How to Create a Telegram Bot (Complete Guide)

If you are Telegram admin, surely you are having a hard time taking care of a lot of people. Especially, when you must upload content on Telegram. For this case, you will need to create a Telegram bot to make your job easier. By the way, what is a Telegram bot? Why do we need it? And how to create a Telegram bot? To get these answers, please read this article below.

Telegram Bot Definition

Telegram bot is a robot that has been programmed to run various commands. The bot is an account that utilizes AI or artificial intelligence features. You can use this telegram bot to run various commands as you want. People usually use bots for searches, reminders, liaisons, teachers, and others.

To run Telegram bot, you do not need to use a number or install a special app. Also, the system runs invisibly so it will not interfere with the convenience of using the Telegram app. You can interact with the bot by sending a message.

How to Create a Telegram Bot (Complete Guide)

Why Should You Use a Telegram Bot?

For those of you who are currently acting as Telegram admins, Telegram bot is very useful. With Telegram bot, you can do some work according to what you instruct. That way, the job will be the responsibility of the bot. So, you no longer need to take care of the large number of users. Maybe it is only for some special needs or instructions that you handle it yourself. Other than that, let the Telegram bot do the work.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to use Telegram bot:

  • Providing Specialized Information
    You can use Telegram bot as a smart newspaper, because then the bot will provide information to you about news or topics that match your wishes.
  • Connecting Other Services
    Telegram bot can bring content from other services. Of course, this is very useful for content creators who need news or deliver news.
  • Managing Payments
    Telegram bot can manage payments. In other words, the bot will act as a virtual or online cashier who will manage every payment. Of course, before that you must make the settings first so that the payment method is to your wish.
  • Creating Games
    In fact, Telegram bot can offer HTML 5 experiences for creating games. With bot, you will be able to create some simple games for puzzle, shooter, arcade, and some other game categories.

How to Create a Telegram Bot?

To create a Telegram bot, you can use BotFather. It is the father of bots in Telegram. BotFather has a variety of menus that you can use to customize the bot to match the commands you give.

Using BotFather

To start using BotFather, you can follow the steps below:

  • In the search field on the top left, simply type BotFather.
    How to Create a Telegram Bot
  • Then, you can click Start to begin using BotFather.
    click Start to begin using BotFather.
  • If you want to create a new bot, then simply type /newbot
    want to create a new bot, then simply type newbot
  • Now, you only need to type a name for your bot later.
  • After that, create a username for your bot. Remember that the username must end with the name bot. For example, assistantBot.
    create a username for your bot
  • Once you have finished creating your bot, then you will receive an API token. This token is to access the bot API that is available on Telegram. For information, the API is an interface that has been provided by the application so that you will be able to interact with the application. Usually, programmers use the API so that they can access functions in other programs that they have created.

Aside from that, you can also control the bots that you have created using some of the commands below:

  • /newbot is used to make a new bot.
  • /mybots is used to edit bot.
  • /setname is used to edit the name of your bot.
  • /setdescription is used to change the bot description.
  • /setaboutext is used to change bot info.
  • /setuserpic is used to change the bot’s photo.
  • /setcommands is used to change the command list.
  • /deletebot is used to delete the bot.

More Telegram Bot Commands

Apart from the collection of Telegram bot commands above, there are many other commands for the bot.

Here are other commands for the bot:

1. Bot Settings

  • /token is used to make a new token.
  • /revoke is used to remove token access.
  • /setinline is used to enable or disable inline mode.
  • /setinlinegeo is used to enable or disable inline location requests.
  • /setinlinefeedback is used to change inline feedback settings.
  • /setjoingroups is used to set your bot’s permissions to enter groups.
  • /setprivacy is used to enable or disable privacy mode in groups.

2. Games

  • /mygames is used to set up your game [beta].
  • /newgames is used to make a new game.
  • /listgames is used to display around the list of games you created.
  • /editgames is used to edit the game.
  • /deletegames is used to delete the game.

Is Telegram Bot Safe?

As we all know, it is bot and not human who will be chatting with you in a conversation. However, bot can also see your name, profile picture, and so on. But Telegram bot cannot see your number. In other words, you must give your number to the bot yourself.

Of course, everyone wants their data to be safe anytime and anywhere. Likewise, to the bot you must also protect your data. Do not give your important information such as passwords, account numbers, Telegram codes, and so on. Even if the bot asks you to hand over the information, you should not do so.

In addition, you need to be careful when opening files you receive from bots. It could be that the file you receive is a trap that when you open the file, your personal data can be taken. Also, it could contain a virus. Therefore, you do not give your important information to bot.

Well, this is the information we can convey about the meaning, function, and how to create a bot. In conclusion, Telegram provides a bot that you can use to replace your role in replying to various incoming messages. Of course, it is a useful feature because you do not have to reply to people’s messages one by one.

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