How To DM Someone On Twitter Who Doesn’t Follow You

Is it possible to send a direct message to someone who doesn’t follow you on Twitter? However, there are some threads on forums that discuss this topic. Of course it makes many Twitter users so curious to know about it. So, let’s find out the real answer on this page!

How to DM Someone on Twitter Who Doesn’t Follow You

Twitter has updated the direct message (DM) feature in its services. Now you can DM other Twitter users, even if you don’t follow each other.

Previously, if you wanted to send a DM, Twitter’s private message feature, someone had to become a follower and be followed by the intended person. But now that condition is no longer necessary. In order to receive DMs from anyone, you only need to change your Twitter account settings or settings.

Here are the ways to DM someone who doesn’t follow you:

  • First, you need to go to Profile.

First, you need to go to Profile twitter

  • Then, go to the Settings.
  • Choose the Security and Privacy option.

  • Under the option, you have to tick a checklist box “receive direct messages from anyone” in order to receive DM messages from anyone.

In the past, DM (direct message) on Twitter could be done without having to follow first, now that has changed. Twitter replaces DMs for accounts the sender doesn’t follow with “request”. Twitter actually tested this feature in 2013, but hasn’t shared it with all users yet.

This is done because DMs on Twitter can be done by anyone without having to follow and often contain mocking messages. So later on, strangers who don’t follow you cannot DM directly, but must go through the “request” screening process.

The message from “request” will appear in a separate tab. You can accept or reject it. If you accept, then the stranger can directly DM you and the message will go to the main inbox.

Group conversations whose members don’t follow you will also be included in the “request” tab. Deleting the request doesn’t prevent the stranger from continuing to send. But you can block the account so that he can’t send any messages.

All media (photo / gif / video) in “request” will not appear automatically, you have to tap “view” first. Of course, this makes using Twitter more convenient and prevents cyber bullying.

What’s New on Twitter

  • A setting which allows you to receive Direct Messages from anyone who doesn’t follow you. To change your settings, you definitely can follow these instructions below!
  • Any rules on updated messaging so you are able to reply to anyone who sends you a Direct Message even if she/he does not follow you.
  • A new Direct Message button appears on profile pages on Android and iPhone. Of course you can see it on the profiles of people that you will send Direct Messages to.

Will the feature of Direct Message someone who doesn’t follow you actually increase spam messages on Twitter?

Of course, the answer totally can be yes and no. Some people think this feature will actually be useful for several groups such as business people and journalists. According to some members on the forum, now business people don’t have to follow user accounts just to receive private consultation or broadcast messages, especially with the fact that business people have relatively low following numbers.

Likewise for journalists, they are now freer and faster in sending personal news to other journalists, simply by following user accounts without having to wait for a response.

People’s argument is correct, they think the rating of spam messages can be determined manually by the user. The essence of a personal message is its level of urgency, while user responses take a relatively longer time so that it becomes a barrier that annoys and hinders the speed of interaction between users.

However, for the record, this feature has actually been around since 2011, where Twitter made it easy for verified users to be able to get DM from their followers without having to follow back.

This feature seems to be extended by Twitter for certain users by activating a special option, so that they can receive DMs from followers directly without ‘folbek’. In other words, not all users can “freely” send DMs to each other, but you also have to be a follower of the account you want to send DM to.

How to Block a Twitter Account

Even though you are allowed to send a direct message to someone who doesn’t follow you but you need to be careful. It is because this feature gives a chance for bad people to annoy some users on Twitter. However, it is such a dangerous thing for you.

Of course, if you find something wrong with someone who sends you a direct message, the only way that you have to do is to block the suspicious account from Twitter. So, here’s how to block a Twitter account easily:

Way 1: Block from Tweets

  • Click the arrow-like icon located at the top of the Tweet from the account you want to block.
  • Click block, then select Block to confirm.

Way 2: Blocking from profile

  • Open the profile page of the account you want to block
  • Click the more icon on their profile page
  • Select block from the menu
  • Click block to confirm

When you are visiting a blocked account profile, the Follow button will be replaced by the blocked button. Accounts that have been blocked can still be reopened at a later date.

The way is as follows:

  • You need to open a blocked account profile
  • Then, tap the Blocked button
  • Last, you need to confirm your wish to unblock the account by selecting unblock or yes

This feature helps users to limit certain accounts to contact, view Tweets, and follow them. So that accounts that have been blocked cannot follow you otherwise.

Furthermore, the blocked account is not going to get a notification letting them know that their account has been blocked. However, if a blocked account visits the profile of the account that has blocked them, they will see that it has been blocked.