How To Delete Home Depot Account

You may be fed up with using your Home Depot account. Of course, you may have your reason why you want to delete your Home Depot account, among all of them is email spamming, newsletters, etc., sent by the Home Depot company.

For those reasons, you finally decided to delete your Home depot account. Unfortunately, you do not know yet how to remove your Home Depot account, since you never do it before. No worries! If you really want to delete your Home Depot account, you can dive into our post, as we’ll show you the guide below. Let’s check it out!

Deleting Your Home Depot Account, Here’s How!

It’s pretty easy to delete your Home Depot Account, since it can be done in a single step. You can delete your Home Depot account by sending email to Home Depot. Okay, here’s how to delete your Home Depot Account by sending email!

Way 1: By sending email

    • First, you need to open your email account which is registered with the application or website.
    • You can then compose an email and then enter the email address to
    • Write the ‘Request to Delete My Account’ on the Subject.
    • You can now write an email that requests them to delete your account from their databases and to wipe all your information with them, if any.

Way 2: By visiting a store

How To Delete Home Depot Account

In addition to deleting your Home Depot Account by sending email, you can also delete your Home Depot account by visiting Home Depot store and present your ID and your account number.

Way 3: By contacting customer service

You can also try to contact customer service to delete an authorized user from your Home Depot account. They can help you delete the user from your account and reset any passwords which may have been associated with that user.

Okay, those are some ways that you can take to delete your Home Depot account.

Creating a Home Depot Account, Here’s How!

Creating a Home Depot Account is the simple as deleting a Home Depot account. To create a Home Depot account, you can visit Home Depot registration page here. In the following page, you will see two options; creating a personal account and creating a pro Xtra account.

Since you want to create a personal account, you can click the ‘Personal Account’ link. It will take you into registration page and here, you will need to provide your personal information including:

    • Your email address
    • Your password
    • Your Zip code
    • Your phone number

After you have filled out all the fields, you can then tick on the ‘Keep me signed in’ and also tick on ‘Verify my mobile number via text messages or phone call’. Then, you need to click the ‘Create an Account’ button to continue your registration.

Of course, you will be required to choose a username and password when you register for a My Account.

Learn More about My Account Terms and Conditions

After registering for a My Account on Home Depot, you will get access to a lot of helpful online tools including:

    • Express Checkout
    • Address Book
    • My Lists
    • My Project Guides
    • Manage Interests
    • My Store Settings
    • Manage Email
    • My Reminders
    • My Calculator Results
    • Online Orders and In Store eReceipts
    • My Ratings and Reviews
    • Etc.

To use those tools, you may be required to give additional information about you and your home improvement projects.

It is known that the information that you provide as a registered My Account user is occasionally referred to as ‘User Content’. As a My Account user, you also have the chance to register your credit cards to help make your online shopping on Home Depot website quicker and easier.

Home Depot will help you track and record your purchases on their website, since you sign-up for a My Account. Home Depot will help you track and record purchases made with such Registered Cards in their stores if you register a credit card in your My Account.

These tracked and recorded purchases are called your ‘Purchase History’. Your registration and use of your My Account is governed at all times by their My Account Terms and Conditions, their Terms of Use and their Privacy and Security Statement.

From time to time, Home Depot may change the My Account Terms and Conditions. Home Depot will notify you of any material changes to their My Account Terms and Conditions by posting an updated copy on their website.

How Does Home Depot Terminate Your Account?

Home Depot actually reserves the right in their sole discretion to delete any or all User Content or other information from your My Account or on their website at any time and for any reason.

You need to understand that Home Depot cannot guarantee that your My Account will always be available to you or error free. Home Depot probably terminates or suspends your My Account for any reason in their sole discretion with or without notice to you.

Aside from that, Home Depot reversed the right to stop offering the My Account feature of their website or any portion without liability at any time and for any reason, with or without cause.

In the case of any such termination or suspension, the information that is stored in your My Account, including User Content and Purchase History may no longer be available to you. Home Depot also has no obligation to create your User Content or Purchase History available to you and you must not rely upon your My Account as your sole record of this information.

How to Get a Home Depot Commercial Account?

The Home Depot commercial account is a type of account that is intended for sellers who are selling the products or services through the Home Depot website and app. In other words, the Home Depot commercial account can be created by business owners.

The business owners can then set up a commercial account to sell products such as siding, roofing, doors or windows. The commercial accounts can also allow business owners to offer special deals and promotions to their customers.

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