How to Find Heirlooms in BitLife

You definitely can collect Heirlooms after about 17 hours, or once you have collected your last one. In the case of looking for heirlooms, you will be taken into a dark room. Of course, a flashlight will be needed to make a light. To get heirlooms, you can drag the flashlight around the room until you find the Heirloom.

After you collect the heirloom, there will be an opportunity to see it in your Assets window. To check it, you need to go there and you will find it under Heirlooms. From here, you will have several options with Heirloom including to discard, to sell, to donate, to play or to refurbish. There is no doubt if certain heirlooms are worth more than others. For example, the Lucky Dice actually gives you a better chance at winning the Lottery.

Here’s a List of Heirlooms You Can Donate in BitLife?

As of February 2022, there are 96 different heirlooms available in BitLife. It is known that certain heirlooms probably will grant additional bonuses for your character, i.e. Lucky Dice which despite having a low selling point when sold, can be used to increase success in the Casino and Lottery.

To make it easier for you to know how expensive each heirloom to sell, we will show you all the Heirlooms available on BitLife with estimated price value. However, the price may vary based on the country of a character, the condition of the heirloom and duration in the family.

Here’s a list of Heirlooms with estimated price value!

    • Acrylic Paint Set: $38
    • Alarm Clock: $7
    • Amphora: $500,000
    • Antique Sextant: $1,500
    • Ark of the Covenant: $130,000,000
    • Atari 2600: $35
    • Bamboo Chopsticks: $5
    • Baseball: $700
    • Basketball: $6
    • Bell: $1,700
    • Bicycle: $400
    • Bottle of Whiskey: $290,000
    • Bottle of Wine : $550,000
    • Boxing Glove: $2,800
    • Camping Tent: $75
    • Canoe: $1,850
    • Card: $2,700
    • Card: $80,895
    • CD: $1
    • Compass: $30
    • Cowboy Hat: $39,085
    • Crown: $30,000,000
    • Crystal Ball: $1,400
    • Diamond: $1,990,000
    • Diamond Ring: $15,000
    • DogLife Sticker: $8
    • Dolls: $125
    • DVD: $1
    • Fax Machine: $15
    • Film Reel: $2,670
    • Fine China Set: $1,200
    • Floppy Disk: $5
    • Fossil: $4,000
    • Fountain Pen: $30
    • Funeral Urn: $1,300
    • Gas Pump: $2,800
    • Graduation Cap: $5
    • Guitar: $8,600
    • Holy Grail: $1,500,0000,000
    • Horn: $28,800
    • Ice Skate: $3,000
    • Kimono: $570
    • Knife: $1,215
    • Leather Briefcase: $65
    • Light Bulb: $275,000
    • Lipstick: $100,000
    • Lucky Dice: $1
    • Map: $5
    • Medieval Dagger: $125,000
    • Megaphone: $10
    • Microphone: $9,500
    • Microphone: $4,000
    • Microscope: $3,000
    • Movie Camera : $25
    • Nazar Amulet: $8
    • Newspaper: $2
    • Olympic Medal: $28,000
    • Pager: $10
    • Painting: $6,500
    • Personal Diary: $1
    • Piano Keyboard: $125
    • Prayer Beads: $8
    • Radio: $280
    • Rolex Watch: $20,500
    • Saxophone: $2,000,000
    • Scissors: $8
    • Scooter: $9,000
    • Seashell: $1
    • Shield: $450,000
    • Skateboard: $145
    • Skeleton Key: $12,100
    • Sled: $60
    • Slot Machine: $5,200
    • Snare Drum: $2,800
    • Soccer Ball: $1,000
    • Sunglasses: $43,500
    • Sword: $15,000
    • Teddy Bear: $6
    • Telescope: $3,500,000
    • Television: $205
    • Test Tube: $27,500
    • Ticket Stub: $20
    • Ticket Stub (Blue): $2
    • Tissue: $50,000
    • Titanic Anchor: $525,000
    • Toaster: $10
    • Toilet: $19,000
    • Toolbox: $75
    • Top Hat:  $40
    • Trophy : $1
    • Trumpet: $2,500,000
    • Umbrella: $15
    • VHS Tape: $1
    • Violin: $9,800,000
    • Wig: $750
    • Wind Chime: $28

Get to Know More About Heirlooms in BitLife

It is known that heirlooms are only available within Generations of BitLife. Of course, starting a new life outside the family legacy will not allow you to keep acquired heirlooms, but the heirlooms may still be seen in the Heirlooms category you can find in the Main Menu.

There is no limit to how many heirlooms you can get. To receive all the heirlooms, make sure you select to start the new generation. If you cheat to get more heirlooms by changing the time, they can only get common items including the alarm clock, teddy bear, prayer beads, fine China set, umbrella and wind chime.

The value of the heirlooms will be added to your character’s net worth, even if your character does not sell the heirlooms. Since heirloom condition can decline over the years, you can refurbish it, but this way does not apply to all items.

If you lend an heirloom to your friend, it may result in a decline of condition or result in complete loss if they lose it. The most important thing, heirlooms can be used to increase your Karma, so you can live longer.