How To Delete StubHub Account

There are a number of reasons why people finally decide to delete their StubHub account. Some people may want to delete their online footprint, one of them is by deleting their StubHub account, especially since the account is no longer used.

If you are also one of them who have a StubHub account that is no longer used, of course you may also want to delete it. However, many people get trouble in deleting their StubHub account, since deleting a StubHub account is complicated. To delete your StubHub account, you can find the way to delete a StubHub account through our post below!

How To Delete StubHub Account

Deleting a StubHub Account, Here’s How!

According to some internet sources, there is no way to remove your StubHub account yourself. Instead, you will need the StubHub customer service to delete your account by sending them an email to make a request or by calling them.

Before deleting your StubHub account, you may need to login and remove all the information you do not want on the site anymore. After you’ve deleted any information on StubHub, you can then deactivate your account.

To delete your StubHub account, there are two required information you should provide, including:

    • Your email
    • Your password

There are at least three ways you can take to delete your StubHub account. Of course, you can choose the easiest way to delete your account. Okay, here are the ways to delete your StubHub account:

Way 1: By making a call

The easiest and fastest way to delete your StubHub account is by making a call to StubHub customer service. You can call StubHub customer support at 1.866.788.2482 (US and Canada toll free). If you decide to delete your StubHub account by calling, make sure to call them during their business hours – 24/7 at 5:00 A.M, to 9:00 P.M. Pacific Time.

Way 2: By sending email

In addition to making a call, you can also send them an email. You also need to use your email account which is registered with the application or website. After opening your registered email, you can now compose an email and then enter the email address ‘’.

You can then type ‘Request to Delete My Account’ on the Subject. Now, you can write an email that requests them to delete your account from their databases. You can also ask them to remove all your information with them, if necessary.

Way 3: Sending Form

You can also send them a request form to delete your StubHub account. Here’s how to delete your StubHub account by sending a request form!

    • First, go to the StubHub Contact Us page here.
    • You may need to scroll down to section ‘If You Need More Help’. Then, click the ‘Start a Conversation’ button.
    • After you click on the conversation button, you may need to log into StubHub first.
    • If you have logged in, you will need to enter your name, your email address and your ZIP code.
    • In the following page, you can select any category and on how StubHub can help you with type ‘Request to Delete My Account’ or ‘Account Deletion’.
    • Once you click on the ‘Submit’ button, a customer representative will start deleting your StubHub account.

Okay, those are three ways to delete your StubHub account. Make sure you choose one of the ways that you think it is the easiest and fastest way to delete your StubHub account.

Can You Disable StubHub Account Without Deleting It?

Yes, of course! You can really disable your StubHub account without having to delete it. Disabling your StubHub account may be easier than deleting your StubHub account. Let’s see how to disable your StubHub account below!

    • To disable your StubHub account, you may need to go to ‘Profile’.
    • Then, choose ‘Settings’ and click ‘Privacy’.
    • You can then click ‘Sending us a request’ under the Your Personal Info section and follow on-screen instructions.

After making a request to disable your StubHub account, you may need to wait around 30 working days for the request to complete.

Creating a StubHub Account, Here’s How!

If you do not already have a StubHub account yet, you may want to create a StubHub account to make it easier for you to exchange the ticket. Of course, creating a StubHub account is pretty straightforward to do. Here’s how!

    • First, you need to go to the official StubHub website here.
    • Once you are at the homepage of StubHub, you can then click on the ‘Sign In’ button.
    • At the bottom of the pop-up, you will need to choose ‘New to StubHub? Create account’ or login through Apple or Facebook.
    • After that, you can enter your first and last name, your email address, your password and your phone number.
    • Last, you need to choose ‘Create account’.

Congratulations! You successfully create a StubHub account and you can now use your account to buy or sell tickets.

How to Create an AXS account?

To be more practical in buying the tickets through StubHub, AXS is now available on StubHub. AXS here means a paperless ticket system that you can use to get into the event easily without buying the physical ticket.

In order to use the AXS system, you may need to create an AXS account first. The good news! Creating an AXS account is pretty easy to do. Here’s how!

    • First, you need to visit
    • Once you are at the homepage of AXS, you can then click ‘Sign In’ and then choose the ‘Create Account’ tab.
    • Make sure to fill out any required information on the fields. We suggest you use the same email you used on StubHub.
    • Then, you can click ‘Create Account’.
    • At the event, you can then scan the mobile ID QR in the AXS app.

Congratulations! You successfully create an AXS account.

If you have an AXS account, you can use it to transfer the tickets to your friend.

    • To transfer the tickets through AXS account, you may need to tap the ‘Ticket’ icon or click on ‘My Tickets’.
    • Select which tickets you want to send and then click ‘Transfer’.
    • Fill out the recipient’s first and last name, email address and a message.
    • Then, tap or click ‘Continue’.
    • Last, you can tap or click ‘Continue Transfer’ to send the tickets.

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