How to Change or Set Aternos Idle Timeout

If you are one of the people who ask how to change or set Aternos Idle timeout, then you are not alone. There are a number of people who also want to change Aternos Idle Timeout as you are able to see in the forum section in Aternos site.

Changing or Setting Aternos Idle Timeout

You may see that the idle on your server is 10 minutes and you think that it is not enough. You want it more. How to change the Aternos Idle Timeout? The answer is that you are not able to change the Idle Timeout. There is no way to be able to change it since it is set by the Aternos system automatically. If you insist on changing it, a user in the Aternos forum said that you are able to use this command: /setidletimeout <Minutes Until Kick>. However, it seems useless because every time you try to change it, the Aternos system will set it back to 10 minutes. Furthermore, it is explained that the inability to change this idle timeout is to make sure only active players who use their server so that Aternos system can save resources and also keep the waiting queue short.

Changing or Setting Aternos Idle Timeout

In the forum, there are a number of people who ask the Aternos team to enable the changes on the Idle Timeout. There is also one of users which told his experience when he used Aternos. He said that when he went AFK, he got kicked in 2 minutes. He asked whether Aternos could add the AFK command to all Aternos servers. The AFK command permits the player to be able to go AFK for as long as they like. This command is handy. Then, the answer that he got from his question is that the Aternos system uses the Minecraft internal AFK system and it resets this always back to 10 minutes. If you also experience this kind of thing where you get kicked for being AFK after two minutes, you are able to add a plugin or something like this to your server.

Once again that the main purpose of the AFK kick system is applied to prevent servers where there are no players are wasting the resources of Aternos. If Aternos does not have this system, there will be a longer queue. If there is someone who tries to bypass the idle timeout, the Aternos team will delete the server.

The Options Of Your Server

There are some people who give some advice in the forums that it is better for Aternos to enable people to change the idle timeout and have the setting of doing it. However, as explained above that it seems that the inability to change the idle timeout has a reason where it is applied to make sure only active players who use their server so that Aternos system can save resources and keep the waiting queue short.

Well, talking about the setting, you may need some explanations about the general options in the server. So, here are the explanation for you.

  • Slots. It defines the number of players who can play on your server at the same time But, for your information that this setting does not have effect on the performance of your server.
  • Gamemode. It defines which gamemode will be implemented to players which never played on your server before. To switch the gamemode just for you or for a short time, you can use the /gamemode command.
  • Difficulty. It configures the difficulty for your server.
  • Whitelist. If you enable this option, it means that only players on your whitelist can join your server. It is applied to be able to protect your server from the guests who are uninvited. From your whitelist, you can add or remove players.
  • Cracked. If you enable this option, people with a free or non premium Minecraft account are permitted to join your server. It includes players with TLauncher. If you change this option, it will make fundamental changes to your server.
  • PVP. If this option is enabled, players are able to hit each other.
  • Achievements. If this option is enabled, achieved achievements are shown in the chat.
  • Commandblocks. It enables command blocks on your server.
  • Fly. It permits players on your server to fly even when they are in survival mode as long as they have a mod installed that provides that ability.
  • Animals. It configures whether animals will spawn on your server.
  • Monsters. If configures whether monsters or hostile mobs will spawn on your server.
  • NPCs. It can configure whether villages will spawn on your server.
  • Nether. It can configure whether a nether dimension will be available on your world.
  • Force Gamemode. If you activate this option, all players who join your server will be set to the gamemode which is configured in the gamemode option.
  • Spawn Protection. If defines a radius of blocks around the spawn where only operators can build.
  • Timezone. This option will configure the timezone for your server. If you set it to your local timezone, you will be able to see the correct timestamps in the console or in messages of your server.
  • Resource Pack URL. It can contain a direct link to a resources pack which will be offered to joining players.

It is important for you to know that every change that you do in the options page, it requires your server to be restarted so that the change will take effect. There are some options which are available for all types of software, but some others are only available to a specific type of software. Also, you are able to overwrite the behaviour of some options by plugins. If you find that there is something which does not work as it intended, you have to check your plugins first.

That’s the information that we can give to you about Idle Time and Options in your server, you are able to find more information about Aternos in its official website.