How to Change Your Villagers Catchphrase in ACNH

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, every villager has an initial catchphrase that can be changed by the player. To change their catchphrase to a new one, every villager will ask the player. In New Horizons, the catchphrase can only be obtained from the player who has made it.

After having a list of catchphrases, you can then change a villager’s catchphrase to a new one. However, changing a villager’s catchphrase is pretty easy to do. If you do not know how to change the catchphrase of your villager, let’s see the guide through our post below!

Changing Your Villager Catchphrase in New Horizons

Changing Your Villager Catchphrase in New Horizons, Here’s How!

To change your villager catchphrase in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you may need to ask Isabelle to change their catchphrase. You can talk to Isabelle that can be found at Resident Services.  This way can be performed if you don’t have Isabelle at your island yet.

After Isabelle is already available on your island, you can try to perform the step-by-step as follow:

    • First, talk to Isabelle.
    • Then, you need to choose the ‘Discuss a resident’ option.
    • After that, select the resident who has a catchphrase that you want to change.
    • When asking what the problem is, you can speak with Isabelle that’s ‘the way he/she talks’. How to Change Your Villagers Catchphrase in ACNH
    • You can then repeat the process over several days. However, it will encourage a new conversation with the character over time in which they ask for new suggestions for this catchphrase.
    • Sure, there will be a chance that it will encourage your villager to ask if they have to leave. If it happens, you can tell them no if you want them to stay on your island.

Well, this way may allow you to have control over your villager’s catchphrase. But as far as we know, Isabelle will not impact their use of nicknames.

It’s important to note, you will be able to change your villager’s catchphrase in the same way as their nickname. There will be a random chance that they will ask for a new suggestion. We think that this change is one that they will ask you rather than prompt a conversation with them.

For more information, catchphrases can also be obtained in the same way as nicknames, with other villagers to start to mimic it over time.

Rules of Changing Your Villager’s Catchphrase

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the villagers with friendship level 4 or more can sometimes prompt you to come up with a new catchphrase for them. Your villagers will be able to adopt player-created catchphrases from other villagers.

If your villagers were adopted from another island, their catchphrase will not transfer. When you switch the language of the game, it will reset all villager’s catchphrases that the language is changed back to.

A villager who wants you to change their catchphrase to a new one will walk slowly and have a thought bubble over their head. Then, they can perform this under some other circumstances, when they want to sell items to you.

Depending on the characters used, there is no specific character limit to catchphrase. A catchphrase that repeats the letter ‘i’ can be up to 20 characters. Then, a catchphrase that repeats the letter ‘m’ can be up to 7 characters. Last, other combinations of the letters will have a limit somewhere in between.

Learn More About Catchphrase in ACNH

Learn More About Catchphrase in ACNH

In Animal Crossing, a catchphrase is a word or short phrase which a villager frequently says during conversation. Their catchphrase is commonly said towards the end of a sentence. Every villager will have a right to ask you to change their catchphrase that you can get from other villagers as well.

For instance, Elmer has the catchphrase ‘tenderfoot’. She may be able to adopt Goldie’s catchphrase ‘woof’ without notifying the player. In New Horizons, your villager can only adopt the catchphrases that are set by the players.

The default catchphrase that some characters have will vary between games in the series. The examples of animals who have different initial catchphrases include Amelia, Lily, Ribbot, Fuchsia, Benedict, Violet and Kody.

Certainly, a villager on your island will occasionally ask you to change their catchphrase. A screen will appear in which they can type in a new catchphrase freely, if you agree to do so. In this case, the default catchphrase will relate normally to your villager’s personality type, name, species, appearance or hobby.

It is said that a lot of special characters like Blathers actually have catchphrases, although many commonly use a bunch of different phrases and words, rather than the single catchphrase.

How to Find Catchphrase Ideas?

Since your villager will ask you to change their catchphrase, you definitely must have a large number of catchphrases on your hand. When every villager asks you to change their catchphrase, you can easily change their default of previous catchphrase with a new one from your stock.

In order to have a large number of catchphrases, you may need Catchphrase Generators that will give you a hundred of catchphrase ideas. Then, what Catchphrase Generator can you use?

Of course, there are some Catchphrase Generators that you can use to find a large number of catchphrase ideas. However, not all generators will work for you, meaning you should choose the best one. Well, we recommend you to use ‘Sarahlizdettloff Greeting Generator’, as this generator will give you a number of catchphrase ideas.

You can visit Sarahlizdettloff Greeting Generator here. After clicking  the link, it will bring you to the homepage of this site. There are two generator options at the top menu: Catchphrase and Greeting. Since you want to get catchphrase ideas, you have to click on the ‘Catchphrase’ menu.

Then, it will bring you a Catchphrase Generator. To get catchphrase ideas from this generator, you should click on the ‘Generate’ button. By clicking this, it will show you a one-by-one catchphrase idea displayed on the bubble.

Here are the examples of Catchphrase ideas you can get from Sarahlizdettloff Greeting Generator:

    • Unworthy
    • Pick it up
    • Too late
    • Peace out
    • Why I never
    • Hear me out
    • Giddy up
    • Good enough
    • Too soon
    • Etc.

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