How to Cancel IPSY Subscription

IPSY is a monthly subscription service that provides a makeup bag of five cosmetics samples for the subscribers. The products include skincare items, nail and skin products, perfumes, and makeup products based upon users’ preferences. You are IPSY’s subscribers, and probably want to cancel your IPSY subscription. Read this entire article to find out how to cancel your IPSY subscription.

How to Cancel IPSY Subscription?

Need to know that Your IPSY subscription will automatically renew, but you are able to cancel any time with no hidden fees.

To cancel your subscription:

    • Firstly, you have to log into your IPSY account and go to Account → View Membership → Management Membership.
    • After that, you are able to click Manage Membership, and Help me stop my membership.
    • A pop up will prompt if you want to Skip a Month instead. If you do not want to skip, just click “Continue cancellation.”
    • Help them understand your reasons for cancelling by picking up to two reasons, and continue. They are going to email you a link which you have to click to confirm your cancellation.
    • Ensure that you are logged into your IPSY account, then simply click on the link in the email they sent you to finalize your cancellation.

If you do not click on the link in the email, or you are not logged in to when you click it, then your cancellation request will not be processed.

Warning: You have to confirm your cancellation through email by 12pm PT on the last day of the month if you do not want the upcoming month’s Glam Bag. If you confirm your cancellation after 12pm PT, then your membership will not end until the following month. If you have other active memberships, you have to cancel them separately.

How to Cancel IPSY Subscription

How to Cancel Refreshments Membership?

Need a break? You are able to change how often you want to receive your products to take a break or cancel any time.

Here is how to cancel your Refreshments products:

    • At the first step, click on the Refreshments tab.
    • After that, scroll down to the items in your bag.
    • Please click “Edit”
    • Then, inform them that you need a break from the item.
    • Choose the reason you are no longer interested in a product.
    • Next, you are able to click “Stop future deliveries”
    • Done! You will get an email confirming your account changes.

Here is how to cancel your Refreshments membership:

    • At the first step, click on the Account tab.
    • After that, click “View membership” under Refreshments.
    • Then, choose “Stop my membership.”
    • A window will pop-up, just click “Continue cancellation.”
    • You will need to check your email to complete your cancellation

If you want to resubscribe, you are able to add the products you want back to your cart and automatically you are going to resubscribe to Refreshments as long as you have an active Glam Bag membership.

About IPSY

IPSY is a beauty subscription service which delivers a set of personalized beauty products straight to you, making it easier to find your new goal, feed your passion for beauty, and attempt your favorite brands at an incredible value. You always have a say in what goes in your bag, from telling them your preferences in their Beauty Quiz to selecting and adding products to your shipments, making IPSY the most personalized beauty subscription on the market.

Based on the research, IPSY was founded on a mission: to inspire individuals around the world to express their beauty. Everything they do is to support you on your journey to self-discovery, so you are going to feel confident letting your beauty shine every day. IPSY was spearheaded by makeup artist Michelle Phan. That is how the Glam Bag; a set of personalized beauty products you cannot wait to try, test, and tell your friends about.

How Does IPSY Work?

It starts with your Beauty Quiz, a quick quiz which includes questions about your beauty preferences, hair color, skin tone, eye color, favorite brands, and more. Using your answers, they build a bag which is unique to you by matching you with beauty products based on your preferences, and they deliver a new bag of your favorite beauty to you each month. For note: You are able to adjust this frequency if you want.

For your first bag, you are billed as soon as you join. Then, billing takes place on the last day of the month for next month’s bag, with your bag shipping out approximately two weeks after that. The timing is different for annual plans. You are able to learn more on annual plans.

How Much Does IPSY Cost?

IPSY will cost $13/month for the Glam Bag. However, they also offer other subscriptions to fit any lifestyle or preference. To help you discover the plan which works best for your beauty needs, we are going to share some plans below.

    • Glam Bag: $13/month
      The beauty bag which started it all. Their resident OG subscription, Glam Bag helps you find your new favorite with five personalized, deluxe-size beauty samples (worth over $50) sent in a nice makeup bag. Also, you are able to select one product for your bag each month, making this treat to yourself more fun.
    • Glam Bag Plus: $28/month
      Glam Bag Plus will deliver you five personalized, full-size beauty products (worth over $120) in a themed drawstring bag. Whether you are trying the best and buzziest brands or restocking your supply, there is always so much to love as you are able to choose three of your five products each month.
    • Glam Bag X: $58/quarter
      Glam Bag X is a quarterly, members-only upgrade to monthly IPSY membership that includes 8 full-size products (worth up to $350) specially curated by beauty’s tastemakers and celebs. Think of that as your all-access pass to the most-coveted brands and need-to-try products in beauty. You even get to select three of your full-size products every shipment. Glam Bag X replaces your usual monthly bag during upgrade months (February, May, August, and November).

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