How to Change Your Username in Genshin Impact

Sometimes, you need to change your username in the game you play due to some reasons. However, to change your username in Genshin Impact is possibly a hard way you think. Why? Generally, many game accounts do not permit you to change your username that you use when registrations. So, can you change your username in Genshin impact?

Can You Change Your Username in Genshin Impact?

The short answer related to changing your username in the Genshin Impact game is totally no. That means you cannot change your username just like that which probably will take a very complicated way if you do it.

Can You Change Your Username in Genshin Impact

Username is a standard name that you can use to login to the game. Then, the username here is a must-name that you have to fill in the registration form. This is an absolute name in which you use it to login to the site of the game developers. Well, for the Genshin Impact game, you can login to the Mihoyo official site using your username.

Aside from username, you have to fill your email and then password that you will use when login to Mihoyo site Once you successfully registered into the Mihoyo site, as the official site of Genshin Impact game developer, you will be directed into the Account Management. Here, you will see some information list related to your account:

  • Username
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Change Password
  • Associated Account: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple and Game Center

Once you are at the Account Management page, you will see the list above. Then, you see that your username is not linked. It means that you need to link your username to your email. To link it, you can click on the “not linked” option. Then, a pop up window will appear which requires you to fill your email and enter the verification code sent to your email. Enter the verification code and then your username is finally linked to your email.

To prove you cannot change your username of Mihoyo, you can go back to your username and click on it. Surprisingly! You cannot click on your username and there’s a forbidden icon showing when you click on your username option.

The point is, the username cannot be changed at all and it’s totally impossible for you to change your username in the Genshin Impact game account.

Can You Change Passwords in the Genshin Impact Game?

Unlike your username of Mihoyo that you cannot change, that’s different from your password in which you can absolutely change your password. To change your password is pretty easy to do. Here’s how to change your password of Genish Impact account:

  • If you want to change your password, you can go to the official site of Mihoyo at
  • Then, you have to fill your username and currently password.
  • Once you have login to your account, you can go to Account Management.
  • Here, you can see the list of your information.
  • To change your password, you can click Password option at the very bottom of your information account.
  • Click on Switch button.
  • Then, a pop up window appears to allow you to fill your email address, click on Send code option to get the verification code.
  • Check your email inbox, to see the verification code. Then, enter the code to the verification code bar. Click on Next button.
  • Here, you have to enter your New Password and Confirm Password. Click on Confirm button.
  • You successfully change your password to a new one.

Make sure to use the new password to login to Mihoyo site or Genshin game account. Please choose the easy combination of numbers and letters to create your password.

Changing Your Nickname in Genshin Impact, Is It Possible?

A lot of Genshin Impact games may be a bit confused about the username and the nickname /ID name in this game. Whereas, they are absolutely different.

Username is a permanent name that you must enter when you register to the Genshin Impact game site. This can be used to login to the Genshin Impact site. Well, you do not forget the username as if you forget you cannot login to the site at all. To note, the username cannot be changed.

Nickname /ID Name is an in-game name that will show on your in-game account. The difference from the username is you can change the ID name of the game anytime. This name does not associate with the Login requirement.

Is it clear? We hope that you can differentiate the username and ID name in the Genshin Impact game.

You may wonder how to change your nickname /ID name in the game. To change your nickname at least you need to follow multiple ways below!

  • Run the Genshin Impact Game on your device.
  • Then, you need to Login with your account.
  • Next, if you have entered the game, you click the Paimon icon in the upper left corner, or you can press the Escape key on the keyboard.
  • Then you select the icon next to your character’s nickname, then select the Edit Nickname button.
  • After that, in the Edit Nickname column, all you have to do is enter your new name you want.
  • Once you have entered your new name, you can click on Confirm button.
  • Now, your new nickname will show on your game.

Make sure that you choose a unique and gorgeous name for your nickname/ ID name.

To note, the main character’s name will take the same name as your account’s nickname. It means that if you change your nickname, it automatically will change your character’s name in the game. Of course, changing your nickname can be done by choosing the icon beside your account name.

Then, your account’s avatar can be changed on the Change Avatar menu. You just simply choose the menu from the choices and choose the avatar you wish to use. You can also change your name card when your profile is viewed by other people. To get the name cards, you can complete achievements categories and reach the high friendship level by your characters.

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